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Default Re: Quiz on Environment

The questions which might be asked in the quiz competition on Environment are as follows which would assist in preparation:

1. Branch of Biology which is concerned with the inter-relationship between plants and animals is called :

(A) Physiology
(B) Ecology
(C) Anatomy
(D) Morphology

The correct answer is (B) Ecology

2. The largest unit of living organisms on earth is :

(A) Ecosystem
(B) biome
(C) Biosphere
(D) Population

The correct answer is (C) Biosphere
3. The two components of an ecosystem are :

(A) Plants and animals
(B) Biotic and abiotic
(C) Plants and light
(D) Weeds and micro-organisms

The correct answer is (B) Biotic and abiotic
4. The green plants are called :

(A) Producers
(B) Consumers
(C) Decomposers
(D) None of these

The correct answer is (A) Producers

5. Total organic matter present in an ecosystem is called :

(A) Biome
(B) Biomass
(C) Biotic community
(D) Litter

The correct answer is (B) Biomass

6. Plants are killed at low temperature because :

(A) Desiccation takes place owing to the withdrawal of water from vacuolated protoplasm
(B) Precipitation of cell proteins
(C) Cells rupture due to the mechanical pressure of ice
(D) All the above three are correct

The correct answer is (D) All the above three are correct

7. Which one of the chemicals is responsible for the reduction of ozone content of the atmosphere?

(A) SO2
(B) Chlorofluoro carbon
(C) HCl
(D) Photochemical smog

The correct answer is (B) Chlorofluoro carbon

8. Acid rains occur when atmosphere is heavily polluted with :

(A) CO, CO2
(B) Smoke particles
(C) Ozone
(D) SO2 and NO2

The correct answer is (D) SO2 and NO2

9. Spraying of DDT on crops causes pollution of:

(A) Soil and Water
(B) Air and Soil
(C) Crops and Air
(D) Air and Water

The correct answer is (A) Soil and Water

10. Soil erosion can be prevented by :

(A) Increasing bird population
(B) Afforestation
(C) Removal of vegetation
(D) Over grazing

The correct answer is (B) Afforestation
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