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Default Re: NMIMS Bangalore CDPI

Case discussion GD PI is a case study, just like a group discussion, is designed to assess certain group performance skills of the individual.

NMIMS Case discussion GD PI Experience

1. NMIMS Case discussion GD PI Experience
Slot – 28th Feb Morning Slot

NMAT Score – 233
10th – 89%
12th – 87%
BE – 68% (Pune University)
Work Ex – 16 months TCS

Weightages this year
NMAT Score – 70%
GD – 7.5%
PI – 7.5%
Work Ex – 5%
Acads – 10%

Case study
Two topics will be given the group has to select one. Topics are general.

Panel of 3. Very cool and really makes you comfortable. You can drive your PI very easily in the direction you want.
– Tell us something about yourself.
– What have you recently blogged about ? (I mentioned blogging as my hobby)
– What is your role at TCS ?
– Why MBA after IT ?
– What specialization ?

PS – No management quota AND no HR specialization in MBA(Core) from this year onwards.

I hope this helps

2. NMIMS Case discussion GD PI Experience – Morning for MBA (core)


Undergrad Major BE – GPA 6.94


NMAT Score – 243

Any other special thing about you:
Case study: It is tougher to stay at the top than to reach the top

Time: 20 mins

Panel Members Intro:
An old guy
A lady
A middle aged guy
About me
a question based on SOP
Which Stream in MBA
Why that particular stream
Any placement

Weightage for MBA(FT) is
70%- NMAT Score
7.5%- PI
7.5%- GD
10%- Acads
5%- Work ex

3. NMIMS GD PI PREFERENCES:- MBA(core)/MBA(actuarial)

NMAT score:-235



Case study “Development and pollution are two faces of the same coin”.

1. Tell us about yourself.
2. Why event management??? why do you require work experience.can start it as soon as you complete ur MBA??
3.What quality is the most imp. in event management???
4. was given a situation dat if u are a sales manager and u hav 5 persons wrking under u and the best of them who is considered as the backbone keeps on violating rules. wat would be your course of action???
5.who is your role model
6. a technical question . Messed it up in the starting bt in the end gave the ans. The panel started laughing.
7.how would you cope up wid a city like mumbai ???
8. Last movie in which dere ws a classical song.

PI was a neither very good nr a bad 1. Ws a little nervous!!!


X 86.2 %
XII 83 %
Undergrad Major – 84.9 %


NMAT Score – 224

Any other special thing about you: Lots of extra curricular activities and achievements.

Case study – CSR is a sham

Panel Members Intro: 2 Sirs, 1 Ma’m
1) What questions do you want us to ask ? ( Thanks to this qsn, totally drove the interview towards my comfort zone – my wide range of interests and other extra-curricular achievements)
2) What are your interests ?
3) When do you get the time to study after doing so many things ?
4) who are your icons in today’s cultural world? ( after i said i completed 4th yr in art and tabla)
5) Tell me one good thing and one bad thing about Zakir Hussain.
6) Tell me the scoring system in Basketball . ( i play basketball, cricket and TT)
7) Name 3 players of Manchester United.
8 ) Name one classical musician who has received Bharat Ratna.
9) Who wrote Bande Mataram.
(All these qsns bacause i said i regularly participate in quizzes)
10)Tell me the most unethical thing u have done in your life so far.
11) Where do you live in Kolkata ?
12) Tell me one good thing and one bad thing about Bengalis.
13) Do you have these qualities in you ? ( contd from prev qsn)
14) What is your favourite sweet that you get traditionally in Kolkata ? ( No points for guessing this one — Rosogolla)


X 90.33
XII 84.2
Undergrad Major – 85.5% (B.Tech Mining)

Work-Ex: 30 months (manufacturing)

NMAT Score – 222

Any other special thing about you: certificates in Cricket,Essay writing,Tech Fest Coordinator, Quizzes…

Case study: Can Businesses survive without cheating/ Should the Govt. go for censoring TV Channels

Panel Members Intro: 2F, 1M
1. Tell Me one salient feature of NIT Rourkela…?
ans.. Told ( easy one….My best 4 yrs..How can i ever forget that)
2. Questions related to Mining Engg.
3. With Hefty pay package in company why MBA?
4. Mining accidents which has happened recently…?
5. One strength of urs and where did u display it…?
6. How did u prepare for the interview?
7. Role in my company and responsibilities..?
What were ur achievements..?

