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Default KL University EEE Syllabus

Will you provide me the syllabus of the KLUEEE exam of the KL University as I am looking for the same ?
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Default Re: KL University EEE Syllabus

As you want I am here providing you syllabus of the KLUEEE exam of the KL University.

Syllabus of the KLUEEE exam:

Physics Syllabus
Unit 1. Units and dimensions
Fundamental units in the CGS & SI systems - Definitions of SI Units - Supplementary and derived units - Dimensions
of Physical quantities - Application of Dimensional Analysis - uses - examples - Limitations of dimensional analysis.
Errors in measurements - variation and average values - Number of observations - Ideas of standard deviation and
mean deviation- Systematic and random errors - Significant figures and rounding off - Evaluation of percentage of
Unit 2. Elements of vectors
Addition and subtraction of Vectors - Laws of addition of vectors - Equal and null vectors - Unit vectors - Unit vectors
in Cartesian co-ordinate system - Position vector and its magnitude - Parallelogram law of vectors - Expression for
the resultant vector.
Triangle law and polygon law of vectors - Application to relative motion of a boat in a river - Multiplication of a vector
with scalar. Scalar product with Examples of work and energy. Vector product with examples of torque and angular
Vector and Scalar products of unit vectors.
Unit 3. Kinematics-Dynamics
Equations of motion in a straight line under uniform acceleration - Equation of motion of freely falling body, vertically
projected body from ground and from a height - Two dimensional motion - Projectiles with examples - Path of a
projectile - maximum height, time of flight and range.
Newton's Laws of motion - Concepts of inertia, momentum force, impulse and types of forces - Collision of two bodies
in one dimension - one body at rest - two bodies moving in the same and opposite directions - Elastic and inelastic
collisions - Coefficient of restitution.
Unit 4. Work, Power, and Energy
Definition and units - Expressions for P.E. & K.E. - Work-energy theorem - Law of conservation of energy.
Unit 5. Centre of Mass
Definition - Co-ordinates of center of mass - Velocity, Acceleration - Characteristics of center of mass - Examples in
the case of two dimensional motions - Laws of motion of center of mass - Explosion.

KLUEE syllabus

Here is the attachment.
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