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23rd December 2015 11:07 AM
Raman Vij
Re: IBPS IT officer Question papers with answers

Friend as per your Asking Here I ma providing Previous year IBPS Bank IT Officer Question Papers :

Which of the following groups has the 2nd person sitting between the 1st and the 3rd ?
1) AFC 2) GAD 3) BEH 4) HFB 5) None
7. Which of the following pair has the 2nd person sitting to the immediate left of the first ?
1) BH 2) FB 3) EG 4) AD 5) None

8. Which of the following is correct ?
1) D is to the immediate left of G 2) A is between C and D
3) F is 4th to the right of D 4) E is between H and B 5) None is correct

9. Which of the following is wrong ?
1) B is to the immediate left of H 2) H is to the immediate left of E
3) D is 4th to the right of F 4) C is 4th to the left of B 5) All are correct

10. Which of the following pairs has three persons sitting between them ?
1) CE 2) FH 3) DC 4) ED 5) None

11. If C and G interchange their positions, which of the following will indicate A’s position ?
1) To the immediate right of G 2) 4th to the right of C
3) 2nd to the left of G 4) To the immediate left of C 5) None

12. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word DISTURB, each one has as many letters
between its two letters in the word as there are between them in the English alphabet ?
1) 4 2) 5 3) 3 4) 2 5) None

13. in a certain code DRAUGHT is written as CQBVHIU and CONCISE is written as BNODJTF.
How will PROBLEM be written in that code ?

14. Ganesh is 7th to the left of Akshay in a row of boys facing North. Vijay, who is 20th from the left
end of the row is 7th to the right of Akshay. If Kamlesh who is 3rd to the right of Ganesh is 20th
from the right end of the row, how many boys are there in the row ?
1) Cannot be determined 2) 30 3) 28 4) 26 5) None

If CHOLINE is written as ‘OCIHLEN’, then SURGEON will be written as—

Directions : in each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions
numbbered I and II
An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement
and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Give Answer :
1) If only assumption I is implicit.
2) If only assumption II is implicit.
3) If either assumption I or assumption II is implicit.
4) If neither assumption I nor assumption II is implicit.
5) If both the assumptions I and II are implicit.

Statement : “Join our Yoga institute to keep yourself completely fit”. An advertisement.
I. People may prefer exercise to medication.
II. There is an awareness to a great extent about Yoga exercises among people.

Statement : “Enroll with us before 30th November to get the advantage of our 20% discount
offer”. An advertisement by a coaching class.
Assumptions :
I. Discount offer is bound to attract good students as well.
II. Even those students who cannot afford to pay the fees of coaching classes may join this class.
28. Statement : If you want to get a good job you must have at least the basic knowledge ofcomputers.
Assumptions :
I. All good jobs involve use of computers.
II. Computer knowledge has been made an essential criterion by most of the companies nowadays.

Statement : As a measure to avoid occurance of the epidemics due to monsoon the civic
authorities have organized free vaccination camps all over the city.
Assumptions :
I. There may be a good response to the camps since organized by civic authorities.
II. People are generally aware about the need for vaccination.

Statement : in view of the large number of cases of suicides committed by the farmers in StateX the State Government has decided to waive off the agricultural loans granted to the farmers.
Assumptions :
I. This may stop further cases of suicides committed by the farmers in State X.
II. This move of the Government may be welcomed by the public at large.
Directions (31–35): in making decisions about important questions, it is desirable to be ableto distinguish between /strong’ arguments and ‘weak’ arguments. ‘Strong’ arguments must beboth important and directly related to the question. ‘Weak’ arguments may not be directlyrelated to the question and may be of minor importance or may be related to the trivial aspectsof the question.
Each question below is followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide
which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument and which is a ‘weak’ argument.
Give Answers:
1) If only argument I is strong. 2) If only argument II is strong.
3) If either argument I or II is strong. 4) If neither argument I nor II is strong.
5) If both arguments I and II are strong.

Will introduction of quota for backward classes in the institutes for higher studies be the right
move to do the social justice ?
Arguments :
I. No, with this very few seats will be left for unreserved classes which is unfair to the deserving
candidates and particularly to those who are economically backward.
II. Yes, it is necessary to give them opportunities to rise upto the level of general category

Should there be a complete ban on bursting crackers including fireworks barring a few occasions
in our country ? Arguments:
I. No, people should be allowed to enjoy on all occasions according to their interests and
II. Yes, bursting crackers causes a lot of sound and air pollution which are hazardous to health.

