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8th November 2014, 08:30 AM
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Re: Syllabus of French Language Subjects

As you want I am here providing you the Syllabus of French Language Subjects of ICSE Class IX and X.

Syllabus :
1. Composition:
Candidates will be required to write, in French, one short composition which may include short explanations, directions, descriptions or narratives. There will be a choice of subjects which will be varied and may be suggested by language or other stimuli such as pictures or objects.

2. Letter: Candidates will be required to write a letter from a choice of either a formal or an informal letter. Suggestions may be given. The layout of the letter with address, introduction, conclusion, etc., will form part of the assessment.

3. Comprehension: An unseen passage of about 150 words will be given in French. Questions based on the given passage, will be set, to be answered in French, so as to test the candidates’ understanding of the content of the passage.

4. Grammar: This will consist of tests in vocabulary, syntax and idiom, e.g., synthesis in sentence construction, formation of sentences in French correctly embodying given words or forms. The question will not require detailed knowledge of grammatical definitions.

The questions on grammar will include the following:
Grammaire: Articles (définis, indéfinis. contractés, partitifs) Adjectives (démonstratifs, possessifs, qualificatifs, interrogatifs) Interrogation Negation (ne … pas, ne … rien, ne … personne, ne … plus, etc.) Pronouns (sujet, COI, COI, quantité, lieu, relative) Prepositions Tenses (présent, imparfait, passé compose, futur simple, passé récent, futur simple, verbes pronominaux, impératif) Comparaison (plus de … que, moins de … que, plus de / moins de + nombre) Superlative (Ie plus .. ./le moins … ) Conjugation exercises (for testing verbs), gap filling (for testing articles, pronouns, prepositions), correcting errors (for testing adjectives, negation, comparative etc), Making questions and negative sentences, correcting jumbled sentences etc.

5. Translation and/or Dialogue Writing: One short passage will be set for translation from French into English. One passage will be set for translation from English into French. Dialogue writing (Around 150 words) based on situations faced in everyday life. Hints may be given. Annexe Communication (oral and written) skills that can be covered from any book used for teaching:
1. Topic A — Myself Self, Family and Friends Important Events Interests and Hobbies Home and Locality Daily Routine School

2. Topic B — Holiday Time & Travel Travel, Transport and Tourism Accommodation Restaurant Directions Holiday Activities Services

3. Topic C — Work & Lifestyle Home Life Everyday Living and Health Work Experience Leisure Shopping The Environment Teaching and study resource books: Ado – published by CLE International Bravo – Published by Hatier Didier Entre jeunes – published by CBSE

NOTE: The Class X – ICSE examination paper will be set on the entire syllabus prescribed for the subject.

The Class IX internal examination is to be conducted on the portion of this syllabus that is covered during the academic year.The Council has not prescribed bifurcation of the syllabus for this subject.


1. Schools will prepare, conduct and record assessments of the Listening, Speaking and Creative Writing Skills of candidates as follows:

Class IX: Three assessments in the course of the year.

Class X: Two assessments in the course of the year.

2. Pattern of Assessment.
a) Listening Skills A passage of about 300 words is read aloud by the examiner twice at normal reading speed (about 110 words a minute). Candidates may make brief notes during the readings. They then answer an objective type test based on the passage, on the paper provided.

b) Speaking Skills Each candidate is required to make an oral presentation for about two minutes, which will be followed by a discussion on the subject with the examiners, for about three minutes. Subjects for presentation may include narrating an experience, providing a description, giving directions, expressing an opinion, giving a report, relating an anecdote or commenting on a current event. A candidate may refer to brief notes in the course of the presentation but reading or excessive dependence on notes will be penalized. It is recommended that candidates be given an hour for preparation of their subject for presentation and that they be given a choice of subject, on a common paper.

c) Creative Writing Skills Each candidate is required to write short compositions based on the suggested assignments.

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