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Default Re: MBA Under Dibrugarh University

As you want I am here telling you process for admission in MBA course at Dibrugarh University.

Admission procedure:

Written Test:

Candidates have to take the MAT / CAT / CMAT or foreign candidates are exempted from appearing in the Written Test.

Group Discussion and Personal Interview:
Candidates who have obtained a minimum/valid MAT / CAT / CMAT score called for a GD and PI.


Candidate must have bachelors degree in any discipline (except Music and Fine Arts) from a recognized Indian University with at least 50% aggregate marks .
(45% for SC/ST candidates)

Programme Fee :

Rs. 25,000/- per semester (revised).

Total number of seats :

Dibrugarh University
Dibrugarh, Assam 786004

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Default Re: MBA Under Dibrugarh University

Schedule for the Dibrugarh University MBA Admission 2020 is given below.

Events MBA Full Time
Start of Online Registration last week of Feb 2020
Last date for online submission of application form 2nd week of Mar 2020
GD/PI last week of Apr 2020
Result last week of Apr 2020

Schedule for 3rd Admission Dibrugarh University MBA Admission 2020

Events MBA Full Time
Start of Online Registration last week of Jun 2020
Last date for online submission of application form last week of Jun 2020
GD/PI 1st week of Jul 2020

Full-Time MBA Programme

Graduation (All streams except Music & Fine Arts) with 50% marks (45% for SC/ST). Candidates with a valid score in MAT/CAT/CMAT may apply. Final Year Graduate Students can also apply.

Application Fee:

Registration fee of Rs.500/- (Full Time)
Note: Candidates may pay the application form fee in online mode.

MBA Question paper:

DIRECTION (Questions 1 to 5): Identify the Parts of Speech
1. First, Second, Third, Fourth, etc.
(a) Cardinals (b) Ordinals
(c) Verbs (d) Adverbs
2. Poultry, Cattle, Vermin, People, Gentry, etc.
(a) Compound Noun (b) Proper Noun
(c) Collective Noun (d) Singular Noun
3. I had spoken, you had done, they had gone, etc.
(a) Past Continuous Tense
(b) Simple Past Tense
(c) Past Perfect Tense
(d) Past Perfect Continuous Tense
4. By way of, by virtue of, by dint of, etc.
(a) Phrase Prepositions (b) Compound Prepositions
(c) Simple Prepositions (d) Participial Prepositions
5. Either – or, neither – nor, though – yet, not only – but also, etc.
(a) Exclamations (b) Conjunctions
(c) Adverb Phrases (d) Demonstrative Pronouns
DIRECTION: (Questions 6 to 10): Choose the correct expressions for the
given idioms
6. To blaze a trail
(a) To set fire
(b) To blow the trumpet
(c) To be annoyingly noisy
(d) To initiate work in a movement
7. To fish in the troubled waters
(a) To discover a rare thing
(b) To catch fish in stormy water
(c) To be involved in intrigues
(d) To take advantage of other’s difficulties
8. To be in the same boat
(a) To be in the same difficult situation
(b) To be in the same environment
(b) To be in the same group
(d) All of the above

9. To flog a dead horse
(a) To waste one’s energy (b) To waste one’s money
(c) To kill someone (d) To encourage
10. Hobson’s choice
(a) Choice to live or die
(b) Favourite choice
(c) Multiple choice
(d) No choice at all as there is only one option
DIRECTION: (Questions 11 to 15): Find out the word opposite in gender
11. Manager
(a) Manager (b) Lady Manager
(c) Manageress (d) She-Manager
12. Friar
(a) Monk (b) Nun
(c) Prophet (d) Friaress
13. Abbot
(a) Abbotess (b) Abbottee
(c) Abbess (d) Abbessy
14. Earl
(a) Roe (b) Ewe
(c) Countess (d) Enchantress
15. Giant
(a) Giantess (b) She-Giant
(c) Lady-Giant (d) Doe-Giant
DIRECTION: (Questions 16 to 20): Identify the language of origin
16. Parenthesis, Parentheses
(a) Greek (b) Italian
(c) Hebrew (d) Latin
17. Memorandum, Memoranda
(a) French (b) German
(c) Latin (d) Greek

