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Default Re: KEAM Engineering Entrance

Kerala Engineering Agricultural Medical is a hub or series of entrance examination in Kerala for various professional degrees. This exam is run by government of Kerala.

Entrance test For Engineering:
For engineering this test is based on Physic, Chemistry or Mathematic of 11th or 12th class at Kerala or other nationalized Board Like CBSE.

This test is divided into two parts:
First is Mathematic and second in physic and chemistry.

For getting admission in that you have to pass your 12th from Kerala or recognized Board with minimum 50 % marks in math separately and minimum 50% in PCM combined.



Sets, Relations and Functions

Sets and their Representations: Finite and Infinite sets; Empty set; Equal sets; Subsets; Power set; Universal set; Venn Diagrams; Complement of a set; Operations on Sets (Union, Intersection and Difference of Set); Applications of sets: Ordered Pairs, Cartesian Product of Two sets; Relations: Domain, Co-domain and Range: Functions: into, on to, one - one in to, one-one on to Functions; Constant Function; Identity Function; composition of Functions; Invertible Functions; Binary Operations.


Physics - Scope and excitement; Physics in relation to science, society and technology - inventions, names of scientists and their fields, nobel prize winners and topics, current developments in physical sciences and related technology. Units for measurement - systems of units, S .I units, conversion from other systems to S.I units. Fundamental and derived units. Measurement of length, mass and time, least count in measuring instruments (eg. vernier calipers, screw gauge etc), Dimensional analysis and applications, order of magnitude, accuracy and errors in measurement, random and instrumental errors, significant figures and rounding off principles



Laws of chemical combination: Law of conservation of mass. Law of definite proportion, Law of multiple proportions. Gay-Lussac's law of combining volumes. Dalton's atomic theory. Mole concept. Atomic, molecular and molar masses. Chemical equations. Balancing and calculation based on chemical equations.

Atomic structure: Fundamental particles. Rutherford model of atom. Nature of electromagnetic radiation. Emission spectrum of hydrogen atom. Bohr model of hydrogen atom. Drawbacks of Bohr model. Dual nature of matter and radiation. de Broglie relation. Uncertainty principle. Wave function (mention only). Atomic orbitals and their shapes (s, p and d orbitals only). Quantum numbers. Electronic configurations of elements. Pauli's exclusion principle. Hund's rule. Aufbau principle.

All the best for your future....

We have more syllabus which is in word format if you need any, then please write your mail id & forward to us...!!!

Here I am giving you word sheet for chemistry syllabus
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