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Re: Sambalpur University Law Course

Sambalpur University Department of Law programme details are as given below:


Business Law,
Criminal Law,
Family Law,
Environmental Law &


1st SEM
Indian Constitutional law-I
Human Rights-I
Law and Social transformation-I

2nd SEM
Legal Research Methodology
Indian Constitutional law-II
Human Rights-II
Law and Social transformation-II
Sambalpur Univ LLM Syllabus
FIRST SEMESTER ( 20 Credits)
LL.M C 411 Jurisprudence 4 Credits
Unit – I : Definition & Scope of Jurisprudence; Sources of Law
Unit – II : Schools of Legal Theory, Post Modernism in Legal Thought
Unit – III : Person, Rights & Duties , Ownership & Possession
Unit – IV : Theories of Justice & Punishment , Justice as a Social norm,
Justice & Utility , Theories of Justice of John Rawls ,
Nozie & Amartya Sen
LL.M.C 412 Constitutional Law of India –I 4 Credits
Unit-I Preamble ,Directive Principles of State policy
Social Justice, Equality ,Reasonable Classification
Unit-II Reservation(Art.14,15,16),Freedom of religion, Protection of Minorities,
Unit-III Fundamental Freedom (Art.19),Right to life and personal Liberty
(Art.21),Constitutional Protection Under Criminal Justice(Art.20,22)
Unit-IV Status of Fundamental Rights While under National Emergency. Fundamental
LL.M .C413 Human Rights – I 4 Credits
Unit –I Concept of Human rights, Relevant Clauses of U.N Charter
Unit –II Universal Declaration Of Human Rights,1948
Unit –III (i) International Covenant on Civil and political
Rights,1996.(ii)International Covenants on Economic ,Social and Cultural
Rights ,1966.
Unit –IV (i) Protection of Human Rights Act ,1993.
(ii) Role of National Human Rights Commission.
LL.M.C 414 Law and Social Transformation in India 4 Credits
Unit-I Law as an instrument of Social Change, concept of Society, Features of
Social Change. Law as the product of traditions and culture Law .
Unit-II Public Opinion and Social Change, Law and Judicial Process as
instruments of social control.
Unit-III Women and the Law :Crimes against women, Gender justice and its
various forms, women’s commission.
Unit-IV Empowerment of women: Constitutional and other legal Provisions.
LL.M.C415 Seminar –I 4 Credits
Non Credit Course on Judicial Process
Ist Semester : Judicial Process Paper – I
Individual and the State, Independence of Judiciary, Hierarchy of Courts,
Appointment of Judges and Interpretation of Constitution
LL.M. C-421 Legal Research Methodology 4 Credits
Unit – I : Nature and Scope of Legal Research
Meaning of Legal Research, Characteristic of Legal Research, Objectives of
Legal Research , Scope of Legal Research , Legal Reasoning – Deductive &
Inductive .
Unit – II : Steps of Legal Research :
Criteria of Identifying the Legal Problem ,
Variables and Hypothesis , Meaning of Hypothesis , Sources of Hypothesis,
Type of Hypothesis – Null Hypothesis
Review of Juristic Literature relevant to selected problems .
Unit – III : Legal Research Design :
Tools and Techniques of Data Collection
Observation , Questionnaires , Interview Schedule , Court Records & use of
Population & Sampling – its uses in Legal Research
Types of Sampling – Simple Random Sampling , Stratified Random Sampling
Unit – IV : Analysis & Interpretation of Data :
Interpretation of Data .
Interpretation of Statutes & Relevant Court Decisions.
Modern Computational analysis through statistical aids.
Suggestion and Conclusion .
Writing of Legal Research Report .
Bibliography – Articles , Books , Statutes & Table of cases .
LL.M.C 422 Indian Constitutional Law- II 4 Credits
Unit-I Judicial activism and judicial restraint, Judicial Review,
Constitutional Remedies, Doctrine of Pleasure, ( Service under the Union and
Unit-II Amendment and Basic Features theory, Judicial Independence & accountability,
Relation among Legislature, Executive and Judiciary.
Unit-III Union Executive under Parliamentary form of Government, Position of
Governor under the Constitution
Unit-IVCentre State Relations (Administrative, Legislative Financial),
Breakdown of Constitutional machinery in a State ( Art. 356)
LL.M.C 423 Human Rights- II 4 Credits
Unit-I Areas of Violation, Insurgency & Terrorism,
Child abuse ( Child Rights Conventions, 1990)
Unit-II Custodial violence, Civil Liberties & Police Power of the State
Unit-III Voices of Human Rights in Indian Constitution (i) Special Protection to Schedule
Caste & Scheduled Tribes. (ii) Special Protection to Labour, Woman & Children
Unit-IV(i)Special Protection to Religious , Ethnic and Linguistic .
(ii) Right to Life and Personal Liberty and Human Rights .
Unit – I : Children and the Law , Child Labour , Sexual exploitation .
Unit – II : Adoption and related problems , Children and Education.
Unit – III : Modernisation and Law: Modernisation as a value, Constitutional perspective
reflected in the fundamental duties,Modernisation of social institution through
law Reform of family law.
Unit – IV: Reform of Court Process, Prison Reforms, Industrial Reform, Free Enterprise V.
regulation, Industrialization V. Environment Protection, Electoral Reforms.
LL.M.C425 Seminar – II 4 Credits
There shall be Seminar examination to test the knowledge of the students with