18. Bandit, Banditti
(a) French (b) Italian
(c) Arabic (d) Sanskrit
19. Technology, Technologies
(a) Greek (b) Latin
(c) French (d) German
20. Seraph, Seraphim
(a) Albanian (b) Chinese
(c) Hebrew (d) Greek
DIRECTION: (Questions 21 to 25): Select the correct form of plural
21. Commander-in-chief
(a) Commander-in-chiefs (b) Commanders-in-chief
(c) Commanders-in-chiefs (d) Commander-in-chief
22. Looker-on
(a) Looker-ons (b) Looker’s-on
(c) Lookers-on (d) Lookers-ons
23. Man-of-war
(a) Mans-of-war (b) Men-of-war
(c) Man-of-wars (d) Men-of-wars
24. Passer-by
(a) Passers-by (b) Passers-bys
(c) Passer-bys (d) Passer-bies
25. Maid-servant
(a) Maids-servant (b) Maid-servant
(c) Maid-servants (d) Maiden-servant
26. An equilateral triangle is cut from its three vertices to form a regular
hexagon. What is the percentage of area?
(a) 25.00 (b) 33.33
(c) 50.00 (d) 66.66

27. A sells two types of sugar with labels ‘S’ and ‘Q’ so that both the sugars
form a homogeneous mixture when mixed. He sells ‘S’ at Rs. 18 per Kg.
and incurs a loss of 10% where as on selling ‘ Q’ for Rs. 30 per Kg. , he
gains 20%. How should he mix the dearer sugar so as to achieve 25%
profit by selling the mixture at Rs. 27.5 per Kg.?
(a) 1 : 2 (b) 2 : 1
(c) 2 : 3 (d) 3 : 2
28. If f(x) = x3 - x2 , then f(x+1) is
(a) x(x+1)2 (b) x2(x+1)2
(c) x3+ x2 (d) (x – 1)3
29. P is an integer. If (P - 7) is a multiple of 11, then the largest number
that will always divide (P + 4)(P + 15) is
(a) 11 (b) 121
(c) 242 (d) None of these
30. If 9 programmers working 8 hrs a day can finish the coding of a project
in 40 days, then how many days will be taken by 12 software engineers
working 6 hrs a day to finish the coding of the project? It is known that
2 software engineers code as much as 3 programmers in the same time.
(a) 25 days (b) 31 days
(c) 36 days (d) 27 days
31. Find the largest five - digit number which when divided by 3,4,5,6 and 7
leaves the reminder 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively
(a) 99960 (b) 99979
(c) 99539 (d) 99959
32. Two identical circles are inscribed in a rectangle (as shown below) such
that the circumference of the circle is numerically 4 times its area. What
is the area of the shaded region?

