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12th August 2014, 08:47 AM
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Re: M.Tech entrance exam syllabus or pattern of Vellore Institute of Technology

As you want to get the M.Tech entrance exam syllabus or pattern of Vellore Institute of Technology of Chemical Engineering so here it is for you:

Laws of thermodynamics ‐ reversible nad irreversible process ‐ concept of ideal gas and real gas ‐ equations of states ‐ Maxwell relations ‐ adiabatic and isothermal compression ‐ phase equilibrium ‐ Gibbs phase rule ‐ system of variable composition ‐ vant Hoffs equation ‐ applications of Gibbs ‐ Duhem equation.

Law of conservation of mass and energy ‐ material balance energy balance and their applications ‐ unit operat ion and unit proc es s ‐ psyc hrometr y ‐ combustion calculations.

Classification of fluids ‐ fluid statics ‐ basic equations of fluid flow ‐ Bernoulli’s equation ‐ laminar flow – friction in flow through beds of solids ‐ packed beds ‐ fluid moving machinery ‐ classification of pumps and its characteristics.
Introduction to particulate solids ‐ particle separation ‐ size reduction ‐ motion of a particle through fluid ‐ classification of particulate solids ‐ centrifugal classifier ‐ sedimentation techniques ‐ flotation ‐ filtration equipments ‐ agitation and mixing of liquids.

Fourier’s law of heat conduction ‐ concept of thermal conductivity ‐ heat transfer through fins ‐ convective heat transfer ‐ transfer of heat in flowing fluids ‐ laminar and turbulent flow ‐ heat transfer with and without phase change ‐ types of evaporators ‐ multiple effect evaporators.

Differential and integral method of analysis of rate data ‐ ideal reactor design ‐ Residence time distribution ‐ C, E and F curves.

Basic principles of unit operation and unit process ‐ schematic re p res e ntat i o n s of unit operatio ns ‐ manufacture of sulfur, hydrochloric acid, cement, glass, products used in photography, ceramics and refractory, industrial gases, pa i nts , pigments , fe rtilizers ‐ fermentation process for the production of ethanol ‐ manufacture of citric acid, antibiotics, penicillin, soaps, detergents – petroleum refining process ‐ process for the production of petrochemica l precursors ‐ production of resins, nature and synthetic rubber.

Diffusion in liquids ‐ development of rate equation for mass transfer ‐ contracting devices for improving mass transfer characteristics ‐ humidification, drying and crystallization ‐ distillation, continuous rectification operation, absorption, liquid‐liquid extraction and leaching ‐ fundamental principles and design of the pressure, reaction vessels and related equipments in the above process.

Over view of indus trial biochemical processes – industrially important microbial strains ‐ enzymes used in industry, medicine and food ‐ industrial production, purification and immobilization of enzymes ‐ reactors types, characteristics and design ‐ growt h characteris tics of micro bial cells ‐ free cell and immobilized cell reactors ‐ downstream processing and effluent treatment.

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