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20th July 2018, 10:44 AM
Re: Karnataka State Open University B.Com Exam Time Table

Hello sir, Im student of Karnataka State Open University looking for B.Com Exam Time Table. Is there any one can provide me Karnataka State Open University B.Com Exam Time Table?
20th July 2018, 10:45 AM
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Re: Karnataka State Open University B.Com Exam Time Table

The Karnataka State Open University is release the Detailed Examination Time Table for Bachelor of Arts Degree Examination (BADE) / Bachelor of Commerce Degree Examination (BCDE) August / September for the Students enrolled for B.A. / B.Sc. (Fresher & Repeater) & Master of Arts Degree Examination (MADE) / Master of Commerce Degree Examination (MCDE), May / June.

The university conducts semester examination in month of April/May and declares result in month of August/September.

Get download Karnataka State Open University B.Com Exam Time Table when announced:

Courses Offered in the Campus/ University:

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Date: 06-01-2017 TIME TABLE Revised Sim Scheme
DATE & DAY THIRD YEAR B.A. (Time 9 a.m to 12 noon) SIM Old
Code No. SIM New Code No. SECOND YEAR B.A. (Time 2 p.m to 5 p.m.)
SIM Old Code No. SIM New Code No.
FIRST YEAR B.A. (Time 2 p.m to 5 p.m.)
09-02-2017 (Thursday) Kannada (Opt) III A 311/III OKA-351/III Kannada
(Lang) L-111 LKA-101
10-02-2017 (Friday) Kannada (Opt) IV A 411/IV OKA-451/IV Kannada
(Lang) L-211 LKA-201
11-02-2017 (Saturday) Kannada (Opt) V A 511/V OKA-551/V Kannada (Opt) A-111 OKA-102
12-02-2017 (Sunday) English (Opt) III A 312/III OEN-352/III Kannada (Opt) A-211 OKA-202
13-02-2017 (Monday) English (Opt) IV A 412/IV OEN-452/IV English (L) L-112 LEN-103
14-02-2017 (Tuesday) English (Opt) V A 512/V OEN-552/V English (L) L-212 LEN-203
15-02-2017 (Wednesday) History III A 315/III HIS-353/III English(Opt) A-112 OEN-104
16-02-2017 (Thursday) History IV A 415/IV HIS-453/IV English(Opt) A-212 OEN-204
17-02-2017 (Friday) History V A 515/V HIS-553/V History A-115 HIS-112
18-02-2017 (Saturday) Sociology III A 316/III SOC-354/III History A-215 HIS-212
19-02-2017 (Sunday) Sociology IV A 416/IV SOC-454/IV ICHRES IC122 ICH-121
20-02-2017 (Monday) Sociology V A 516/V SOC-554/V FCA B-55 FCA-221
21-02-2017 (Tuesday) Economics III A 319/III ECO-355/III Hindi (L) L-113 LHI-105
22-02-2017 (Wednesday) Economics IV A 419/IV ECO-455/IV Hindi (L) L-213 LHI-205
23-02-2017 (Thursday) Economics V A 519/V ECO-555/V
Urdu (L) Sanskrit (L) Tamil (L) Telugu
(L) L-114 L-115 L-116 L-117
LUR-107 LSA-109 LTA-110 LTE-111
25-02-2017 (Saturday) Pol-Science III
Pub-Admn - III
A 317/III A 318/III POL-357/III PUB.AD358/III

Urdu (L) Sanskrit (L) Tamil (L) Telugu (L)
L-214 L-215 L-216 L-217
LUR-207 LSA-209 LTA-210 LTE-211

26-02-2017 (Sunday) Pol-Science IV
Pub-Admn IV
Sociology A-116 SOC-111

27-02-2017 (Monday) Pol-Science V
Pub-Admn V
Sociology A-216 SOC-216

28-02-2017 (Tuesday) Education III A 320/III EDU-359/III Economics A-119 ECO-113
01-03-2017 (Wednesday) Education IV A 420/IV EDU-459/IV Economics A-219 ECO-213
02-03-2017 (Thursday) Education V A 520/V EDU-559/V Pol-Science&

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