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9th April 2016, 03:45 PM
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Re: Osmania university LLM Results

As you asking I am telling Osmania university LLM Result has published on 12.11.2015 on your demand here I am telling process by which you can see your result

Go to the Osmania university official website

Over there you need to click on result option which given at left hand side

By click there you will move on result page

Ove that page you need to select your result and click on that

By click on LLM Aug-2015 Results link you will land on your result page which look like given below image

as on 18.3.2016 following result info avail on result page
M.sc(IS) Dec-2015 Results04-03-2016
PG Diploma In CULINARY Dec-2015 Results04-03-2016
M.Pharmacy Nov-2015 Results04-03-2016
BCA Dec-2015 Results29-02-2016
LLB Dec-2015 Results26-02-2016
BBA-LLB Dec-2015 Results27-02-2016
B.Tech (Bio) Dec- 2015 Results27-02-2016
B.Tech(Bridge) Dec-2015 Results27-02-2016
B.Tech(Chemical Engg) Dec-2015 Results27-02-2016
B.E Nov-2015 Results20-02-2016
MBA IIIrd Sem Dec/Jan-2015 Results20-02-2016
Pharma-D (3YDC) (New) Jan-2016 Results18-02-2016
Pharma-D(6YDC) (New) Jan -2016 Results18-02-2016
Pharma-D (6YDC) (old) Jan-2016 Results18-02-2016
PDC (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results17-02-2016
Osmania Entrance (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results17-02-2016
B.A Languages (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results17-02-2016
UG Supply (RV) Oct/Nov-2015 Results17-02-2016
PG Diploma (CDE) (New) Aug-2015 Results13-02-2016
PG Diploma (CDE) (Old) Aug-2015 Results13-02-2016
PGDTCP (New) Aug-2015 Results13-02-2016
PGDTCP (Old) Aug-2015 Results13-02-2016
MBA(CDE) I,II,III Year Aug-2015 Results11-02-2016
PG (CDE) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc Previous (Regular) Recounting Jul-2015 Resluts06-02-2016
PGDCA Nov-2015 Results05-02-2016
MCA (2YDC) ((RV)Aug-2015 Results03-02-2016
B.Pharmacy Nov-2015 Results03-02-2016
BHMCT Nov-2015 Results03-02-2016
BCTCA Nov-2015 Results03-02-2016
MBA(CDE) Ist Year Ist Sem(Backlog & Improvment), II nd Sem (Regular) Aug/Sept-2015 Results29-01-2016
B.Ed (DM) Aug-2015 Results20-01-2016
B.Ed III-Rd-Methodology Aug-2015 Results20-01-2016
PG (CDE) M.A/M.Com/M.Sc (Previous,Backlog & Final) Recounting June/Jul-2015 Resluts13-01-2016
M.Ed II Semester Sep-2015 Results12-01-2016
B.Ed (Reval) July/Aug-2015 Results28-12-2015
BBA Sept-2015 Results21-12-2015
MCA(CDE) (REVAL) Aug-2015 Results19-12-2015
MCA (REVAL) Aug-2015 Results19-12-2015
LLB (3YDC&5 YDC) (REVAL) Aug-2015 Results16-12-2015
BA(Lang) OCt/No-2015 Results15-12-2015
PDC Oct/Nov-2015 Results15-12-2015
OE Oct/Nov-2015 Results15-12-2015
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc)(Suppl) Sept-2015 Results15-12-2015
Pharm D(3YDC & 6YDC) (Recounting) Aug-2015 Results08-12-2015
PG (CDE) M.A/M.Sc/M.Com (Previous) June/July-2015 Results08-12-2015
MBA II-Semester (Regular) and I-semester (Backlog) Recounting Jul/Aug-2015 Results03-12-2015
PG (CDE) MA/M.Sc/M.Com (Previous(Backlog)) and Final June- 2015 Results26-11-2015
B.Tech (Chemical Engg) (RV) (makeup) Aug-2015 Results18-11-2015
B.Tech (Bio) (RV) (Makup) Aug - 2015 Results17-11-2015
MCA 1st Year (II Sem(Main) & I Sem(backlog)) Aug - 2015 Results17-11-2015
UGDPED Ist and II nd Year April/July - 2015 Results13-11-2015
PG (CDE) MA/M.Sc/M.Com (Previous(Backlog)) and Final June- 2015 Results13-11-2015
