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21st February 2015, 04:26 PM
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Re: Karnataka Board SSLC Science and Maths Paper

Hello dude as you want the Karnataka Board SSLC Science and Maths Paper so here I am providing you the same…..

Physics & Chemistry )
Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete
statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct
alternative and write the complete answer along with its alphabet in the space
provided against each question. 10 × 1 = 10
1. The method of concentration of copper pyrites is
(A) Froth flotation (B) Electrolysis
(C) Washing with water (D) Fractional distillation.
Ans :

2. Petrol engine is more advantageous than steam engine because
(A) efficiency of the petrol engine is less
(B) petrol engine cannot be started instantaneously
(C) petrol engine can be manufactured in various sizes
(D) fuel can be stored at high pressure.
Ans :

3. During the extraction of amorphous silicon the reducing agent used is
(A) Magnesium (B) Quartz
(C) Coke (D) Sand.
Ans :

4. If a diode is connected to an A.C. source then the diode
(A) gets forward biased
(B) gets reverse biased
(C) gets forward and reverse biased periodically
(D) does not get biased.
Ans :

5. A robot of mass M kg lands on the planet X whose acceleration due to gravity is twice
that of the earth. Mass of the robot on the planet X is
(A) 2 M kg (B)
M kg
(C) 2
Mkg (D) M kg.
Ans :

6. Which of the following reactions cannot take place ?
(A) Cu + 4 HNO3 → Cu ( NO 3 ) 2 + 2 NO2 ↑ + 2 H 2O
(B) Fe + CuSO4 → FeSO4 + Cu ↓
(C) Cu + FeSO4 → CuSO4 + Fe ↓
(D) Fe + 2 AgNO 3 → Fe ( NO3 ) 2 + 2 Ag ↓
Ans :

7. A student decides that a nylon rope can be cut by using the candle flame. The reason
for this decision is
(A) nylon is a plastic material
(B) nylon is a polymer
(C) nylon is a thermosetting plastic
(D) nylon is a thermoplastic.
Ans :

8. The corporation of a town may take which step to save energy with respect to the
street lights ?
(A) Using sodium vapour lamp
(B) Using lamps assembled with compact fluorescent tubes
(C) Using incandescent lamps
(D) Using common tube light.
Ans :

9. A student who wants to demonstrate the presence of hardness in water, takes hard
water and soft water in two separate test tubes and adds little common cleaning
substance. He observes that in both the test tubes lather is formed without scum. The
cleaning substance that might have been added is
(A) Sodium n-dodecyl benzene sulphonate
(B) Sodium palmitate
(C) Sodium stearate
(D) Potassium stearate.
Ans :

10. An ambulance is moving fast with its siren switched ‘ON’. The person who does not
experience the Doppler effect is
(A) the listener at rest, and the ambulance is approaching him
(B) the driver of the ambulance
(C) the listener at rest and the ambulance is moving away from him
(D) the listener who is running towards the ambulance.
Ans :

Fill in the blanks : 3 × 1 = 3
11. The device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy is ................ .
12. The sound wave of frequency more than 20,000 Hz is called ............................. .
13. Structural formula of acetylene is .............................. .

Rest of the paper here I am attaching pdf file please download it….
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