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18th March 2013, 10:47 AM
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Re: National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology ( NIFFT ), Ranchi, Ranchi

You are looking for M.Tech syllabus of National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology ( NIFFT ), Ranchi so here I am giving you the same:


1. Advanced Physical Metallurgy (3-0-3/2)
Atomic Structure and Bonding of Atoms. Crystallography and X-ray diffraction, Advanced Treatment of the Thermodynamic properties of Metallurgical Systems, Binary and Ternary Phase Equilibria, Techniques of Optical and Electron metallography, Diffusion, Nucleation and Groth, Zone Refining, Order-Disorder Transformation, Spinodal Decomposition. Deformation Phenomenon, Stress and strain tensors, Yield Behaviour in Metals and Alloys, Observations of Dislocations, Theories of work hardening in metals. Temperature and strain rate, dependence of flow stress, Fatigue, Creep and Fracture toughness Testing

2. Metal Casting Technology (3-0-3/2)
Introduction on casting technology, Pattern Marking, Pattern materials, types of pattern, pattern allowances, pattern making tools, defects.

Moulding & Core Making
Sands & binders bonding mechanism, Sand mix preparation Tests and its effect on various properties.

Melting & Casting
Furnaces and its brief description types of metal used for casting. Gating & Feeding, Solidification. Weighing of moulds.

Tests to be conducted on casting such as mechanical tests, microstructure etc.

3. Metal Working Technology (3-0-3/2)
Basic plasticity-the flow curve, true stress & true strain, yield criteria for ductile metals, Slipline field theory; Estimation of working loads from local stress evaluation; Classification of various metal working processes, Temperature in metal working, Cold & hot working of metals, General concept of rolling, fundamentals of roll pass design. Forging processes and process characteristics, Extrusion, Technology of sheet metal deformation processes.

4. Machine Computation (1-0-3)
Computer fundamentals, Review of programming in FORTRAN 77. Programming in C., PASCAL and C++. Introduction to Computer graphics.

5. Industrial Engineering & O.R. (3-0-0)
Introduction to planning, Scheduling and control of projects. Network models and their applications. CPM and PERT. Times cost trade off and generation of the project cost curye in determining the networks. Fulkerson's flow algorithm and other heuristic rules. Non-linear programming, Integer and Dynamic programming. Waiting line theory.

Elective Course-I
1. Heat Treatment Technology (3-1-0)
Decomposition of Austenite, Diffusion controlled and Diffusionless Transformations : Nucleation and growth of phases, cellular phase separation, Pearlitic and Bainitic Transformations; Mechanism of Martensitic Transformation; Geometric and stereographic Analysis of Martensitic Transformations in ferrous and Non-ferrous Alloys, Heat Treatment processes, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Normalizing surface hardening, Carburizing, Nitriding, Electron Beam

Hardening and laser Hadening, Heat treatment of Alloy steels; Heat Treatment cast iron, Heat Treatment of weldments of plain carbon and alloy steels; Precipitation Hardening, Enhanced diffusion from quenched-in vacancies, Energetics of G.P.Zone formation in Al-Base Alloys, precipitation in Ni-Base and Ti-alloys, Heat Treatment defects in castings forgings and Weldments and their remedial measures.

2. Energy Conservation & Pollution (3-1-0)
Ecology, Relationship between ecology and energy developments. Air Pollution Sources and Nature of Air pollutants, Air Pollution Control measures, Air Pollution control Equipments, Centrifugal collectors, Filtration, Fabric and other Air Filters, Electrostatic Precipators, Wet scrubbers, Characterization of particles, Air Pollution Monitoring.

Water Pollution, monitoring of water Pollutants, Waste Water Treatment, Environmental waste Management. Noise Pollution-Generation, Assessment and control Foundry, Forge and other Industries, Preventive and control Measures.

Energy Conservation; Conventional and Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Conservation of Energy, Utilization of waste heat etc. in Foundry, Forge & allied Industries. Energy Conservation & Management in Refractory Units.

3. Finite Element Method (3-1-0)
Introduction, Finite element modelling

Heat Transfer
Coordinates and shape functions-linear, quadratre, triangular, axisymmetric. Eulerlangrange equation, Galerkins approach, assembly of the global stiffness matrix, boundary conditions such as convection, radiation etc. Unsteady state heat transfer problems using finite difference time stepping techniques like Euler, Crank-Nicolsons' and Implicit methods. Torsion of shafts.

Solid Mechanics
The potential energy approach, Galerkin approach. The finite element equations for one dimensional problems and treatment of boundry conditions. Temperature effects. Plane Trusses, 2 - dimensional problems uses of constant strain triangles, beams. 3D problems.

4. Adv. Engg. Mathematics (3-1-0)
Vector calculus, Gauss', Strokes' and Greens' Theorems, Theorems, Tensor Analysis, Contraction. Fluid Dynamics, Discontinuous Flow, Vertices and Viscosity and Boundary Layer Theory. Matrices and determinants, Cayley - Hamilton's Theorem, Inversion and Large Matrices. Ordinary Different Equations, Exact Differential Equations, Total Differential Equations. Partial Differential Eqns, Mongee's Method, Separation of Variables.

Special Functions, Bessel, Legendre, Hypergeometric Hermite, Lanurve and Gren's Functions. Fourier Series; Fourier Transforms, Laplace Transforms Hankel Transforms, Applications in solution to Laplace, Wave and Heat conduction Equns. Complex variables, Conformal mapping, Contour Integrals Numerical Methosd; Interpolation, Difference Eqns, Solution of ordinary Different Equations and Algebraic and Transudental equations. Finite Element Technique, Weighted residual and variational Methods.

National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology
Hatia, Ranchi - 834003
Jharkhand INDIA.
Phone - +91-651-2290859
Fax - +91-651-2290860


[MAP]http://maps.google.co.in/maps?q=National+Institute+of+Foundry+%26+Forge+Tec hnology&hl=en&ll=23.294116,85.312142&spn=0.005361, 0.010128&gl=in&hq=National+Institute+of+Foundry+%2 6+Forge+Technology&radius=15000&t=m&z=16&iwloc=B

Complete syllabus is given in attached word file. You can free download it.
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