Was a decent performance from my viewpoint


X : 75% CBSE board
XII : 71% CBSE board
Undergrad Major – BTech 65%

Infosys 42 months

Case study
1.iPod is destroying music industry.
2.Sometimes less is better then more.


Three people sitting there A1,A2,A3.
A1:Come sit
Me:Greeted every one, they acknowledged and asked to sit.
A2:So, you from IT background,tell us exactly what you work?
Me:i gave some general description about my responsibilities and role.
A1:Why shifting from Research stream to MBA?
Me:blah blah blah..some basic points..
A3:What is web security related problems in INDIA?
Me:gave some examples to assert the need for it.
A3:Why cannot we live without web secuirty and what can be done to improve it.
Me:Gave a detailed answer again but again was stopped again after some time.
A2:What does a patent mean? what all documents you make for it.
Me:Gave a detailed answer but was stopped in between by A1..
A1:What are your hobbies ?do you write something?
Me:told about my hobbies and said that since i don’t write blogs but do have habit of diary writing.
Thats all they said thank you.. i thought too less time was taken for the interview only 10 minutes.Don’t know much about my chances..hope for best.


X : 86% CBSE board
XII : 85% CBSE board
Undergrad Major – BTech 72%


MBA Actuarial sc. only.

Case study topic
1.IPL has reduced cricket to soap opera.
2.Price rise leads to social unrest.
selected ipl unanimously

PI(3 male profs,all aged)

The whole interview revolved abt how much i kno abt actuarial science……..and about one question of extra currics during clg………

part of the interview that i remember :-
what is Act Sc. and what does anactuary do??
discussion moved on to IAI(though i forgot the full form of it )
asked me what research u did on act sc………
gave an answer but grilled me on this….
I told ive consulted a CA and a relative of mine……
u take ur own decisions or ur family takes it……have u decided urself dat u want to become an engineer??
then the prof started giving me a lesson on the importance of selecting a career surprisingly inHINDI ……….
I ws feeling very screwed up literally…..all my confidence was gone by now….
then prof told me that it is very difficult to pass the exams by IAI and it is even difficult than being a CA….
i told getting into nmims is also difficult…

then asked me a question abt what extra currics in clg???
talked something abt fests…

how would u solve a conflict??
i gave a general answer…seemed unconvincing but i cudnt remember anything at that time coz i ws very stressed.

thank you……

8. NMIMS GD PI NMAT score 223
Core MBA
work exp 32 months(Automobile)
Acad : 10th 78%
12th 87%
B.Tech 71%

Extracurricular:Good but not extra ordinary

Case study

1. IPL has been reduced to soap opera

2. uncontrolled price leads to unrest (kind of)

Now comes PI

3 Male panelist. around 45 age
As soon as I enter one panelist gone through my application form and he was knowing lot about achievements of my organization.
Another one then just asked about my experience and recognition i got in company

and then inshort why particular this specialization and why do u want to do?

Third one just asked about other calls i have.
my interview was too short,I believe it lasted for at max for 7-8 mins.SO I am not sure about how much PI performance will count for me
Fingers crossed for result and desperate to join NM

9. NMIMS GD PI Had NM GD/PI Process on 11th March, afternoon slot.

Topic 1: Ipods have killed music industry
Topic 2: Sometimes less is more (something in these lines)

We chose topic 1. All in all, decent discussion. For first 10-12 minutes, I came in only once and was getting cut by other members. Could come in 2-3 times at the end, when group was running out of point. Expected performance for me, considering I don’t have high pitch and thankfully, vocal guys ran out of points at the end.

