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18th May 2018, 07:35 AM
Re: Punjab Technical University M sc IT

Hello sir, Im student of Punjab Technical University. Is there any one can provide me here syllabus for M.Sc IT from Punjab Technical University?
18th May 2018, 07:38 AM
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Re: Punjab Technical University M sc IT

The Punjab Technical University is admitted candidates for Master of Science in Information Technology. The M.Sc in IT is a postgraduate Science course.

Information technology (IT) is the acquisition, processing, storage and dissemination of vocal, pictorial, textual and numerical information by a microelectronics-based combination of computing and telecommunications.

The duration of M.Sc. in Information Technology is mostly of two academic years, but it may vary from institute to institute and may be provided on a part-time basis by certain institutes.

The three year Degree course is divided into six semesters where in each year there are two semesters.

Min. Duration 2 Years
Max. Duration 4 Years

Here is PDF for syllabus for M.Sc IT from Punjab Technical University:
Syllabus for M.Sc IT from Punjab Technical University

Syllabus for M.Sc IT from Punjab Technical University:

Sem. I (Advanced JAVA Programming Language)

1. Review of Java Basics: Features, environment, class, inheritance, package, interface, applets, AWT, exception handling, multithreading, files.

2. Swing: Features, components, swing vs AWT, swing containers, controls, using Dialogs, sliders, progress bars, tables, creating a user interface using the swing.

3. Java Database Connectivity: Connectivity model, Java. SQL package, JDBC Exception classes, Database connectivity, Data manipulation and navigation.

4. Java RMI: Distributed object technologies, RMI architecture, creating RMI applications.

5. Java Servlets: Servelets vs CGI, Servlet lifecycle, creating and running servlets.

6. Networking: Networking basics, Java and the Net, TCP/IP client sockets, TCP/IP server sockets, Inept Address, URL, Datagrams, creating networking applications.

7. Java Beans: Component architecture, what are Beans, Advantages of Beans, Bean Developer kit (BDK), JAR files, introspection, developing Beans, Using Bound properties, The Java Beans API.

Sem. I (Interactive Computer Graphics)

1. Display Devices: Line and point plotting systems; Raster, vector, pixel and point plotters, Continual refresh and storage displays, Digital frame buffer, Plasma panel displays, Very high-resolution devices, High - speed drawing, Display processors, Character generators, Colour - display techniques (shadow mask and penetration CRT, colour look-up tables, analogue false colours, hard-copy colour printers). Display Description; Screen coordinates, user co-ordinates; Graphical data structures (compressed incremental list, vector list, use of homogeneous coordinates); Display code generation; Graphical functions;

2. The view algorithm, Two - dimensional transformation, Line-drawing, Circle drawing algorithms.

3. Interactive Graphics: Pointing and positioning devices (cursor, light pen, digitizing tablet, the mouse, track- balls), Interactive graphical techniques; Positioning, (Elastic or Rubber Band lines, Inking, zooming, panning, clipping, windowing, scissoring),

4. Mouse Programming, Turbo-C, Graphic Languages: Primitives (Constants, actions, operators, variables), plotting and geometric transformations, display subroutines, Concept of Animation, Saving, Loading and Printing graphics images from/to disk. Animated algorithms for Sorting, Towers of Hanoi etc.

5. 3-D Graphics: Wire-frame, perspective display, Perspective depth, Projective Transformations, Hidden line and surface elimination, Transparent solids, Shading. 6. Programming Projects: Two-dimensional Transformations, 3-dimensional transformations, Interactive Graphical Techniques. GUI. Turbo C/C++ (Graphics Routines) is to be used as the standard teaching tool.
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