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21st December 2015, 02:36 PM
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Re: Syllabus of LLB Hons Lucknow University

University of Lucknow or Lucknow University (LU) is a government owned Indian Research University based in Lucknow. It was established in 1867. LU is one of the oldest government owned institutions of Indian higher education.

LU LL.B. (Hons) syllabus

First Year-

Ist Semester - Paper I


Unit-I: Introduction
(a) History-Meaning and Methodology
(b) Relationship between Law and History
Unit-II: Polity, State and Administration
Ancient Polity: Vedic Polity, Mauryan State, Gupta Polity
Medieval India : Chola Village, Administration, Delhi Sultanat, Mughal State (Mansabdari system
and Administrative Apparatus)
Theory of Kingship and nature of State in Ancient and Medieval India : Brahmani, Buddhist,
Kautilyan, Balban, Alauddin Khiliji, Turko Afghan-Concept
Political movement of Gandhi-Non-Cooperative Civil Disobedience and Quit India
Unit-III: Society and Economy
Social Insititutions : Varna, Jati, Gotra, Pravara, Family, Slavery, Position of Woman, Changes in
Medieval period
Reformation in Medieval and Modern times : Nanak, Kabir, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Aligarh
Movement and Backward Caste Movement(B.R.Ambedkar, Jotiba Phule and Naicker), Economic
Structure, Feudalism, Post-Mawryan Economy, Gupta Economy, Iqtadari system, Agrarian
Reform of Alauddin Khilji and Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq, Market reforms of Alauddin Khilji,
Drain of Wealth and Stages of Colonialism

Unit-IV: Legal System and Institutions Ancient India and Medieval India
Sources : Vedic texts, Brahmanas, Sutras (Kalpa and Dharma), Dharma Shastra, Arthashastra,
Thinkers-Manu, Brihaspati, Yajnavalkya
Judicial System
(i) Types of Court: Pratishita, Apratishta, Mudrita, Sasita, Guilds, Panchayats, Kantakasodhana,
(ii) Procedures: Appointment of judges, Trial, Witness, Pleaders, Secret agent, Verdict and
punishment, role of judges and investigation
Sources of Islamic Law: Sharia and Hadith
Salient features of Islamic Criminal Law
Judicial organization: King, Chief Qazi, Judicial Officers, Investigative process and punishments
Law with regard to non-Muslim
Evolution of judicial setup-changes introduced by Akbar

1. H.V.Sreeniwasmurthy, History
2. Habib & Nizami, Comprehensive History of India
3. Bipan Chandra, India's Struggle for Independence

LU LL.B. (Hons) syllabus

For complete syllabus here is the attachment

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University of Lucknow
University Road, Hasanganj, Babuganj, Hasanganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226007
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