Three panelists, L (Mid age Male), M (Old Lady) and R (Old Male)

PI, started with Good Morning instead of afternoon… panel was really cool, he said don’t worry we follow british system.
R: Was telling something about my hometown.
Me: I nodded.
R: Where do you work?
Me: Currently, I do not work.
M: Why you left?
Me: Answered.
M: What you used to do when working? What was your role?
Me: Answered
M: What is job of Embedded Engineer?
Me: Answered
M: What were your learning when working?
Me: Answered, some cross questioning on that. Did quite well here.
R: How would you rate yourself personally?
Me: Means.
R: You as a person.
Me: 8/10
R: Where are 2 marks?
Me: Answered
R: What are your weaknesses?
Me: Answered.
M: Except your parents, who are your role models?
Me: Answered
L: Why?
Me: Answered
M: Someone influential person born in your area, who was he?
Me: Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel
M: What he did?
Me: Answered
R: How many states he united?
Me: Not sure, mostly it’s 450+, around 461.
R: Won’t you like to emulate something from him?
Me: Yes, he was steel man and I will like to follow that.

L: He was reading my SOP and he asked me some questions from there.
Me: Answered. And, then some philosophical gyaan. (I wrote about reckless risk taking in my SOP)

M: What are your interests?
Me: Answered
R: Questions on one of my interest.
Me: Could answer upto certain extent. Did not know one technical detail about it (Not a big deal, as it was somewhat unrelated)
M: What other calls you have?
Me: Answered.
M: How would you rate your NMIMS chances?
Me: Pretty high.
L: Prioritize your calls.
Me: XL definitely scores higher. Others, I have not decided yet.

That’s about it. Not sure about duration, but around 10-15 minutes.
ATB everyone


X 86.8 % ( Maharashtra board )
XII 81 (—“—–)
Undergrad Major – GPA/%age 61.33 Mumbai Univ ( E&TC; ) ( 2006-2010)

Work-Ex: 3 months
NIL/Sector – IT

NMAT Score – 251/360

Any other special thing about you: Have studied Sankhya and Jain philosophy.

Topic: Indian Growth story is hostage to political morality.
Number of Ppl present 11 ( 1 absent )
Time: 15 mins approx

Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Fish market. But manageable in the sense that if one takes pains, it wasn’t impossible to contribute. I could come in 5-6 times by cutting other people and raising my volume.

Other Salient Details: Lot of guys were showing their anger blatantly towards people who were cutting them.One guy, even screamed in the middle of GD saying ” Whats going on? Will I ever get a chance to speak?? “.. This was bizarre.

Panel Members Intro:3 ( 2 women W1,W2, 1 gentleman G1 )

G1: Tell us about yourself.
me : spoke just 2 lines before they cut me.

W2:What makes you say you are interested in religion?
me: answerd that i have read so and so books, know so and so schools of thought etc.

W1:What is ethics?
me : answered –gave the defn of morality
What is business ethics?
me: ethics in business matters.

W2 : u working?
me : no. worked for 3 months,then left

W2: why ?
me: told.

M1: wasnt that unethical? The company invested in you to train you. And you left them for your own good.
me : gave the answer. I said if I become a good leader, the society automatically will get benefited by my decisions..So, what I did cannot be termed entirely selfish/unethical. …..

W2: What does your father do?
me : told. W1 was like . Dont know what she felt so gr8 about.

w1 : u joining father’s business after MBA ?
me : I have not decided as of now. Want to take one step at a time. Concentrating on getting into a top B school and learning as much as possible.

W1 seemed impressed.

W1 : why not do MS?
Me: not passionate enough……added 4-5 sentences…then conclued by saying “Do not want to make engg my life…”

M1: which stream you interested in?
Me: told.

Can remember only these many questions.

Overall, was a nice one for me.After todays GDPI, I believe my NMAT score will ensure that I sail through.

MISC : Although most of the panels were pretty cool and asked general questions,there were a couple of panels who asked lot of technical questions. So, do not take NMIMS interviews lightly. It is a wrong perception that NMIMS interviews can never be technical.

NMIMS Case discussion GD PI Experience


Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
11, Kaveri Regent Coronet, 3rd Block, 7th Main, 80 feet Road,
Next to Raheja Residency , Koramangala
Koramangala 1A Block, Koramangala
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
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