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19th August 2014, 08:36 AM
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Re: SSLC Board of Karnataka previous year question papers in PDF format

As you want to get the SSLC Board of Karnataka previous year question papers in PDF format so here it is for you:

This paper is of 2014

This paper is of 100 marks

This paper is of 3 hours

Some content of the file has been given here:

For more detailed information I am uploading PDF files which are free to download:
22nd May 2015, 08:29 AM
Re: SSLC Board of Karnataka previous year question papers in PDF format

I am preparing for the Karnataka Board SSLC exam, please share the question paper for Karnataka Board SSLC exam in PDF format?
22nd May 2015, 08:33 AM
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Re: SSLC Board of Karnataka previous year question papers in PDF format

As per your request, I am forwarding you question paper of science for Karnataka Board SSLC exam.

Karnataka Board SSLC exam science paper
Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete
statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the most
appropriate alternative and write it in the space provided below each question.
39 1 = 39
1. “A current carrying conductor experiences a mechanical force in a magnetic field.”
The device which works on this principle is a/an
(A) electric motor (B) A.C. dynamo
(C) D.C. dynamo (D) commutator.
Ans :
2. ‘Volt’ is the unit of which of the following quantities ?
(A) Electric current and potential difference
(B) Potential difference and electromotive force
(C) Electromotive force and electrical resistance
(D) Electrical resistance and electric current.
Ans :
3. Dr. Sahana has to treat her patient who is suffering from rickets. The
electromagnetic radiation to be used for this treatment is
(A) ultraviolet radiations of high frequency
(B) infrared rays of high frequency
(C) ultraviolet radiations of low frequency
(D) infrared rays of low frequency.
Ans :
4. Identify the correct relationship among the three given below with respect to X-rays :
1 2 3
L) William Roentgen P) heating effect X) Blood circulation
M) J.W. Ritter Q) absorbed by ozone layer Y) Sterilizer
N) W. Herschel R) passes through the skin Z) Radiography
(A) L, R, Z (B) M, Q, X
(C) N, P, Y (D) M, R, X.
Ans :
5. A reverse biased p-n junction offers a high resistance, because
(A) charge carriers flow across the junction
(B) the cell used supplies direct current
(C) charge carriers flow in the same direction
(D) charge carriers are repelled away from the junction.
Ans :
6. The two major parts in total radio broadcasting system are
(A) microphone and mixer
(B) speaker and detector
(C) transmitter and receiver
(D) speaker and receiving antenna.
Ans :
7. If there is voltage fluctuation in domestic circuit, the device that you use to regulate
voltage in an electrical appliance is
(A) a transducer
(B) an oscillator
(C) a diode
(D) a detector.
Ans :
8. A cyclist while going round a curve leans towards the centre of the curve to get
(A) centrifugal force
(B) centripetal force
(C) gravitational force
(D) centrifugal reaction.
Ans :
9. The device that can be fitted to the engine of a bus to prevent the driver from driving
it with overspeed is
(A) centrifugal pump
(B) centrifuge
(C) centrifugal drying machine
(D) centrifugal governor.
Ans :
10. For a satellite orbiting the earth, centripetal force is provided by
(A) the place of launch
(B) gravitational force
(C) the size of the satellite
(D) mass of the satellite.
Ans :
11. The value of ‘g’
(A) does not depend on the mass of the object
(B) is proportional to the mass of the object
(C) does not depend on the mass of the earth
(D) does not depend upon the radius of the earth.
Ans :
12. The masses of two objects are ‘a’ and ‘b’ and the force of attraction between them is
‘F’. The distance between them is given by
G ab
F (B) F G ab
G ab (D)
G ab
Ans :
13. The factor that does not contribute for the dispersion of light in a glass prism, is
(A) the prism is transparent
(B) double refraction takes place
(C) light gets reflected by the prism
(D) white light is made of several colours.
Ans :
14. The sketch of correct arrangement of prisms for the dispersion and recombination of
colours of composite light is
Ans :
15. A student wants to get a band of distinct seven colours occupying their respective
positions using a glass prism. The device that he can select for this purpose is a
(A) Telescope
(B) Spectroscope
(C) Microscope
(D) Binocular.
Ans :
16. Doppler effect in sound is observed as a change in its
(A) pitch (B) velocity
(C) amplitude (D) speed.
