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14th October 2016, 02:09 PM
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Re: Sardar Patel University for MCA

The eligibility requirement and syllabus for Master of Computer Applications (MCA) Program offered at Sardar Patel University are as follows:

3 years

40 - Grant-in-Aid
60 - Self-Financed

Admissions and Eligibility:
Admission for the MCA programme (both grant-in-aid and self-financed) is governed by the admission committee formed by the Gujarat State Government.

Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GCET) is conducted by the committee and admissions are based on the candidate’s merit.

The Department does not have NRI seats or management quota.



PS01FMCA01:Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
Linear Equation and Matrices – Recurrence Relations – Logic – Graphs - Matrix representation of graphs - Trees & their Properties.

PS01FMCA02:Business Applications
Accounting - The Accounting Process - Final Accounts - Cost Accounting – Spreadsheet

PS01CMCA01:Computer Programming and Problem Solving
Introduction - Logic Development - Structured Programming & Advance Computing - Complex Data Types - Register References, Command line arguments - File Handling.

PS01CMCA02:Logical Organization of Computers
Introduction - Processors, Memory and Input/Output - Instructions and Flow of Control - Gates and Boolean Algebra - Basic Digital Logic Circuits - Memory Elements & Counters.

PS01CMCA03atabase Management Systems - I
Introduction – Conceptual Data Models - Data modeling using the ER model and its transformation into the relational model - Introduction to a DBMS Package- Application Development Using a DBMS Package - Additional Features of a DBMS Package

PS02FMCA01:Statistical and Optimization Techniques
Basic Statistical Techniques - Linear Programming - Project Scheduling in PERT-CPM - Special types of Operations Research Techniques.

PS02CMCA01:Computer Networks – I
Introduction - Data Communication Fundamentals - Local Area Networks -Layered Protocols – Domain Name Systems, Electronic Mail and World Wide Web

PS02CMCA02:Systems Analysis and Design
Introduction - Systems Development Methodology – Prototype Development Methodology and Tools – System Design - Systems Implementation & Maintenance

PS02CMCA03ata Structures and Advanced Programming Concepts
Introduction.- Data Structures, - File Management & Indexing Methodology, - Randomization & other Concepts - Object Oriented Programming.

PS02CMCA04: Database Management Systems - II
Conceptual Data Models – Relational Database Query and Design Theory – Structured Query Language - Extensions to the SQL language – Broad Applicability of Databases – Important Issues in Database Management.

PS03CMCA01:Operating System Principles
Introduction – Process Management – Support for Concurrent Processes - Memory Management – Secondary Storage Management.

PS03CMCA02:Object Oriented Programming Using Java
Introduction - Java Programming Concepts – Database Programming - Graphical Programming.

PS03CMCA03:The .NET Technology
The .NET Technology, Introduction to Programming using Visual Basic .NET & C#.NET – User Interface Development – Database Access from .NET – Advanced features of .NET

PS03CMCA04:Analysis and Design of Algorithms
Review of Data Structures - Divide and Conquer - Greedy method - Dynamic Programming - Backtracking - Branch & Bound Techniques.

PS03CMCA05:System Software
Introduction - Assembly language fundamentals – Assemblers - Compilers – Other Common System Software Tools - Embedded systems

PS04CMCA01:Operating Systems Programming
Introduction to Unix/Linux Environment – Introduction to CLI – Basic Shell Scripting - Advanced Shell Scripting and System Calls – More on Linux Environment (CLI and GUI) – Windows Programming Using System Calls

PS04CMCA02:Compiler Design
Introduction to Compilation - Lexical Analysis - Syntax Analysis - Top Down Parsing - Bottom Up Parsing - Intermediate Code Generation And Other Topics – Synthesis.

PS04CMCA03:Computer Networks – II
High Speed LANs, ATM and Satellite Communication - Routing and Congestion Control - Internetworking - Network Security - Wireless Networks

PS04CMCA04:Software Engineering
Introduction - Software Requirement Analysis and Specification - Software Project Management - Software Design - Coding and Testing - Advance Concepts.

PS04CMCA05:Web Application Development Technology
Markup Languages – Client-side Scripting – Server-side Scripting using PHP – Server-side Scripting using ASP.NET


PS05EMCA01: (Elective) Trends in Information and Communication Technology
Trends in Operating System Design – Trends in Software Technology – Trends in Hardware Technology – Trends in Communication and Networking – Trends in Data Storage and Processing – Trends in Security Mechanisms

PS05EMCA02: (Elective) Bioinformatics
Biomolecules – Sequence Analysis & Computer Modeling – Genomics – Molecular Structure and Computer Graphics – Web Application Development for Bioinformatics – Bioinformatics Packages on Different Platforms.

PS05EMCA03: (Elective) Wireless Networks
Introduction – Wireless Network Operation – Wireless WANS – Wireless LANS – Wireless Geolocation System

PS05CMCA01:Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Systems – Development of Knowledge-Based Systems – Fuzzy Logic – Connectionist Models – Genetic Algorithms – Advanced Trends and Applications

PS05CMCA02: Distributed Systems, Parallel Computing and Simulation
Distributed Systems – Parallel Computing – Simulation

PS05CMCA03:Business Information Systems
Operations Management – Business Processes – Business Information Systems

PS05CMCA04:Computer Graphics
Introduction, Output Primitives – Two Dimensional Transformations – Clipping and 3D Object Representation Concepts – 3D Transformations and Surface Detection Concepts – Image Operations – Virtual Reality using Multimedia

PS05CMCA05: Inhouse Project Work

PS06CMCA01: Project Work

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