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23rd August 2015, 01:11 PM
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Re: Kerala University BSC Zoology Syllabus

As you want I am here giving you BSC Zoology course of Kerala University.

Syllabus :

Semester I

Zoology Complementary Course I
Animal Diversity I

Module I 4hrs

Introduction: Classification of organisms- two kingdom system, three kingdom system, four
kingdom system, five kingdom system.
Kingdom Protista- general features and classification: Phylum Rhizopoda eg. Entamoeba,
Phylum Dinoflagellata eg. Noctiluca , Phylum Parabasalia eg. Trichonympha, Phylum
Ciliophora eg.Paramecium.
Phylum Apicomplexa eg. Plasmodium- life history and pathogenicity (self study).

Module II 5hrs

Kingdom Animalia : Salient features, levels of organization- cellular, tissue, organ and organ
system. Branches- Mesozoa, Parazoa and Eumetazoa-radiata and bilateria- Protostomia and
Deuterostomia; acoelomata, pseudo coelomata and eucoelomata- schizocoela and
enterocoela; body segmentation- metamerism and pseudometamerism.
Phylum Porifera: general characters (self study), classification up to classes- Class Calcarea
eg. Sycon, Class Hexactinellida eg. Euplectella, Class. Desmospongiae eg. Spongilla.
Phylum Cnidaria: general Characters (self study), classification up to classes, Class Hydrozoa
eg. Obelia, Physalia , Class Scyphozoa eg. Aurelia (mention larval stage), class Anthozoa eg
Sea anemone

Module III 9hrs

Phylum Platyhelminthes: general characters (self study), classification up to classes- Class
Turbellaria eg. Bipalium, Class Cestoda eg. Taenia Solium, Class Trematoda e.g. Fasciola.
Phylum Nematoda: general characters (self study), classification up to classes- Class
Secernentea (Phasmida) eg. Ascaris, Class Adenophorea (Aphasmida) eg. Trichinella.
Phylum Annelida : general characters (self study), classification up to classes- Class
Polychaeta eg. Neries (mention parapodium, heteroneries), Class Oligochaeta eg. earthworm
(mention vermiculture), Class Hirudinea eg. Hirudinaria.
Phylum Mollusca: General characters (self study), classification up to classes- Class
Aplacohophora eg. Neomenia, Class Monoplacophora e.g. Neopilina, Class Bivalvia eg. pearl
oyster, Class Gastropoda eg.Pila , Class Cephalopoda eg. Sepia , class Scaphopoda eg.
Phylum Onychophora : General characters, eg. Peripatus.

Module IV 15hrs

Phylum Arthropoda: General characters (self study), classification up to classes-
Suphylum Trilobitomorpha- Class Merostomata eg. Limulus, Class Arachnida eg. scorpion,
Class Pycnogonida eg. Nymphon; Subphylum Mandibulata- Class Crustacea eg. prawn
(detailed study), Sacculina, Class chilopoda eg. Scolopendra, Class Symphyla e.g.
Scutigeralla, Class Diplopoda eg.Spirostreptus, Class Pauropoda eg. Pauropus, Class Insecta
eg.Cockroach (self study- external characters mouth parts, digestive system), mosquitoes-
Anopheles, Culex and Aedes - pathogenicity of mosquitoes. Pest of paddy - Leptocorisa and
Spodoptera, Coconut palm Oryctes rhinoceros and Eriophid mite, stored food grains -
Sitophylus oryzae and Triholium.

Module V 3hrs

Phylum Echinodermata: General characters (self study), classificationcn- Class Asteroidea
eg. sea star, Class Ophiuroidea eg. brttle star, Class Echinoidea eg. sea urchin, Class.
Holothuroidea eg. Sea cucumber, Class Crinoidea eg. sea lily (mention larval stages)

Suggested topics for assignments /s eminars

1. Life history and Pathogenicity of Plasmodium
2. Metagenesis with reference to Obelia colony.
3. Parasitic flat worms
4. Human nematode Parasites
5. Vermiculture
6. Economic importance of Molluscs
7. Evolutionary Significance of Peripatus
8. Insect vectors
9. Pest management

University of Kerala
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695034

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