Ans :
17. The ultrasound signal sent in water by sonar takes 3 seconds to return. If the
velocity of sound in water is 1•5 kms/sec, the distance travelled by the signal is
(A) 2•25 kms (B) 4•5 kms
(C) 6 kms (D) 9 kms.
Ans :
18. The red shift of galaxies show that the
(A) universe is contracting
(B) galaxies are coming towards us
(C) velocity of light changes
(D) universe is expanding.
Ans :
19. The matter that streams out of the sun’s surface in bursts like thunderstorms is
(A) granulation
(B) spicule
(C) solar flare
(D) solar prominence.
Ans :
20. The magnitudes of four stars P, Q, R and S are respectively 0, – 5, + 5 and – 10. The
brightest star among them is
(A) S (B) R
(C) Q (D) P.
Ans :
21. Machine parts in an industry are to be checked for defects. The radio-isotope used
for this purpose is
(A) Radio-Iodine
(B) Radio-Iridium
(C) Radio-Carbon
(D) Radio-Phosphorous.
Ans :
22. Which of the following has 146 neutrons ?
(A) 92 U 235
(B) 88 Ra 226
(C) 86 Rn 222
(D) 92 U 238
Ans :
23. Tritium nucleus contains
(A) three protons
(B) one proton and two neutrons
(C) two protons and one neutron
(D) three neutrons.
Ans :
24. The light absorbing material used in a solar cell is
(A) silicon (B) phosphorous
(C) carbon (D) radium.
Ans :
25. The technique which established that the sun is made of mostly hydrogen is
(A) spectrum analysis
(B) chemical analysis
(C) scanning
(D) laser ranging.
Ans :
26. The fuel used in gobar gas plant is
(A) animal dung
(B) firewood
(C) coal
(D) charcoal.
Ans :
27. Brass, German silver and Gunmetal are the alloys of copper. Apart from copper the
other common metal in them is
(A) zinc
(B) tin
(C) iron
(D) nickel.
Ans :
28. You are required to arrange Fe, Zn and Mg in the increasing order of their reactivity.
The correct arrangement is
(A) Mg, Zn, Fe
(B) Fe, Mg, Zn
(C) Fe, Zn, Mg
(D) Zn, Mg, Fe.
Ans :
29. Sodium aluminium silicate is also called
(A) washing soda
(B) silicone
(C) water glass
(D) zeolite.
Ans :
Name of this structure is
(A) propyne
(B) propane
(C) cyclopropane
(D) propene.
Ans :
31. During the extraction of silicon from quartz, unchanged silica is removed by using
(A) Hydrochloric acid
(B) Hydrofluoric acid
(C) Nitric acid
(D) Sulphuric acid.
Ans :
32. The permitted level of emission of carbon monoxide of my vehicle is 3%. My vehicle is
(A) a scooter
(B) a lorry
(C) an auto-rickshaw
(D) a car.
Ans :
33. The chemical which is mixed with L.P.G. to detect the leakage of the gas is
(A) Methyl Mercaptan
(B) Benzyl Mercaptan
(C) Ethyl Mercaptan
(D) Propyl Mercaptan.
Ans :
34. During the manufacture of glass, molten glass is cooled slowly to make it
(A) more brittle
(B) colourful
(C) withstand high temperature
(D) lose brittleness.
Ans :
35. The polymer that can be used as gasket of a pressure cooker is
(A) thiokol
(B) teflon
(C) nylon
(D) neoprene.
Ans :
36. Raw materials used in the manufacture of cement are
(A) clay and washing soda
(B) clay and limestone
(C) washing soda and limestone
(D) calcium silicate and clay.
Ans :
37. Which of the following is a soap ?
(A) Sodium sulphate
(B) Sodium stearate
(C) Sodium chloride
(D) Sodium nitrate.
Ans :
38. Which among the following is not a method of conservation of water ?
(A) Growing trees and conserving soil
(B) Using improved method of farming
(C) Removing the forests and constructing lakes
(D) Collecting the roof water and using it.
Ans :
39. During the preparation of soap the liquid separated by distillation is
(A) sodium hydroxide
(B) oil
(C) stearic acid
(D) glycerol.
Ans :
40. Draw a neat diagram of a D.C. dynamo. 2
41. Name the electromagnetic waves that lie in between Radiowaves and Infrared rays in
electromagnetic spectrum. Mention any three applications of these waves. 2
42. The period of revolution of a satellite around the earth is 24 hours. What is that
satellite called ? Mention the main objective of launching such satellites. Write the
equation showing the relationship between orbital velocity and escape velocity. 2
43. Draw a neat diagram of a “single stage rocket”. 2
44. What are sun-spots ? How are they caused ? Why do they appear dark ? 2
45. What is Transmutation ? Identify the parent nucleus and daughter nucleus in the
following transmutation : 2
46. Mention any four hazards to human health that may be caused due to radioactive
radiations. 2
47. Mention any two differences between “Alkanes” and “Alkynes”. 2
48. How does boiling remove the temporary hardness of water ? Explain it, with balanced
chemical equations. 2
49. a) What are Heat Engines ? How are they classified broadly ?
b) Explain the Power stroke of a petrol engine.
c) Write the formula for the efficiency of a heat engine. 4
