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19th August 2014, 12:23 PM
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Re: Madras University Ph.D Zoology Entrance exam Model question papers

Here I am giving you model question paper for Madras University Ph.D Zoology Entrance examination below :

1. For embryonic connective tissue is derived from
a) Mesoglia b) Mesenchyme c) Mesoderm d) Mesothelium

2. Long Spindle shaped uninucleated muscle fibres are called
a) Cardiac fibres b) Striated fibres c) Non–striated fibres d) None of the above

3. The cells of gastric glands that secrete pepsin are know as
a) Parital cells b) Chief cells c) Argentaffin cells d) Paneth cells
4. Glucagon is secreted by __________ of pancreas
a) Alpha cells b) Beta cells c) Delta cells d) Ductular cells
5. Glenoid cavity is formed by
a) Supra scapula and scapula b) Scapula and coracoid
c) Coracoid and clavicle d) Coracoid and Paraglenoid
6. Adult mammalian kidneys are
a) Protonephros b) Mesonephros c) Metanephros d) Opisthonephros
7. The most abundant lipid found in nervous tissue is
a) Phospholipid b) Glycolypid c) Lipoprotein d) Neutral fats
8. Aldosterone is secreted by
a) Adenohypophyis b) Neurohypophysis c) Thyroid d) Adrenal
9. Fats and their derivates are collectively known as
a) Fatty acids b) Lipids c) Steroids d) Sterols
10. Dengue is transmitted by
a) Phlebotomus b) Aedes aegypti c) Masca domestica d) Triatoma megista

Section II: Marking Scheme: 5 marks for each question.
Write notes on the following.
1. Factors affecting enzyme kinetics
2. Synaptic Transmissions
3. Blood volume regulation
4. Molecular divergence
5. Bio resources
6. Data mining methods for sequence analysis
7. Gene duplication
8. Molecular process of gastrulation
9. Host parasite interaction

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