regard to papers prescribed in First and Second Semesters. Seminars shall be
evaluated by two Internal Examiners.
Non- Credit course on Legal Education
2nd Semester - Legal Education Paper – I
Objectives of Legal Education: Definition, Purposes & Objectives of Legal
Education, Present status of Legal Education in India.
Curriculum & methods of Teaching: Principles of curriculum construction; Methods of
Teaching, Lecture Methods, Case study methods, Discussion Methods, Seminar Method &
their suitability at Post-graduate level, Students participation in Institutional Programmes,
Reforms in curriculum and Legal Teaching, Role of Bar Councils and Universities.
Group A ( Criminal Law)
Unit –I Concept and origin of crime and criminal law Elements of crime –Mens Rea and
Actus Reus.
Unit –II Principles of Liability –Joint Liability, Group Liability, Vicarious liability Strict liability
.absolute Liability
Unit- III Inchoate crimes – Abetment. Attempt and criminal conspiracy
Unit –IV- Defense to criminal liability – Insanity, Intoxication, Infancy, Consent
LL.M E 512 Paper – II General Principles of Criminal Law II 4 Credits
Unit I - defense to criminal liability - right of private defense, Mistake, Accident, Duress
Unit II - Specific crimes - culpable homicide, murder, hurt, grievous hurt, Wrongful restraint &
wrongful confinement
Unite III - Rape, Attempt to commit suicide, Death due to rash and negligent act, Kidnapping &
Unit IV - Offences against property, Theft, Extortion, Robbery, Dacoity, Criminal
Misappropriation and Criminal Breach of Trust
Group B ( Business Law)
LL.M E 513 Paper – I Company Law – I 4 Credits
Unit – I Definition, Corporate Personality, Kind of Companies
Unit – II Promoter, Registration and incorporation
Unit – III Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association
Unit- IV Prospectus, Remedy for Misrepresentation in Prospectus
LL.M E 514 Paper - II Company Law – II 4 Credits
Unit – I Shares, Share Holder, Share Capital, Company’s Management –
Directors- their Appointment and Removal – their Powers and
Unit – II Directors as Trustees and Agent of the Company. Other Managerial
personnel ( Managing Director, Manager & Secretary)
Unit – III Dividend, Audit & Accounts, Borrowing, Lending.
Unit- IV Investment of Contracts, Debentures, Winding up Proceeding
Group C ( Family Law)
LL.M E 515 Paper – I Principles of Hindu Law – I 4 Credits
Unit – I Meaning Nature and Scope of Hindu Jurisprudence
Unit – II Sources and Schools of Hindu Law
Unit – III Marriage
Unit- IV Adoption, Maintenance
LL.M E 516 Paper – II Principles of Hindu Law – II 4 Credits
Unit – I Joint Family
Unit – II Partition
Unit – III Inheritance, Succession
Unit- IV Stridhana & Women Estate
Group D (Environmental Law)
Unit – I Meaning and concept of Environment – Biological and sociological
environment Ecology and sustainable development. Environmental
Degradation : Nature and Dimensions,India’s concern for Environment
Unit – II Causes, Sources & Effects of Environment Pollution : Types of Pollutions :
Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Noise Pollution & Land Pollution.
Unit – III Environmental Protection & The Policy : Environmental Policy during preindependence
era, post independence era- Earlier policy concerns,
Environmental Policy during the Seventies, during the Eighties, Nineties
and after 2000.
Unit – IV Environment problems in India & International issues.
Unit – I Environmental Protection & The Law : Common Law Aspects ; Penal Law
applicable to environment violation, Special Law applicable to environment
violation, Central laws & General legislation on Environment.
Unit – II Constitutional Provisions for protection of environment ; Directive Principles
relevant to environment, Article 48A & Article 51g, Remedies against
environment protection under Article 32 and Expansion of Article 21.
Unit – III Environmental Protection : The Judicial approach, PIL & Environment
Protection, Precautionary Principles and Polluter pays principle, Traditional
Rule of Locus standi, Class Action or Citizen’s Rule.
Unit – IV Environmental Protection Law and it’s Implementation, Legal Regime for
pollution Control : Central Pollution Control Board and State Pollution
Control Board, environment Impact Assessment, Public participation and
Access to Information.
Group E (Intellectual Property Rights Law)
Unit-I Nature, Concept, Meaning, Definition, objectives, Classification of Intellectual
Property Rights(IPR)Law, IPR and economic Development.
Unit-II International regimes of IPR Laws , Conventions relating to patents, Copyrights,
Trademarks and designs
Unit-III International Agreement related to IPR Laws: Hague Agreement, La Carno
Agreement, TRIPS Agreement and NAFTA
Unit-IV International Organization relating to IPR,WIPO ,WTO
LL.M E 520 Paper-II Copyrights 4 credits
Unit-I Copyrights-Nature, Meaning, Definition, Object, Subject matter of copyright
Unit-II Ownership of copyright and rights of the owner ,copy right law in India
Unit-III Term of copyrights, Authorities and institutions under the copy right Act
Unit-IV Infringement of Copyright and remedies
For detailed syllabus, here is attachment:
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