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11th March 2017, 01:03 PM
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Re: NTSE National Talent Search Examination

As you want model question papers of NTSE National Talent Search Examination, so here I am providing model question paper:

NTSE National Talent Search Examination Model Question Paper

Mental Ability
Part I
In the following questions (1 – 10) there are five groups of letters in each. Four of these groups are alike in same way while one is different. Find the one that is different and will be your answer as well.
Q1. (a) asibu (b) oarse (c) oinak (d) zamol (e) yaixe
Ans. (d) as each contains 2 consonants and 3 vowel but d does not.

Q2. (a) M NM (b) HJR (c) VWD (d) BCX (e) K LO
Ans. (b) as in others first two letters are serially pronounced but (b) is not in order.

Q3. (a) ir a (b) aam (c) kas (d) utr (e) btd
Ans. (e) as all other four gives a sense of words by arranging the letters as air, man ask and True but (e) does not as such.

Q4. (a) yxz (b) cbd (c) nmr (d) wvx (e) pqo
Ans. (e) as in other four we find the middle letter in the initial letter in order like xyz, bcd, etc

Q5. (a) AiiR (b) MooX (c) VxxZ (d) DecY (e) DffH
Ans. (d) as other four there are some letters repeated twice in the middle which is a deviation in (d)

Q6. (a) cot (b) pot (c) but (d) hut (e) mat
Ans. (e) pronounciation changed.

Q7. (a) AabD (b) eEcf (c) pPrs (d) nNxz (e) dDrs
Ans. (a) as the first letter is capital.

Q8. (a) ability (b) capability (c) pr obability (d) surety (e) flexibility
Ans. (d) as in others ‘li’ is absent to give a right sense but (d) has already a sense.

Q9. (a) doe (b) man (c) xaz (d) poq (e) oe p
Ans. (c) as in all others two consecutive alphabets occur at the ends as de,mn, pq, and op.

Q10. (a) ACE (b) PKR (c) NPR (d) GIK (e) PRT
Ans. (b) as in all others in each alphabet there is a difference of one space.

NTSE National Talent Search Examination Model Question Paper

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