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Default Re: SRM Online Mock Test

Ok, here I am providing you the question paper of SRM Engineering Entrance Examination (SRMEEE) Exam.

SRMEEE exam question paper


1. The dimensional formula for impulse is

(a) MLT-1

(b) ML2T-1

(c) ML2T-2

(d) MLoT-2

A motor boat moves at a steady speed of 8m/s. If the water resistance to the motion of the boat is

2000W, calculate the power of the engine.

(a) 16000 W

(b) 1600 W

(c) 160 W

(d) 16 W

An aeroplane travelling at a speed of 500 kmph tilts at an angle of 30o as it makes a turn. What is

the radius of the curve?

(a) 341 km

(b) 3.41 km

(c) 0.341 km

(d) 34.1 km

A body of mass 500gm is tied to one end of a string of length 1m and is whirled round in a

horizontal circle making 2 revolutions per second. Calculate the tension in the string.

(a) 78.88 N

(b) 7.888 N

(c) 0.7888 N

(d) 7888 N

A bullet of mass 10gm moving with a speed of 500 m/s gets embedded in a tree after penetrating

5cm into it. Calculate the average retarding force exerted by the wood on the bullet and the work

done by the wood in bringing the bullet to stop.

(a) 25 N, 12.50 joule

(b) 250 N, 1250 joule

(c) 25 KN, 1.250 joule

(d) 25 KN, 1250 joule

The acceleration due to gravity g on earth in 9.8 ms-2

What would be the value of g for a planet

whose size is the same as that of earth but the density in twice that of earth?

(a) 19.6 ms-2

(b) 9.8 ms-2

(c) 4.9 ms-2

(d) 2.45 ms-2

In which one of the following cases will the liquid flow in a pipe be most stream lined?

(a) Liquid of high viscosity and high density flowing through a pipe of small radius.

(b) Liquid of high viscosity and low density flowing through a pipe of small radius.

(c) Liquid of low viscosity and low density flowing through a pipe of large radius

(d) Liquid of low viscosity and high density flowing through a pipe of large radius

A stone is dropped into a lake by a person from a 500 m high tower. He would hear the sound of

after approximately.

(a) 10 s

(b) 11.5 s

(c) 14 s

(d) 21 s

For the same pressure and density, the speed of sound is highest in a

(a) Monoatomic gas

(b) Diatomic gas

(c) Triatomic gas

(d) Polyatomic gas

The number of Beats produced / sec by the vibrations x1 = a sin 320 t & x2 = a sin 326 t is

(a) 6

(b) 4

(c) 3

(d) 2

Determine the volume occupied by 3.2grams of oxygen at 76cm of Hg and 27oC. (R=8.314x107

ergs/g mol-k)

(a) 2.461 cm3

(b) 2461 cm3

(c) 246.1 cm3

(d) 24.61 cm3

Calculate the universal gas constant for one gram molecule of gas.

(a) 8.31 J/mol-K

(b) 83.1 J/mol-K

(c) 8.31 x10-7 J/mol-K

(d) 83.1 x10-7 J/mol-K

Number of molecules per unit volume of an ideal gas is ___________

Aglasem Admission

(a) PRT

(b) PN/RT

(c) PT/RN

(d) RN/KT

Calculate the temperature at which the RMS velocity of a hydrogen molecule will be equal to the

orbital velocity of earth's satelite (i.e., 8 km/s)

(a) 514 x 103 k

(b) 5.14 x 103 k

(c) 51.4 x 103 k

(d) 514 k

Ordinary light is

(a) plane polarised

(b) circularly polarised

(c) alliptically polarised

(d) unpolarised

The force between two bar magnets whose centers are d metres apart is 4.8N. When the

separation is made 2d the force is reduced to

(a) 2.4 N

(b) 1.2 N

(c) 0.6 N

(d) 0.3 N

For complete question paper here is the attachment
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