Should the use of calculators be permitted in all university examinations ?
Arguments :
I. Yes, there is no need to do manual calculations in the era of computers, only the knowledge
of method should be given importance.
II. No, students should do the manual calculations so as to understand the concepts.

Should the city development authorities encourage construction of shopping malls which may
result into closure of smaller shops ?
Arguments :
I. Yes, in shopping malls one can get everything under one roof at a cheaper rate.
II. No, it will not be convenient for many people to go to a shopping mall for purchases of dayto-
day requirements.

Here I am Attaching pdf file Which having Complete Previous year IBPS Bank IT Officer Question Papers you Can Download Free of coast :

IBPS Bank IT Officer Question Paper
23rd December 2015 10:51 AM
Re: IBPS IT officer Question papers with answers

Hello Buddy, Here Will you please provide me previous year IBPS Bank IT Officer Question Papers with Answers?
3rd August 2014 08:27 AM
Arun Vats
Re: IBPS IT officer Question papers with answers

This is the IBPS IT officer Question papers with answers:

1. Early morning after sunrise rajesh was standing in front of his house in such a way that his shadow was falling exactly behind him.He starts walking straight and walks 5 meters He turns to his left and walks 3 meters and again turning to his left walks 2 meters Now in which direction is he from his starting point ?

(a) south (b)west (c)south-east (d)south-west (e)north-east

2. In a certain code ‘TORCH’ is coded as ‘IDSNS’ and ‘PISTA’ is coded as ‘BUTHO’. How will ‘BLINK’ be coded in the same code ?


Directions (3-9):Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H are sitting around a circle facing the center. C is fourth to the left of F who is fifth to right of E. D is third to the right of A who is not immediate neighbour of E or F. B is third to the left of H who is not immediate neighbour of E.

3. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their positions in the above sitting arrangement and so form a group.Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?

(a) HFE (b) DCG (c) BHF (d) AEF (e) CGB

4. who is between D and F ?

(a) C (b) B (c) A (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

5. Which of the following pairs are sitting between A and D ?

(a) FB (b) GB (c) FG (d) FE (e) GE

6. Who is third to the right of E ?

(a) B (b) F (c) D (d) G (e) None of these

7.Who is the immediate right of A ?

(a) G (b) B (c) F (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

8. What is D’s position with respect to B ?

(A) Immediate right (B) Fourth to the right (C) Third to the left (D) Immediate left

(a) Only A (b) Only B (c) Only B and C (d) Only D (e) Only either A or D

9.In which of the following pairs is the first person sitting to the immediate left of the second person?

(a) CH (b) GA (c) BD (d) FG (e) None of these

Directions(12-13): In each of the questions below are given three statements followed by two conclusions numbered | and ||.You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclutions logically follows from the statements disregarding commonly known facts.

Give answer (a) if only conclusion | follows.

Give answer (b) if only conclusion || follows.

Give answer (c) if either conclusion | or conclusion || follows.

Give answer (d) if neither conclusion | or conclusion || follows.

Give answer (e) if both conclusions | and || follow.

12. Statement:

Some drawings are paintings.

All drawings are sketches.

Some sketches are interesting.


|. All paintings are sketches.

||. Some interesting are drawings.

13. Statement:

All pebbles are stone.

No stone is a diamond.

Some precious are diamonds.


|. Some pebbles are diamonds.

||. Some stones are precious.

14. What should come next in the following letter series ?


(a) Z (b) Y (c) U (d) V (e) T

15. M is the brother of K. P is the sister of K. R is the father of P. How is K related to R ?

(a) Son (b) daughter (c) Son or Daughter (d) Data inadequate (e) None of these

Answer key

1.(e) 2.(a) 3.(d) 4.(b) 5.(c) 6.(e) 7.(d) 8.(d) 9.(a) 10.(2) 11.(5) 12.(d) 13.(d) 14.(a) 15.(c)
2nd August 2014 03:37 PM
IBPS IT officer Question papers with answers

I need the IBPS IT officer Question papers with answers,, can you provide me the same???

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