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20th April 2017, 02:23 PM
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Re: Model Paper Of CCS University

Ok, I am providing you the model question paper of B.Ed of Chaudhary Charan Singh University

CCS University B.Ed question paper

Time three hours

Maximum marks - 100

Section A
(Descriptive Answer Question)

Note: This section contains four questions. Attempt any two questions. Each carries 18 marks. Answer must be discriptive. 18*2 = 36

1."Idealism is a philoshpy of epistemology rather than metaphysics." Justify the statement and give contribution of idealism to education.

2.Differentiate between realism and pragmatism. Describe their contribution in educational system.

3. What should be the aims of education in a democratic, secular and socialistic country like India?

4. "National integration cannot be built by brick or mortar or with chisel and hammer. It has to grow silently in the minds and hearts of men and the process by which it could be achieved by education." Discuss.

Section B

(Short Answer Questions)

Note: This section contain twelve parts. Attempt any ten parts. Each question carries 3 marks. 3*10=30

5.(i) Aims of education according to naturalism.
(ii) What are the basic elements of Indian Philosophy?
(iii) Explain the term democratization of education.
(iv) Relationship between philosophy and education.
(v) How can be education be helpful in establishing socialistic pattern of society in India?
(vi)Role of teacher to promote secularism.
(vii)Teaching methods according to Pestalozzi.
(viii) HOw can education remove prejudices about caste and religion.
(ix)Education as a means of national welfare.
(x)How human resource development and education are related?
(xi) Why equality of education opportunity i India is essential?
(xii) How SSA (Sarva siksha abhiyan) can be succesful?

Section C

(Very short Answers Questions)

Note: This section contains twenty parts. Attempt any (b)seventeen parts. Each carries 2 marks.
2*17 = 34

6. (i) An aim according to Jainism.
(ii) Indicate two main functions of education.
(iii)Indicate two main aspects of Philosophy.
(iv) What is the meaning of education according to Socrates?
(v) Indicate the main principles of Sikhism?
(vi) Give the full form of NAEP.
(vii) Who gave the concept of negative education?
(viii) Name the book written by Rousseau.
(ix) Explain education denoted by 3H.
(x) Who said school as a laboratory of social experiment.
(xi) Describe Curriculum according to Plato,
(xii) Who gave Anschaung method of teaching?
(xiii) From which country Indian constitution has taken Directive principles?
(xiv) Define deprived section.
(xv) What is RTE?
Yes or NO types Question.
(xvi) Man is born free but everywhere he is in chain. Yes/NO
(xvii) Concept of useful education was given by Tagore. Yes/NO
(xviii) Education is a life long process. Yes/NO
(xix) Guru Tegh Bahadur was the tenth Guru of Sikhism. Yes/NO
(xx) Pragmatism is in favour of Project method. Yes/NO


Chaudhary Charan Singh University
CCS University Main Road, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 200005

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