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Default Ssc cpo si gk

Hii sir, I Wants to get the Question Paper of the SI General Knowledge Section of the CPO Exam of the Staff Selection Commission ?
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Default Re: Ssc cpo si gk

As you Asking for the Question Paper of the SI General Knowledge Section of the CPO Exam of the Staff Selection Commission the Question Paper is given below

1 The first programming language was - FORTRAN

2. Elarometer was invented by - Evangelista Torricell

3. Which is the largest organ in human beings? - Skin

4. Delonix regia Rafin is the scientific name of - Gulmohar

5. Amoebabelongs to the phylum - Protozoa

6. __________is white phosphorus. - P4

7. Alkali metals can - Easily lose electrons

8. Khangchendzonga National Park is in - Sikkim

9. The Karma dance belongs to which state - Madhya Pradesh

10. If price of an article decreases from P1 to Rs 25, quantity demanded increases from 900 units to 1200 units. If point elasticity of demand is -2, find P1. - Rs. 30

11. ________ is a characteristic of Laissez-Faire system- No governmnet intervention

12. Sulphur Doixode pollution is indicated by an exces- sive growth of - Lichens

13. Evidence suggests that life on Earth has existed for about - 3.5 billion years

14. Hollywood is located in - California

15. Which is the longest National Highway in India? - NH-44

16. Which planet is also referred to as a Dwarf planet? - Pluto

17. Battle of Panipat was fought in year 1526 between Babur and - Ibrahim Lodi

18. When was Indian Navy Act passed? - 1927

19. Pulizer Prize was established in - 1917

20. An object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion until and unless it is acted upon by an external force. This is Newtons - First Law

21. What will happen if an object is dropped from a height and there is no air resistance? - Its speed will increase

22. What is the retirement age of the Prime Minister of India? - No limit

23. In cas e Stat e emergency is declar ed, it needs Pariliametary approval after every - 6 months

24. Ajeet Bajaj is associated with which Sport - Adven- ture Sports

25. Who is the author of Million Mutinies Now? - V S Naipaul

26. Which Amendment of the Indian Constitution inserted the two words-Socialist and Secular in the
Preamble ?
(a) 28th (b) 40th (c) 42nd (d) 52nd
27. Earth Summit (Save Earth) was sponsored by-
28. EEG records the activity of-
(a) Heart (b) Lungs (c) Brain (d) Muscles
29. Two stones of different masses are dropped simultaneously from the top of a building-
(a) Smaller stone reaches the ground earlier
(b) Larger stone reaches the ground earlier
(c) Both the stones reach the ground at the same time
(d) Depends on the composition of the stone
30. Baba Amte is famous as a
(a) Painter (b) Singer (c) Politician (d) Social Worker
31. Which one of the following statements
is correct?
(a) Good money drives bad money out of circulation
(b) Bad money drives good money out of circulation
(c) Good and bad money cannot circulate together
(d) Cannot say
32. Which of the following circuit elements
is used to 'block' DC in an electronic circuit?
(a) Resistances (b) Capacitance (c) Inductance (d) Diode
33. Introduction of 3G services in telecommunication industry will NOT include ______.
(a) Video Streaming (b) Stock Transactions (c) E-learning (d) E- Governance
34. Under which the Rural Development programme is the 'self help group'?
(a) Prime Minister's Rural Road Yojana
(b) Swarna Jayanti Rural Self Employment Yojana
(d) Indira Aawas Yojana
35. In an attempt to enhance the quality of customer service and strengthen the grievance redressal
mechanism, the Reserve Bank of India has constituted a new department Customer Service
Department (CSD). Which of the following is not among the key responsibilities of the department?
(a) Dissemination of instructions or information relating to customer
(b) Grievance redressal by banks and the RBI
(c) Administering the Banking Ombudsman (BO) scheme and act as a nodal
(d) All of the above
36. What is the full form of NATO?
(a) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (b) North Asia Trade Organization
(c) North Atlantic Trade Organization (d) North Asia Treaty organization
37. Write the expansion for NASA
(a) National Air force and Space Administration
(b) National Aeronautics And Space Administration
(c) National Air force and Space Association
(d) National Aeronautics And Space Association
38. Which of the following countries in the world is the biggest consumer of gold?
(a) USA (b) Bangladesh (c) Russia (d) India
39. Where is Bangabandhu stadium?
(a) Kolkata (b) Dhaka (c) Patna (d) Delhi
40. Which one of the following is the longest National Highway in India?
(a) NH2 (b) NH7 (c) NH8 (d) NH31
41. Who was the first Indian to receive the World Food Prize?
(a) Dr. Varghese Kurien (b) Dr. M. S. Swaminathan
(c) Dr. Amita Patel (d) None of these
42. The total value of goods and services produced in a country during a given period is
(a) Disposable income (b) National income
(c) Per Capita Income (d) Net national income
43. Birds which swim in water have
(a) webbed feet (b) broad wings (c) long beaks (d) toes with claws
44. Which of the following contains high content of lead?
(a) Coal (b) Cooking gas (c) High octane fuel (d) low octane fuel
45. One of the main factors that led to rapid expansion of Indian exports is
(a) imposition of import duties (b) liberalization of the economy
(c) recession in other countries (d) diversification of exports
46. Which of the following are incorrectly paired ?
(a) Krishnadeva Raya-Amukta malyada (b) Harshavardhana-Nagananda
(c) Kalidasa -Ritusamhara (d) Visakhadatta-Kiratarjuniyam
47. The river which is not Westflowing towards the Arabian Sea is-
(a) Narmada (b) Tapti (c) Periyar (d) Kaveri
48. The deficiency of Vitamin B causes-
(a) Scurvy (b) Dermatitis (c) Beri-beri (d) Phynoderma
49. Who was the first woman in the world to scale the Mount Everest ?
(a) Bachendri Pal (b) Junko Tabei (c) Yoko Ono (d) Aung Sung
50. Namdhapa National Park is in-
(a) Mizoram (b) Manipur (c) Tripura (d) Arunachal Pradesh
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