(a) (2 – π) / 4 (b) (1 – π)/4
(c) (2 – π) / 2 (d) (4 – π) / 2

33. Two palm trees on either bank of a river are 30 feet and 40 feet tall
respectively. Each tree has a bird sitting on the top. A fish rises to the
surface of the river at point A and both birds dive simultaneously at it,
at the same speed, and reach the fish at the same instant. What is the
ratio of the distance from point A to the shorter tree to that from point A
to the taller tree?
(a) 4 : 3 (b) 2 : 1
(c) 3: 4 (d) 1 : 2
34. A, B and C invest in a partnership in the ratio 6 : 11 : 26, find the ratio
of their investment periods.
(a) 4 : 1 : 2 (b) 4 : 2 : 3
(c) 5 : 1 : 3 (d) 5 : 1 : 2
35. At what price should I buy a share whose value is Rs. 100 paying a
dividend of 8%, so that my yield is 11%?
(a) Rs. 70 (b) Rs. 72
(c) Rs. 75 (d) Rs. 84
36. Let n be the number of different 4 digit numbers divisible by 3, formed
with the digit 1, 2, 3,4, 5 and 6 (repetition is allowed). What is the value
of n?
(a) 194 (b) 234
(c) 432 (d) 528
37. Five balls of different colours are to be placed in 3 boxes of different
sizes. In how many different ways can we place the balls so that no box
remains empty?
(a) 60 (b) 90
(c) 120 (d) 150
38. If p times the pth term in an arithmetic progression is equal to q times
the qth term, what is the (p + q)th term, where ‘p’ is not equal to ‘q’?
(a) pq /(p + q ) (b) 0
(c) 1 (d) (p + q)/ pq
39. A triangle is divided into four parts by straight lines from two of the
corners. The areas of the three triangular parts are 8, 5 and 10 sq.
units. What is the area of the remaining part?

(a) 48 sq. units (b) 22 sq. units
(c) 50 sq units (d) 46 sq. units

40. A man willed his wife one-third of his estate and the remaining two-
third to his son, should one be born, but in case of a daughter being

born, two-third was to go the wife and one-third to his daughter. After
the man’s death, twins were born – a boy and a girl. The estate was
divided as per the man’s will by maintaining the proportion. What
fraction of the total value did the daughter get?
(a) 1 / 5 (b) 1 / 7
(c) 2/ 5 (d) 4 / 7
41. In a rectangle with vertices A, B, C and D; BD is perpendicular to AD
and AC is perpendicular to BC. If AD = BC = 15 and AB = 25, then the
area of the rectangle is
(a) 225 (b) 400
(c) 625 (d) None of these
42. The difference between the squares of the sum and the difference, of
two distinct natural numbers is 144. Which of the following cannot be
the sum of the digit of these two numbers?
(a) 12 (b) 13
(c) 20 (d) None of these
43. The numbers from 1 to 29 are written side by side as follows -
1234567891011........2829. If the number is divided by 9, what is the
(a) 3 (b) 1
(c) 0 (d) None of these
44. Raju buys a car with a listed price of Rs. 4 Lakhs, but due to Raju’s
good relationship with the auto dealer he got two successive discounts
of 10 % and 20 %. He spends 10% of the cost of the car on the
accessories for the car. At what price should he sell the car to earn a
profit of 20%?
(a) Rs. 210416 (b) Rs. 380160
(c) Rs. 410218 (d) Rs. 274140
45. For which of the following values y4 – 10y3 + 5y2 + 100y + 100 = 0?
(a) (√65 + 5) / 2 (b) (√65 - 5) / 2
(c) (√13 + 5) / 2 (d) (√13 - 5) / 2
46. The cost price of commodity A is Rs. 40 and the selling price of
commodity B is Rs. 60. If the selling price of A and cost price of B are
the same and if the gains percentage of A is 15%, determine the
approximate percentage of gain for B.
(a) -2.5 % (b) 30 %
(c) -15 % (d) 40 %

47. A can do a piece of work in 40 days. He alone works at it for 8 days and
then B comes and he alone completes the remaining work in 24 days.
How long would they have taken to complete it together?
(a) 61⁄2 days (b) 15 days
(c) 11 7
3 days (d) 7
120 days

48. Consider an AP in which the sum of the first X consecutive terms is
equal to the sum of the first Y consecutive terms. Calculate the sum of
the first (X + Y) terms.
(a) 0 (b) 1
(c) (X + Y)/2 (d) X + Y
49. Three numbers are such that the first number is half of the second
number and the second number is one-third of the third number. Find
the numbers if their LCM is 90.
(a) 15, 30, 90 (b) 3, 6, 18
(c) 15, 60, 90 (d) 15, 45, 90
50. Calculate the number of five digit numbers that can be formed such
that at an even place there is an even number or a zero and at an odd
place, there is an odd number. A digit may be used twice only.
(a) 1000 (b) 2000
(c) 3000 (d) None of these

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