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13th June 2015, 04:25 PM
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Re: LIC AAO Exam Numerical Ability

Hello ! dear;

As you are looking for the Syllabus for Numerical Ability of LIC AAO exam so here it is:-

Number System,
decimal fractions,
Ratio and proportions,
Time and distance,
Interest payments,
Work and time,
Linear Equations ,
Ration and Proportion,Questions requiring multiplication, addition, subtraction and application of BODMAS rule,
Diagrams and Charts and questions for interpreting them, Set Theory, Trigonometry, etc.

There will 30 questions of Numerical Ability each one of 3 marks.

Here I am providing you an word file which contains the practice questions based on Reasoning , Numerical ability etc.

1)If ‘yellow ‘ is called ‘white’ is called ‘pink’ is called ‘orange’ is called ‘black’,is called ‘green’ and ‘green’ is called ‘red’,then what is the colour is coal?
2)In a certain code INSURANCE is written as KLUSSCLEC.How is REASONING written in that code?
e.none of these
Direction(q.3-7):study the fpllowing information carefully and answer the question given below:
There are eight friends A,B,C,D,E,F,G and H. all of them are sitting around a circular table facing towards the centre but not necessary in the same order.A is second to the right of D,who is the third left of B . there is only one person sitting between E and B .G is second to the left of C .there is only one person sitting between F and H and that person is not E.H and B are not immediate neighbours. F is second to the right of A.
3.who is sitting between G and B?
d.data inadequate
e.none of these
4.who is second to the right of E?
d.data inadequate
e.none of these
5.what is the position of C with respect to A?
a.third to the left
b.third to the right
c.fourth to the left
d.second to the left
e.none of these
6.In which of the following pairs is the second person sitting on the immediate left of the first person?
e.none of these
7.which of the following statement is/are true?
a.C is fourth to the left of B
b.G is third to the right of A
c.H and A are opposite each other.
d.none of these
e.all are true
8.In a certain code language ‘pink’ is lovely means ‘ti pa na’,’red is here’ means ‘pa ka ja’ and ‘roses are pink’ means ‘ti du ba’. What does ‘na’ stand for in that code language?
d.either pink or lovely
e.data inadequate
9.How many meaningful English words can be made with the letter IPCE, using each letter only once in each word?
e.none of these
10. Statement: In a one day cricket match,the total runs made by a team were 200.out of these 160 runs made by spinners.
Conclusion: 1)80% of tem consists of spinner.
2)The opening batsman were spinners.
a.only 1 follows
b.only 2 follows
c.either 1 or 2 follows
d.neither 1 nor 2 follows
e.both 1 and 2 follow
2) Numerical ability:-
1.What is the least number that should be added to 6201 to make it a perfect square?
2. A motor car complets a journey in 12 hours,the first half at the speed of 22 km/hr and the second half at the speed of 26 km/hr . find the distance.
a.288 km
b.264 km
c.286 km
d.324 km
e.276 km
3. 24 men complete a work in 16 days.32 women can complete the same work in 24 days.16 men and 16 women worked for 12 days.how many more men are required to complete the remaining work in 2 days?
4.the difference between 48% and 27% of a number is 420 . what is 60% of that number?
5.A started a business with rs 2500.after six months B joined him with a capital of rs 40000.at the end of the year,the total profit was rs 36000.what will be the difference between the share of A and B?
e.none of these
6.the cost of 4 TVs and mobiles is rs 54800.what is the cost of 10 TVs and 15 mobiles?
e.none of these
7.The average age of man and his son is 28 years.six year hence the ratio of their age becomes 12:5.what is the present age of his son?
a.28 yr
b.7 yr
c.14 yr
d.21 yr
e.16 yr
8.Three year ago, the average age of a family of 5 members was 17 years.A baby having born, the average age of the family is the same today.what is the age of the baby?
a.1 yr
b.2 yr
c.6 months
d.9 months
9.Two number A and B are such that their GM is 20% lower than their AM.find the ratio between the numbers.
10 The length ,breadth and height of a room in the shape of a cuboid are increased by 10%,20% and 50% respectively.find the percentage change in the volume of the cuboid.
3)General awareness:-
1)Hindustan petroleum corporation limited (HPCL) and the government of rajasthan on 14th march 2013 signed a memorandom of understanding at jaipur for setting up a refinery-cum-petrochemical complex at _______ .fill in the blanks with appropriate option.
c.Tamil nadu
d.Uttar Pradesh
2. Which is the hike percentage on defence budget over the last year 2013-13,as allocated in the union budget 2013-14 thus promising more funds required for national security?
a.14 percent
b.12 percent
c.10 percent
d.9 percent
3.What groth percent is estimated by world bank for the Indian economy during 2013-14?
a.6 percent
b.7 percent
c.8 percent
d.4 percent
4.Name the person who was appointed as the next permanent representative of india to the united nations in feb 2013.
a.Dilip sinha
b.Nirupam sen
c.Asoke kumar mukherji
d.Hardeep singh puri
5.Name the court that ordered india to go ahead with the development of kishanganga hydro-electric project in gurez valley near bandipura in north Kashmir?
a.court of Arbitration at the hague
b.permanent court of international justice
c.permanent court of national justice
d.special court for sierra leone
6.Name of person who won the presidential election of Cyprus?
a.Hamedi Jebali
b.Boiko Borisov
c.Nicos Anastasiades
d.Augustin Matata Ponyo
7.Name the table –tennis player,who is creditaed as the architect of the famous ping–pong Diplomacy between china and USA?
a.Zhuang Zedong
b.Glenn Cowan
c.Zheng Minzhi
d.Cai Zhenhua
8.Which feature is added by Google to its Google play india page which allows you to download or rent movies?
a.Google play movies
b.Play my movies
c.Rent a movies
d.Watch my movies
9.Apple in the month of march 2013 bought which indoor GPS mapping firm for 20 million dollars?
10.Samsung,the south Korean giant launched which device in Manhattan’s Radio city music hall at Unpacked events 2013 on 14 march 2013?
a.Samsung tab 3
b.Samsung Galaxy camera
c.Samsung Grand 2
d.Samsung Galaxy s4
4)English language:-
1.The reserve bank of india will resort to buy government bonds from investors till the cash shortage in the banking system worsens.
a.resort for buiying-when cash
b.resort by buying-if cash
c.be resorting to buy –when the cash
d.resort to buying-if the cash
e. no correction required

