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28th April 2016, 12:28 PM
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Re: Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya BBA Syllabus

Hey buddy the Khalifa University is a science-focused university located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates with a satellite campus in Sharjah.

In 2014 it was ranked as the 441st best university in the world by QS rankings.

Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya BBA Syllabus

Course Title of Course


Common course – English – 1. Communication Skills in English
Complementary-1 : Fundamental Business Mathematics
Complementary-2 : Fundamentals of Business Statistics
Core -1 : Historical Perspective of Management
Core-2 : Global Business Environment
Core -3 : Business Accounting


Common Course – English-2 : Critical Thinking, Academic Writing & Presentation
Complementary-3 : Mathematics for Management
Complementary-4 : Statistics for Research
Core 4 : Business Ethics in the Indian social
Core-5 : Indian Constitution, Secular State
& sustainable Environment
Core -6 : Principles of Management


Complementary-5 : Business Law
Complementary-6 : Research Methodology
Core-7 : Business Communication
Core -8 : Entrepreneurship
Core -9 : Corporate Accounting


Complementary-7 : Corporate and Industrial Law
Complementary-8 : Managerial Economics
Core -10 : Informatics for Management
Core -11 : Cost Accounting
Core-12 : Marketing Management


Core -13 : Management Accounting
Core-14: Financial Management
Core -15 : Organisational Behaviour
Core -16 : Human Resource Management
Core-17 : Open Course


Core -18 : Production Management
Core-19 : Industrial Relations
Core -20 : Choice Based Courses : 1. Advertising and Salesmanship 2. Health Care Management
Core -21 : Banking and Insurance Management
Core-28: Project (Core)

Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya BBA Syllabus
Course outline
Modern theory in mathematics �Definition, elements and types of sets, operations on sets and
Cartesian product of two sets.
Number system-Natural numbers, prime numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers,
Ratio, proportion and variation
Sequences - Arithmetic progression �nth term and sum to n terms of A.P
- Geometric progression �nth term, sum to n terms and sum to infinity of G.P
- Harmonic progression-nth term of H.P.
Module-111 Algebra-2 ( 18 teaching hours)
Permutations and combinations
Compound interest, depreciation and annuities
Module-1V Matrices (12 teaching hours)
Matrices, matrix operations, Deteminant of a square matrix (expansions only) and Rank of a
Module-V (System of linear equations) (12 teaching hours)
Inverse of square matrix (problems only)
Solution of system of linear equations using matrices.
Note on course work.
This subject being pure science subject, this is taught directly in classrooms
as lecture. Students are requested to give suggestion and ask doubt for critical evaluation. Proof
of theorems and derivations are excluded, as it is beyond the scope of a B.B.A student. Basic
mathematics is required for all subjects under commerce.
Ref.Texts : 1) Business Mathematics - S.Saha
2) Business mathematics -D.C. Sanchet & V.K Kapoor (Sultan Chand & Sons)
Aim of the course
To provide a reasonable grasp of basic statistical methods needed for a statistical investigation
and forecasting.
Objective of the course
On completion of the course, student should be able!
To present a broad overview of statistics as a subject.
To organise a statistical survey.
To understand the importance of summary measures to describe the characteristics of data set.
To Analuse the relationship between two variables.
To use the various forecasting techniques.
Course Outline
Origin, Meaning, Scope and limitations of statistics. Relationship with business and industry.
Module II : Collection of data
Collection, classification and tabulation of statistical data. Pie diagrams. Graphic
Module III: Measures of central tendency
Mean, Median and Mode � Meaning& Computation, standard deviation. Coefficient of
Module IV : Simple correlation and Regression.
Meaning, Karl Pearsion�s Correlation, Rank correlation, Computations. Uses,Regression
equations - Forecasting.
Module V : Time series analysis:
Components of time series - Definition, Computation of Trend. Computation of seasinal
variation (Simple average method only)
Note on course work:-
This course should not be taught is the conventional lecture method alone. It should be
supported by a statistical study based on real life situations.
1. Statistical methods: - S.P. Gupta- Sulthan Chand and sons. Revised Edition 1995
2. Fundamental of statistics �D.N Elhance, KITAB MAHAL Publishers
3. Basic Statistics : B.L. Agarwal.
4. An introduction to statistical methods : - C.B. Gupta.
Core -1: Historical Perspective Of Management
Aim of the course:
To introduce the fresh management students to the basics of management
Objectives of the course:
To introduce the students to the various facets of management study.
To give exposure to historical development of management thought
To make the students aware of the modern management approaches.
To link the students with few leading modern management thinkers.
To give outline about modern management techniques.
Course outline
Management�Definition-Nature and scope of Management-Management and administarion-
Management process- Roles of Manager- Managerial skills- Management as a Science-
Management as an Art-Management as a profession-Levels of management
Development of Management Thought- Classical theories of management �Bureaucracy-
Scientific Management (F.W.Taylor)- Administrative Management � 14 principles of Henry
Elton Mayo�s Human Relations Movement-Hawthorne Experiment-Modern Management
Theories-Behavioral Approach-Quantitative Approach-Systems Approach.
Major contributions of leading Management Thinkers-Mary Parker Follet- Rensin Likert-Elton
Mayo-Peter.F. Drucker.
Modern Management techniques-MBO,Quality Circles, MIS,SWOT,MBE.
Sl.No Title Author Publisher & Year
1. Principles of Management P.C. TRIPATHI & Tata Mcgraw Hill
P.N. REDDY Publishing Co,1999
2. Essentials of Management Harold Koontz & Tata Mcgraw Hill
Heinz Weilirich Publishing


Khalifa University
Al Zafranah - Abu Dhabi –
United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 2 401 8000

more Mahatma Gandhi University Meghalaya BBA Syllabus detail attached in a pdf file;
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