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4th January 2016, 07:04 PM
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Re: MP PET Question Papers Solved

Hello, here I am providing you the questions of the MPPET Exam of previous years’ as under:

Which types of losses do not occur in the transformer ?
(a) Iron losses (b) Copper losses
(c) Mechanical losses (d) Flux leakage
Sol. (c)

Which of the following statement is correct ?
(a)Electric field is zero on the surface of current carrying wire
(b)Electric field is non-zero on the axis of hollow current carrying wire.
(c)Surface integral of magnetic field for any closed surface is equal to 0μtimes of total algebraic sum of current which are crossing through the closed surface.
Sol. (d)

In Huygens's wave theory, the locus of all points in the same state of vibration is called
(a) A half period zone (b) Oscillator
(c) A wave-front (d) A ray
Sol. (c)

the focal length of a simple convex lens used as a
magnifier is 10 cm. for the image to be formed at a distance of distinct
vision (D=25 cm), the object must be placed away from the lends at a distance of
(a) 0.5 cm (b) 7.14 cm
(c) 7.20 cm (d) 16.16 cm

Select the wrong statement :
(a) Radioactivity is a statistical process
(b) Radioactivity is a spontaneous process
(c) Radioactivity is neutral characteristics of few elements
(d) Radioactive elements cannot be produced in the laboratory
Sol. (d)

Writing on black board with a piece of chalk is possible by the property of
(a) Adhesive force (b) Cohesive force
(c) Surface tension (d) Viscosity

The IUPAC name of ([44CNNiKi])
(a) Tetrapotassium tetracyno nickelate (II)
(b) Potassium tetracyno nickel (II)
(c) Potassium tetracyno nickelate (O)
(d) Potassium tetracyno nickelate (II)

Molarity is expressed as
(a) Litre/mole (b) Moles/litre
(c) Moles/1000 gms (d) Grams/litre
Sol. (b)
MPPET papers with solution

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