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13th June 2015, 11:52 AM
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Re: Jodhpur National University M.A

You need Jodhpur National University Jodhpur MA Economics course syllabus, here I am giving:
JNU MA Economics syllabus
PAPER I Micro Economic Theory
PAPER II Macro Economic Theory
PAPER III Monetary Economics
PAPER IV Entrepreneurship
PAPER V Industrial Economics
PAPER VI International Trade & Finance
PAPER VII Indian Economy
PAPER VIII Economics of Growth and Development
PAPER IX Industry Based Environmental Studies
Unit I
Consumer Behaviour
Utility Analysis Cardinal and Ordinal - Application of Indifference Curve
Analysis-Revealed Preference Approach-Revision of Demand Theory
Unit II
Production Analysis
Production Function-Linear Homogeneous Production Function-Cobb- Douglas
Production Function-CES Production Function– Production Possibility Curve.
Unit III
Cost Analysis
Theory of Cost-Traditional and Modern Theory of Cost-Derivation of Cost
Functions-Cost-Output Relations in Short-run and Long-run-Marginal cost curve.
Unit IV
Pricing under Market Structure
Theory of Firm-Price and Output Determination and Perfect Competition- Monopoly-
Monopolistic Competition-Oligopoly-Duopoly-Product Determination- Selling Cost.
Unit V
Theory of Distribution
Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution-Euler’s Theorem-Wage
Determination-Theory of Interest-Innovation theory of Profit.
1. Jhingan M.L & Stephen J.K.
: Managerial Economics, Virundha
Publication, New Delhi.
2. H.L. Ahuja (2006) : Business Economics vith Edition, S.
Chand Publication, New Delhi.
3. Dewett K.K (2005) : Modern Economic Theory, S.Chand
Publication, New Delhi.
4. GreeneWH (2003) : Econometric Analysis, Pearson Edition,
New Delhi.
Unit I
Macro Economic Concepts
Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics-National Income-Meaning and Concepts-
Methods of measuring National Income-Difficulties in the National Income
Calculation-Recent Trends in National Income.
Unit II
Theories of Consumption
Consumption Function-Keynesian Psychological Law of Consumption- Relative
Income Hypothesis-Permanent Income Hypothesis-Life Cycle Hypothesis.
Unit III
Keynesian Theory
Keynesian and Classical Theory of Employment-Marginal Efficiency of
Capital-Marginal Efficiency of Investment-Multiplier and Accelerator.
Unit IV
Theories of Business Cycles
Business Cycle-Phases of Business Cycle-Theories of Business Cycle-Effects of
Business Cycle-Controlling methods of Business Cycle.
Unit V
Supply side Economics
General Equilibrium of Goods and money markets-Derivation of IS and LM
curves-supply side economics-Macro Economic Policy.
1. Rosalind Levacic
2. Rudiger Dornbusch
Stanley Fischer
: Macro Economics Macmillan Press Ltd., London.
: Macro Economics Tata McGraw Hill Publishing
Company Ltd., New Delhi.
3. Gupta G.S. (2004) : Macro Economics Theory and Application Tata
McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi.
4. Rudiger Dorn Bush
5. Eugene Diulio
: Macro Economics Tata McGraw Hill Publishing
Company Ltd., New Delhi.
: Macro Economics Tata McGraw Hill Publishing
Company Ltd., New Delhi.
Unit I
Monetary Theories
Monetary Theories-Keynesian Theory-Milton Friedmen’s Quantity Theory- Don
Patinkin’s Integration Theory-Tobin’s Portfolio Analysis-Baumol’s Inventory
Approach-Gurley and Shaw Thesis.
Unit II
Money Supply and Banking Institution
Demand for Money and Supply of Money-Functions of Money-Determinants of
Money Supply-Money Multiplier-Credit Creation by Commercial Banks-Role of
Commercial Banks in Economic Development.
Unit III
Modern Theories of Interests
Theories of Interest-Keynes Liquidity Preference Theory of Interest-Stock Versus
Flow Analysis-Segmented Market Theory-Portfolio behaviour Theory of Expectation-
Yield Curve-Short-run and Long-run.
