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29th September 2014, 02:15 PM
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Re: RBI Bank PO Banking Exam Question Paper

Here is the list of few questions of RBI Bank PO Banking Exam paper which you are looking for .

1. Trade Ministers of Key WTO member countries including India held a meeting at Davos in Switzerland on January 29, 2011. Which one of the following was the purpose of this meeting ?

(1) Negotiations for free trade

(2) Negotiations to abolish Restrictive Trade Practices

(3) Issues relating to agricultural subsidies

(4) Negotiations for a global trade deal (Ans)

(5) To include Pakistan and Iraq as members

2. Which one of the following advices has/have been given by leading Economists to Finance Minister during their pre-budget meeting with him?

(A) To take measures to boost farm productivity only.

(B) To improve supply of agricultural products only.

(C) To reduce the fiscal deficit only,

(1) Only (A) (Ans)

(2) Only (B)

(3) Only (C)

(4) All (A), (B) & (C)

(5) Only (A) & (B)

3. As per recent newspaper reports, which one of the following countries has signed highest number of deals to get global project finance?

(1) Australia

(2) USA

(3) Saudi Arabia

(4) Spain

(5) India (Ans)

4. Which of the following terms is used in Banking Field?

(1) Interest Rate Swap (Ans)

(2) Input Devices

(3) Sedimentary

(4) Zero Hour

(5) Privilege Motion

5. To which of the following States has the Asian Development Bank given a loan of $ 90 m for development of Power projects?

(1) Himachal Pradesh

(2) West Bengal

(3) Tripura

(4) Arunachal Pradesh

(5) Asom (Ans)

6. On which one of the following issues can SEBI penalize any company in India?

(A) Violation of Banking Regulation Act.

(B) Violation of foreign portfolio investment guidelines.

(C) For violation of Negotiable Instrument Act.

(1) Only (A)

(2) All (A), (B) & (C)

(3) Only (A) & (B)

(4) Only (B) & (C) (Ans)

(5) Only (B)

7. In the opinion of the Governor of Reserve Bank of India, which one of the following is the reason owing to which India's inflation is accelerating ?

(1) Excess liquidity in market

(2) Speculation in essential goods

(3) Higher food cost (Ans)

(4) Commodities futures

(5) None of the above

8. In opinion of the RBI, Which one of the following is/ are a threat to the smooth functioning of Indian Companies?

(A) Rising input costs.

(B) High interest rates.

(C) Inflation only.

(1) Only (A)

(2) Only (B)

(3) Only (A) & (B) (Ans)

(4) Only (C)

(5) All (A), (B) & (C)

9. For which one of the following reasons Government of India has decided to waive off up front payment of ₨. 1400 to be made by each customer located in rural areas to get LPG connection?

(A) To help villagers to use LPG in place of firewood/ kerosene.

(B) To help villagers to save kerosene for agricultural activities.

(C) To lure villagers to use LPG which is of substandard quality and not fit for industrial use.

(1) Only (A)

(2) Only (B)

(3) Only (C)

(4) Only (A) & (B) (Ans)

(5) Only (B) & (C)

10. Expand the term ALM as used in Banking/Finance sector?

(1) Asset Liability Mismatch

(2) Asset Liability Maturity

(3) Asset Liability Management (Ans)

(4) Asset Liability Manpower

(5) None of the above

11. Who amongst the following is the author of the book 'Half a Life'?

(1) Mark Tully

(2) Deepak Chopra

(3) Chetan Bhagat

(4) Ved Mehta

(5) V.S. Naipaul (Ans)

12. In which one of the following states, village level marketing platform has been set up for the first time in the country?

(1) Haryana

(2) Maharashtra

(3) Gujarat (Ans)

(4) Bihar

(5) Kerala

13. The RBI has asked banks to spell out their policy, procedures arid size of the business on which of the following aspects of banking?

(1) On-shore banking

(2) Off-shore banking (Ans)

(3) Investments in secondary market

(4) Wealth management

(5) None of the above

14. Which of the following organizations has given a US $ 1.72 billion loan to India to build roads in rural areas?

(1) Asian Development Bank

(2) International Monetary Fund

(3) Bill Gates Foundation USA

(4) World Bank (Ans)

(5) None of the above

15. Which one of the following advices has been given by Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee to Chartered Accounts?

(1) They must highlight the credit risks

(2) They must highlight the operational risks

(3) They must bring to the notice of Government tax evasions

(4) They must be vigilant against "window dressing" of companies (Ans)

(5) None of the above

16. Who amongst the following has asked banks to adopt 'six step' approach to prevent diversion of funds by the companies?

(1) Company Registrar

(2) SEBI (Ans)

(3) RBI

(4) AMFI

(5) All of these

17. Which one of the following countries has been invited to join BRIC?

(1) Indonesia

(2) Bangladesh

(3) South Africa (Ans)

(4) China

(5) Argentina

18. Who is Nicolas Sarkozy?

(1) French Prime Minister

(2) French President (Ans)

(3) Russian Prime Minister

(4) Russian President

(5) None of the above

19. Through which one of the following sources domestic funds are raised by Companies?

(A) IPO only.

(B) FPO only.

(C) Commercial papers.

(1) Only (C)

(2) All (A), (B) & (C)

(3) Only (A) & (C) (Ans)

(4) Only (A)

(5) Only (A) &(B)

20. Which one of the following was the reason owing to which Govt. wants Reserve Bank of India to tighten prudential norms for NBFCs ?

