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Unregistered 29th May 2016 09:29 AM

Karur Vysya Bank Recruitment Papers
Hello sir, my brother is preparing for Karur Vysya Bank Recruitment. He wants some previous year question papers for Karur Vysya Bank Recruitment? Can any one here provide me Karur Vysya Bank Recruitment papers?

pawan 29th May 2016 10:02 AM

Re: Karur Vysya Bank Recruitment Papers
Here I’m giving you some questions of Karur Vysya Bank PO Exam Model Paper:

Karur Vysya Bank PO Exam Model Paper

Section: General Knowledge

1.Recently gov. of India has decided to carry on the export ban on ……… to avoid its shortage within the country
a. Wheat
b. Rice
c. Pulse
d. tea
e. coffee
(Ans : a)

2.which is the latest Indian bank to get listed on stock exchange
a. Indian Bank
b. Standard Chartered
c. BOI
d. Bank of Rajasthan
e. None of these
(Ans : b)

3.Evening courts have been started in?
a. UP
b. Uttarkand
c. Maharastra
d. Delhi
e. None of these
(Ans : c)

4. Which state has largest net irrigated area
a. Rajasthan
b. UP
c. Punjab
d. WB
e. None of these
(Ans : b)

5. Which country will host 2012 Olympics
a. England
b. Australia
c. China
d. Netherlands
e. None of these
(Ans : a)

6.World Food Day is observed on ?
a. Oct. 15
b. Oct. 16
c. Oct. 21
d. Oct. 22
e. Oct. 30
(Ans : b)

7. Passport service would be done by ?
a. Tata Group
b. Infosys
c. Wipro
d. Satyam
e. None of these
(Ans : a)

8. Sachin Tendulkar has how many ODIs 100s ?
a. 42
b. 43
c. 44
d. 45
e. 39
(Ans : c)

9. who has been conferred Jnanpith Award 2005?
a. Kunwar Narain
b. K.K. Arora
c. Shashi Tharoor
d. S. Pathak
e. None of these
(Ans : a)

10. How many Indian state have a coastline
a. 7
b. 8
c. 9
d. 6
e. None of these
(Ans : c)ogrammes

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