50. a) Draw a neat diagram of the blast furnace used to extract Iron from Haematite.
b) Draw a neat diagram to show the Electrolytic refining of blister copper. 4
( Biology )
( Marks : 35 )
Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete
statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the most
appropriate alternative and write it in the space provided below each question.
21 1 = 21
51. Two chambered heart is found in
(A) pisces (B) amphibians
(C) reptiles (D) aves.
Ans :
52. Which one of the following is deliberate adulteration ?
(A) Coating of pesticides on fruits
(B) Rice like stones in rice
(C) Grass in coriander
(D) Dust in foodgrains.
Ans :
53. Prothallus is an independent structure of
(A) gametophyte of bryophytes (B) sporophyte of bryophytes
(C) gametophyte of pteridophytes (D) sporophyte of pteridophytes.
Ans :
54. Embryonic cells which always divide and form new cells are found in
(A) meristem
(B) parenchyma
(C) collenchyma
(D) sclerenchyma.
Ans :
55. Which one of the following is an imperfect cycle ?
(A) Carbon cycle
(B) Oxygen cycle
(C) Phosphorus cycle
(D) Nitrogen cycle.
Ans :
56. The type of leaf venation shown in the figure is found in plants of
(A) ragi
(B) mustard dia.
(C) wheat
(D) maize.
Ans :
57. While developing a good public hospital, the management gives priority to
(A) large open field around the hospital
(B) parking space for all types of public vehicles
(C) a garden with good number of shady trees
(D) space for caterer who supply food at cheap rates.
Ans :
58. Epithelium tissue in Alveoli and blood capillaries referred as endothelium is
(A) columnar epithelium
(B) squamous epithelium
(C) ciliated epithelium
(D) cuboid epithelium.
Ans :
59. Adulteration of food means
(A) processing of food
(B) transportation of food
(C) storage of food
(D) removing nutritive value of food.
Ans :
60. Denitrification is the process of
(A) fixing nitrogen in the soil
(B) changing proteins into ammonium salts
(C) conversion of ammonium salts into nitrates
(D) changing nitrates into free nitrogen.
Ans :
61. Due to low secretion of insulin in the body, a person will have
(A) low blood pressure
(B) high blood pressure
(C) high sugar level in the blood
(D) low sugar level in the blood.
Ans :
62. Now the government policy is to discourage use of plastic bags. The scientific reason
for this is that they are
(A) non-biodegradable but non-toxic
(B) biodegradable
(C) non-biodegradable
(D) biodegradable but toxic.
Ans :
63. One of the main symptoms of Hepatitis-B is
(A) body weight loss
(B) profuse sweating
(C) burning sensation in trachea
(D) indication of jaundice.
Ans :
64. When concentrated nitric acid is added to a sample of cooking oil to detect the
adulteration it turns
(A) yellow in colour
(B) black in colour
(C) reddish brown in colour
(D) yellowish brown in colour.
Ans :
65. Production of genetically similar organisms inside or outside the body is
(A) tissue culturing
(B) cloning
(C) genetic engineering
(D) recombinant DNA technology.
Ans :
66. The tissue that helps in defence of the body by engulfing bacteria and digesting toxic
substances is
(A) adipose tissue
(B) reticular tissue
(C) areolar tissue
(D) cartilage tissue.
Ans :
67. Cerebrum controls which one of the following functions ?
(A) Reasoning
(B) Mastication
(C) Walking
(D) Vomiting.
Ans :
68. HIV ultimately destroys which one of the following ?
(A) Liver and pancreas
(B) Production of proteins
(C) Defence mechanism
(D) Enzyme secretion.
Ans :
69. Genetic relation between a father and a son is determined by a technique of
(A) genetic engineering
(B) DNA fingerprint technology
(C) tissue culturing
(D) cloning.
Ans :
70. The outermost layer of the eyeball is
(A) conjunctiva
(B) sclera
(C) choroid
(D) retina.
Ans :
71. An HIV positive mother should not
(A) kiss the child
(B) breast-feed the child
(C) carry the child
(D) bathe the child.
Ans :
Instructions : i) Answer the following questions.
ii) Write the answers in brief according to the questions.
72. Which characteristic of vertebrates made them get ready to live on land ? Give one
example. 2
73. Draw a sketch to show the structure of pistil in a typical flower and label the parts. 2
74. Why are xylem tubes considered as complex permanent tissue ? 2
75. As per government regulations it is compulsory to wear a helmet which covers up to
the neck region. Give scientific reason. 2
76. A farmer mixes Anabena and Nostoc along with the manure in his paddy field. What
will be the effect on yield and why ? 2
77. Draw a diagram to show the vertical section of the human brain and label any four
parts. 4

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