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Default Re: MH CET Question Papers with Answers

As you want to download question papers with solutions of MH CET Examination, so here I am providing following question paper:

MH CET Question Paper
In vertical circular motion, the ratio of kinetic energy of a particle at highest point to that at
lowest point is
A) 5 B) 2 C) 0.5 D) 0.2

Two wires having same length and material are stretched by same force. Their diameters are
in the ratio 1 : 3. The ratio of strain energy per unit volume for these two wires (smaller to
larger diameter) when stretched is
A) 3 : 1 B) 9 : 1 C) 27 : 1 D) 81 : 1

A ring and a disc roll on the horizontal surface without slipping with same linear velocity. If both
have same mass and total kinetic energy of the ring is 4 J then total kinetic energy of the disc is
A) 3 J B) 4 J C) 5 J D) 6 J

Wire having tension 225 N produces six beats per second when it is tuned with a fork. When
tension changes to 256 N, it is tuned with the same fork, the number of beats remain
unchanged. The frequency of the fork will be
A) 186 Hz B) 225 Hz C) 256 Hz D) 280 Hz

When open pipe is closed from one end then third overtone of closed pipe is higher in
frequency by 150 Hz than second overtone of open pipe. The fundamental frequency of
open end pipe will be
A) 75 Hz B) 150 Hz C) 225 Hz D) 300 Hz

Which of the following quantity does NOT change due to damping of oscillations ?
A) Angular frequency B) Time period
C) Initial phase D) Amplitude

A liquid drop having surface energy ‘E’ is spread into 512 droplets of same size. The final
surface energy of the droplets is
A) 2E B) 4E C) 8E D) 12E

In potentiometer experiment, null point is obtained at a particular point for a cell on
potentiometer wire x cm long. If the length of the potentiometer wire is increased without
changing the cell, the balancing length will (Driving source is not changed)
A) increase B) decrease C) not change D) becomes zero

Light of wavelength ‘λ’ which is less than threshold wavelength is incident on a photosensitive
material. If incident wavelength is decreased so that emitted photoelectrons are moving with
same velocity then stopping potential will
A) increase B) decrease C) be zero D) become exactly half

In Bohr’s theory of Hydrogen atom, the electron jumps from higher orbit ‘n’ to lower orbit
‘p’. The wavelength will be minimum for the transition
A) n = 5 to p = 4 B) n = 4 to p = 3 C) n = 3 to p = 2 D) n = 2 to p = 1

The LC parallel resonant circuit
A) has a very high impedance B) has a very high current
C) acts as resistance of very low value D) has zero impedance

A galvanometer of resistance 30Ω is connected to a battery of emf 2V with 1970Ω resistance
in series. A full scale deflection of 20 divisions is obtained in the galvanometer. To reduce
the deflection to 10 divisions, the resistance in series required is
A) 4030 Ω B) 4000 Ω C) 3970 Ω D) 2000 Ω

Resolving power of telescope increases when
A) wavelength of light decreases B) wavelength of light increases
C) focal length of eye-piece increases D) focal length of eye-piece decreases

From Brewster’s law, except for polished metallic surfaces, the polarising angle
A) depends on wavelength and is different for different colours
B) independent of wavelength and is different for different colours
C) independent of wavelength and is same for different colours
D) depends on wavelength and is same for different colours

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