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12th September 2015, 01:07 PM
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Re: Philosophy Syllabus Of West Bengal State University

West Bengal State University was established in the year 2008. It is located at Barasat, Kolkata and affiliated to UGC.

It offers three Years B.A. Honours and General Course in Philosophy, under 1+1+1 system of exam.

Syllabus :

History of Indian Philosophy
The Basic Philosophical Concepts of the Vedas and Upanis ads:
The concept of the R ta, R n a, the concept of Ātman, Brahman in the Upanis ads, Jīva, Śreya,
Preya, Moks a (in brief).

Cārvāka System:
Epistemology- Perception as the only source of knowledge, Refutation of Inference
.Metaphysics–Causality -yadricchavāda / svabhavavāda / akasmikatāvāda,
Jagat and Bhutacaitanyavāda.

Jaina System :
Anekāntavāda and Syādvāda.

Bauddha System:
Four noble truths, Pratityasamutpādavāda, Ks n abhangavāda or Momentariness, Nairātmavāda,
Basic tenets of four Bauddha schools- Vaibhāsika and Sautrāntika (in brief), Yogācāra and
Madhyamika (in details).

Nyāya System:
Four Pramāna-s: Pratyaks a- definition, classification into savikalpaka nirvikalpaka and
pratyabhijñā and laukika and alaukika.
Ānumāna: definition, paks a, sādhya, hetu, vyāpti, vyāptigrahopaya, svartha-pararthānumāna.
Outlines of Upamāna and Śabda. Nature of self and liberation, Arguments for the existence of God.

Vaiśesika System :
The Basic Outlines of Dravya, Gun a, Karma and detailed analysis of Sāmānya, Viśes a, Samavāya
and Abhāva, Paramān uvāda (in brief).

Sāmkya System:
Satkāryavāda as opposed to Asatkāryavāda, Prakriti and its constituents, Arguments for its existence,
Theory of Evolution, Purus a, Arguments for its existence, Plurality of Purus a.

Yoga System :
Citta, Cittavrtti, Cittabhumi, As tāngayoga and Concept of God.

Mīmāmsā System:
Pramān a-s with special reference to Arthāpatti and Anupalabdhi ( Prābhakara and Bhatta's view ).
Advaita Vedānta Philosophy of Sankara :
Brahman , Jīva, Māyā, The Relation of Brahman with Jīva and Jagat , Three grades of Sattā.

Visistadvaitavada of Ramanuja :
Brahman , Relation of Brahman with Jīva and Jagat, Criticism of Sankara's doctrine of Māyā.

West Bengal State University B.A. Honours Philosophy syllabus

Contact Details :
West Bengal State University
Berunanpukuria, P.O. Malikapur, North 24 Parganas, Kolkata, West Bengal 700126
033 2524 1979
2nd December 2019, 11:00 AM
Re: Philosophy Syllabus Of West Bengal State University

Can you provide me the syllabus of B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) Honours in Philosophy Program offered by WBSU (West Bengal State University)?
2nd December 2019, 11:02 AM
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Re: Philosophy Syllabus Of West Bengal State University

The syllabus of B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) Honours in Philosophy Program offered by WBSU (West Bengal State University) is as follows:

B.A. Honours in Philosophy-Total Credit-140

Semester –I

PHIACOR01T [History of Western Philosophy - I]

A. Basic concepts of pre-Socratic philosophy [In brief]: 10 Lectures
Cosmology-origin (Ionian)
Being and change (Eliatics)
Process philosophy (Heraclitus)
The Sophists

B. Plato and Aristotle: 10 Lectures
Plato’s Theory of knowledge (Episteme) and Opinion (Doxa) and its refutation by Aristotle.
Plato’s theory of Idea, Aristotle’s refutation,
Aristotle: Form and Matter

C. Medieval Philosophy: 10 Lectures
Reason, Faith [In brief], God---Augustine, Aquinas

D. Descartes, Spinoza, Leibnitz
45 Lectures
Descartes---Method of Doubt, Cogito, Different Types of Ideas, Criterion of Truth, Theory of knowledge, Theory of Substance.
Spinoza---Substance, Attributes and Modes, Existence of God, Pantheism, Theory of knowledge Leibnitz--- Innate Idea, Monad, Truths of Reason, Truths of Fact, Pre-established Harmony.

PHIACOR02T [Western Logic-I]
1. Basic concepts---Propositions, Propositional form, Argument and Argument form, Truth functional connectives, Truth and Validity. 5
2. An overview of Traditional Laws of Logic, Boolean interpretation of Categorical Propositions and consequences, Syllogism, Venn Diagram. 15
3. Propositional Logic: 55
i. The Method of Truth Table and Truth Tree as decision procedures:
a. Statement forms and Statements---Tautologous, Contradictory and Contingent by Truth Table and Truth Tree method;
b. Consistency by Truth Tree method;
c. Validity determination by Truth Table method and Truth Value Assignment method.

ii. Method of Deduction ---Construction of formal proof of validity by using 19 Rules, I.P. and C.P.
iii. Invalidity by Shorter Truth Table method.

Syllabus B.A. Honours in Philosophy WBSU (West Bengal State University)

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