Pharma-D 6 YDC (Old) Aug-2015 Results12-11-2015
Pharma-D 6 YDC (New) Aug-2015 Results12-11-2015
Pharma-D 3 YDC (Old) Aug-2015 Results12-11-2015
Pharma-D 3 YDC (New) Aug-2015 Results12-11-2015
LLM Aug-2015 Results12-11-2015
B.Tech (Bio-Tech) May-2015 (RV) Results10-11-2015
B.Tech (Chem Engg) Bridge Course May-2015 (RV) Results10-11-2015
B.Tech (Chem Engg) May-2015 (RV) Results10-11-2015
BBA LLB Aug-2015 Results06-11-2015
BBA LLB (Reval) MAY-2015 Results06-11-2015
PG (CDE) MA/M.Com/M.Sc (Previous (Backlog)) and Final June-2015 results03-11-2015
LLB (Reval) (3 ydc& 5 ydc ) June-2015 results02-11-2015
B.Pharmacy (Reval) Ist Year June-2015 results31-10-2015
MCA I, II Year 2semester main and backlog 1/1, 2/1 & 3/1 Aug-2015 results29-10-2015
MCA (CDE) I, II & III Years main and backlog (August2015) Results29-10-2015
LLB (3-YDC) & BALLB (5-YDC) II sem regular & I sem backlog AUG-2015 results19-10-2015
B.E (Reval) April/June-2015 Results17-10-2015
M.Pharmacy I Year 1st sem(Main & Backlog) and II Sem (Suppl.) April-2015 Results15-10-2015
BCTCA (III-II Make-up) Aug-2015 Results15-10-2015
BHMCT (III-II Make-up) Aug-2015 Results15-10-2015
MBA II Sem July/Aug-2015 Results08-10-2015
BHMCT (Reval) May-2015 Results06-10-2015
BCTCA (Reval) May-2015 Results06-10-2015
B.Ed July-2015 Results01-10-2015
B.Pharmacy (IV-II Make-up) Jul-2015 Results15-09-2015
B.Pharmacy I Year Jun-2015 Results15-09-2015
B.Pharmacy (Reval) May-2015 Updated Results15-09-2015
MBA IV Semester (Regular) and I, II & III Semester (Backlog) Results15-09-2015
M.Pharmacy (I Sem (Regular) & II Sem (backlog)) April- 2015 Results08-09-2015
B.Ed (MR, HI & LD) June-2015 Results08-09-2015
BCA (Reval) May- 2015 Results03-09-2015
PGDCA (Reval) April-2015 Results03-09-2015
LLB (Reval)ISem Feb-2015 Results26-08-2015
MBA (CDE)(Reval) 1st sem April-2015 Results20-08-2015
BA(Lang) (Reval) April/May-2015 Results14-08-2015
OE (Reval) April/May -2015 Results14-08-2015
PDC(Reval) April/May-2015 Results14-08-2015
B.Tech (Bio-Tech) May - 2015 I Year to IV-1 Sem Results07-08-2015
B.Tech (Chemical Engg) Bridge Course May-2015 Results07-08-2015
B.Tech (Chemical Engg) May - 2015 I Year to IV-1 Sem Results07-08-2015
LLM May -2015 Results07-08-2015
MA (Languages) April/May -2015 Results07-08-2015
B.E (Main/Suppl/Makeup) April/June -2015 Results05-08-2015
B.E (Malpractice Cases) April/June -2015 Results05-08-2015
UG (B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBA)(Reval) Annual-2015 Results04-08-2015
PGDBIT June-2015 Results29-07-2015
Pharm-D (6YDC) Backlog Feb-2015 Recounting Results25-07-2015
MBA IV SEM REGULAR & I II III rd (Backlog) May/June-2015 Results25-07-2015
M.Ed (1st Semester) March-2015 Results23-07-2015
M.Sc(IS) (REVAL) MAY-2015 Results23-07-2015
PGDCUL May-2015 Results23-07-2015
BCTCA May-2015 Results21-07-2015
BHMCT May-2015 Results21-07-2015
B.E 4/2 (Reval) May-2015 Results
BBA LLB May-2015 Results21-07-2015
MBA (CDE)Ist Yr I SEM April-2015 Results17-07-2015
B.Tech (Bio) IV th Year II Sem May-2015 Results17-07-2015
B.Tech (Chemical) IV th Year II Sem May-2015 Results17-07-2015
LL.B May-2015 Results17-07-2015
Ph.D Eligibility Tests-2014 Results
PGDTCP (Reval) I SEM Jan-2015 Results
BA LLB (Reval) JAN-2015 Results13-07-2015
LLB (Reval) Jan-2015 Results13-07-2015
LLB. Dip. March -2015 Results08-07-2015
PGDCA April-2015 Results06-07-2015
MCA 3/2 June-2015 Results06-07-2015

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