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19th September 2017, 01:40 PM
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Re: Kannur University BCA Syllabus

As you are asking for Kannur University BCA Syllabus so on your demand I am providing same for you :

1B01BCA Programming in C

Module I Algorithms and Flow charts: Definitions, Symbols used, Examples.
[High level and low level languages, Generations of Programming languages]* for self
Compilers and interpreters.
Program : structure, top-down design, source code, object code, executable file, file
extensions. Importance of C; Basic structure of C, Programming style, executing a c
program. Character set, C tokens, Keywords, identifiers, Constants, data types, declaration
of variables, arithmetic operators , logical operators, Relational operators, Assignment
operators, Increment and decrement operators, conditional operators, Bitwise operators.
Precedence and order of evaluation. type conversion in expression.
common programming errors, program testing and debugging, program efficiency.

Module II Managing Input output operation: reading a character, writing a character,
formatted input output. Branching statements-if, if..else, nested if...else, else...if ladder,
switch statement, go to statement. Looping statements- while, do...while, for loop. Break
and continue statements.

Module III Arrays: One dimensional arrays, two dimensional arrays, Initializing array
elements, Multidimensional arrays.
Strings : declaration and initializing , reading and writing. Arithmetic operations on
character. String handling functions.
Functions: Library and user defined, defining a function, calling a function. Parameter
passing techniques, Scope and life time of variables in function, recursive functions,
arrays and functions.

Module IV Structure and union: definition, giving values to members, initialization. Array
of structures, array with in structure, structure with in structure, union.
Pointers: accessing the address of a variable, declaration and initializing pointers, accessing
a variable through its pointers, pointer arithmetic, pointers and arrays (pointer to array and
array of pointers) , pointers and character string , pointer and functions. Dynamic memory
allocation: malloc(), calloc(), free(),realloc().

Module V File Management: Text and binary files, Defining and opening a file, closing a
file, input and output operations on file, error handling, random access file.
Bitwise operations; Preprocessor directives, #include, #define, Macros with arguments;
Conditional compilation. Header file concept. Multiple file programming. Command line

Kannur University BCA Syllabus

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