2. If you did not received higher education,how would you able to explain to me the thing that you have?
a.have-would you be
b.had-would you had been
c.had-you would be
d.have-you would be
e.no correction required
3.A man who is unchaste looses stamina becomes emasculated and coward.
e.no correction required
4.There are not many men who are so famous that they are frequently referred to by their short names mainly.
d.middle name
e.no correction required
5.The man to who I sold my house was a cheat.
a.to whom I sell
b.to who I sell
c.who was sold to
d.to whom I sold
e.no correction required
Although cynics may like to see the governments policy for women in terms of the party’s internal power struggles,it will nevertheless be churlish to deny that it represents a pioneering effort aimed at bringing about sweeping social reforms.in its language,scope and strategies,the policy document displays a degree of understanding of women’s needs that is uncommon in government pronouncements.this is due in large part to the participatory process that marked its formulation,seeking the active involvement right from the start of women’s groups,academic institutions and non government organisations with grass roots experience.the result is not just a lofty declaration of principles but a blueprint for a practical programme of action.the policy delineates a series of concrete measures to accord women a decision-making role in the political domain and greater control over their economic status.of especially far-reaching impact are the devolution of control of economic infrastructure to women ,notably at the gram panchayat level,and the amendments proposed in the Hindu Succession Act of 1956 to give women coparcenary rights.
An enlightened aspect of the policy is its recognition that actual change in the status of women can not be brought about by the mere enactment of socially progressive legislation . accordingly,it focuses on reorienting development programmes and sensitising administrations to address specific situation as,for instance,the growing number of households headed by women,which is a consequence of rural-urban migration the proposal to create an equal-opportunity police force and give women greater control of police situations is an acknowledgement of the biases and callousness displayed by the generally all-male law-enforcement authorities in cases of dowry and domestic violence.while the mere enunciation of such a policy has the salutary effect of sensitising the administration as a whole,it does not make the task of its implementation any easier.this is because the changes it envisages in the political and economic status of women strike at the root of power structures in society and the basis of man women relationships.there is also the danger that reservation for women in public life,while necessary for their greater visibility,could lapse into tokenism or become a tool in the hands of vote seeking politicians. Much will depend on the dissemination of the policy and the ability of elected representatives and government agencies to reorder their priorities.
6.Which of the following can be inferred from the passage?
a.most of the governments policies are formulated through participatory process.
b.there is need for stricter legislation.
c.the policy recommends reservation for women
d.domestic violence is on the rise
e.women already had coparcenary rights
7.which of the following is opposite in meaning to ‘lofty’ as used in the passage?
8.Which of the following is nearly the same in meaning as the word ‘devolution’ as used in the passage?
9.Which of the following has the danger of becoming a token?
a.socially progressive legislation
b.policy for women
c.coparcenary rights to women
d.man-women relationships
e.reservation for women
10.According to the passage which of the following is not true?
a.the policy gives a blue print for programme of action
b.the women should be given greater control of police station
c.there is no law-enforcement bias in cases of dowry.
d.for effective implementation,the government agencies will have to reorder their priorities.
e.the policy is based on the understanding of the needs of women.

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