(1) To reduce liquidity in the market (Ans)

(2) It is as per Basel II requirements

(3) It is as per Bank for International Settlement (BIS) directives

(4) It is to protect NBFCs from any impact of possible economic slowdown

(5) None of the above

21. According to World Economic Forum, which one of the following risks is the greatest risk faced by the world in the year 2011?

(1) Credit Risk (Ans)

(2) Country Risk

(3) Counter party Risk

(4) Sovereign Default Risk

(5) None of the above

22. Which one of the following decisions has been taken by Govt. in respect of MGNREGA?

(1) The wages should be revised by the State Governments (Ans)

(2) The wages are to be revised by Planning Commission

(3) The District Authorities who allot work can give differential wages

(4) The wages shall be linked to inflation

(5) None of the above

23. What are teaser loan rates charged by banks?

(1) Fixed rate of interest charged by banks

(2) Floating rate of interest charged by banks

(3) Rate of interest in the initial period is less and goes up subsequently (Ans)

(4) Rate of interest in the initial period is and it goes down subsequently

(5) None of the above

24. On which one of the following subjects Pranab Sen Committee has submitted its recommendations to the Govt. of India?


(2) Food Security

(3) Inflation

(4) Food Processing Industries

(5) None of the above (Ans)

25. Expand the term CCEA as used in administrative circles.

(1) Cabinet Committee on External Affairs

(2) Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (Ans)

(3) Cabinet Council on External Affairs

(4) Cabinet Council on Economic Affairs

(5) None of the above
18th February 2016, 02:11 PM
Re: RBI Bank PO Banking Exam Question Paper

Hii Buddy , Here I m Looking for Previous year RBI Bank PO Exam Question Paper ,Will you please Provide me same for my Better Exam Preparation ?
18th February 2016, 02:12 PM
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Re: RBI Bank PO Banking Exam Question Paper

Friend on your Asking Here I am providing Previous year RBI Bank PO Exam Question Paper , Have a Look :

Write an argumentative essay of about 500 words, on any one of the
following :—

(a) Euthanasia, a debatable phenomenon in India.
(b) Media is one of the strongest pillars of democracy.
(c) Role of R.B.I. in controlling the inflation.
(d) Stand of the NDA Government in dealing with corruption.
(e) Uses and misuses of Anti-Dowry Act.
(f) Commonwealth Games-2014 and India.

. Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?

(1) Bit, byte, character, record, field, file, database
(2) Database, file, record, field, character
(3) Character, record, field, database, file
(4) Character, file, record, field, database
(5) Character, field, record, file, database

2. Specialised programs that assist users in locating information on the web are called

(1) Web browsers
(2) Information engines
(3) Data engines
(4) Search engines
(5) None of these

3. What is the term for unsolicited e-mail?

(1) Flamming
(2) Usenet
(3) Spam
(4) Backbone
(5) News Group

4. Processor speed is measured in

(1) bytes
(2) gigabytes
(3) gigahertz
(4) megabytes
(5) kilobytes

5. Which of the following can be used to select the entire document?

(1) Ctrl + H
(2) Alt + S
(3) Shift + E
(4) Ctrl+A
(5) Ctrl + K

6. The buying or selling of goods over the internet is termed as

(1) e-selling
(2) e-buying
(3) e-business
(4) e-commerce
(5) e-transaction

7. What are the programs that block access to selected websites known as?

(1) Channels
(2) Filters
(3) Browsers
(4) Telnet
(5) Drivers

8. Which of the following is not a valid version of MS-Office?

(1) Office 2000
(2) Office XP
(3) Office 2003
(4) Office 2007
(5) Office Vista

9. Which of the following is used to write Web pages?

(1) URL
(2) HTML
(3) Telnet
(4) HTTP
(5) FTP

10. A computer chip is also called a

(1) register
(2) switch
(3) server
(4) modem
(5) microprocessor

11. VIRUS stands for __________

(1) Vital Information Region Under Siege
(2) Vital Information Recourse Under System
(3) Vital Information Resource Under Secure
(4) Vital Information Resource Under Siege
(5) Virus Information Recourse Under Siege

12. Verification of a login name and password is known as

(1) Configuration
(2) Accessibility
(3) Logging in
(4) Authentication
(5) Subscription

13. Microsoft Word is an example of alan

(1) system software
(2) application software
(3) operating system
(4) processing device
(5) input device

14. What does the acronym PDF stand for?

(1) Portable Documentation File
(2) Portable Document Format
(3) Portable Document File
(4) Portable Documenting Format
(5) Portable Documentation Format

15. Which of the following refers to programs stored in ROM?

(1) Hardware
(2) Software
(3) Peripheral
(4) Firmware
(5) Freeware

16. In processing cheques, which of the following PO techniques have Indian banks traditionally followed?

(1) VRT
(2) OMR
(3) OCR
(4) Barcode
(5) MICR

17. Windows Explorer is the name of

(1) a drive
(2) a file manager
(3) a web browser
(4) an internet server
(5) a network

18. GUI stands for

(1) Graphical Universal Interference
(2) Graphic Universal Interface
(3) Graphical User Interface
(4) Graphical Unity Interference
(5) Graph Utility Interference

19. ________ is the process of finding errors in software code.

(1) Exchanging
(2) Debugging
(3) Running
(4) Compressing
(5) None of these

20. DOS stands for

(1) Disk Operating Session
(2) Disk Operating System
(3) Digital Operating System
(4) Disk Opening Source
(5) Digital Open System

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