Unit IV
Money Markets
Characteristics of Developed and Underdeveloped Money Market-London
Money Market-New York Money Market- Indian Money Market-Capital Market.
Unit V
Monetary Policy
Monetary Policy-Objectives-Role of Monetary Policy in Developing Economy- Lags in
Monetary Policy-Monetary Policy in India-Stagflation-Samuelson and Solow Model.
1. Jhingan M.L (1977) : Money Banking and International Trade Vrinda
Publications Pvt., Ltd., New Delhi.
2. Dewett K.K. (2005) : Modern Economic Theory, S. Chand Company
Pvt., Ltd., New Dehi.
3. Samuelson Nordhas
4. Gregory Mankiw N
5. Rudiger Dorn Busch
: Economics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing
Company Ltd., New Delhi.
: Principles of Economics Thomson, New Delhi.
: Macro Economics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing
Company Ltd., New Delhi.
Unit I:
Definitions-Socio-Economic Origins of Entrepreneurship-types of Entrepreneurships –
functions of an entrepreneur - qualities of successful entrepreneur.
Unit II
Theories of Entrepreneurship
Theories of Entrepreneurships: Nature and characteristics of entrepreneurship-
Schumpeter, Walker and Drucker views on entrepreneurship- economic, sociological
and psychological theories.
Unit III
Women and Entrepreneurship
Women Entrepreneurship: Concept-functions and growth of women entrepreneurship,
problems faced by women entrepreneurship and remedies-role of women
entrepreneur’s associations.
Unit IV
Rural and Small Enterprises
Rural Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurship in Agriculture- Entrepreneurial development
under TRYSEM-risk taking among rural entrepreneurs development strategies for small
Unit V
Entrepreneurship Experiment
Entrepreneurial Motivation: Motivating Factors: Internal and External
Achievements Motivations-Kakinada Experiment.
1. Government of India (2008) : Economic Survey, Ministry of Finance,
New Delhi.
2. Economic and Political Weekly
3. Economic and Political Weekly
: Review of Industry and Management,
XL(39): 4226-4264
: Review of Agriculture, XL(53): 5550-
4. Karmakar K G (1999) : Rural Credit and Self-Help Groups,
Sage Publications, New Delhi.
5. Hadimani R.N. (1992) : Entrepreneurship and Technology,
Institute for Social and Economic
Change, Bangalore.
PAPER V Industrial Economics
Unit I
Framework and Problems of Industrial Economics
Concept and organization of a firm - ownership, control and objectives of the firm,
passive and active behaviour of the firm.
Market Structure
Seller's concentration; Product differentiation , Entry conditions, Economies of scale,
Market structure and profitability, Market structure and innovation, Theories of industrial
location -Weber and Sargeant Florence, Factors affecting location.
Unit II
Market Conduct
Product pricing - Theories and evidence, Investmentexpenditure -- Methods of evaluating
investment expenditure, theories and empirical evidence on Mergers and acquisitions (M
& As) and diversification.
Market Performance
Growth of the firm - Size and growth of a firm, Growth and profitability of the firm,
Constraints on growth, Productivity, Efficiency andcapacity utilization - Concept and
Unit III
Indian Industrial Growth and Pattern
Classification of industries, Industrial policy in India - Role of Public and private sectors,
Recent trends in Indian industrial growth, MNC’s and transfer of technology,
Liberalization and privatization, Regional industrial growth in India, Industrial economic
concentration and remedial measures, Issues in industrial proliferation and environmental
preservation, Pollution Control policies.
Unit IV
Industrial Finance
Owned, external and other components of funds, Role nature, Volume and types of
institutional finance - IDBI,IFCI,SFCs, SIDC, commercial banks, etc., Financial
statement - Balance sheet, Profit and loss account, assessment of financial soundness,
ratio analysis.
Unit V
Industrials Labour
Structure of industrial labour, Employment dimensions of India Industry, Industrial
legislation, Industrial relations, Exit-policy and Social security, Wages and problem of
bonus - Labour market reforms.
Current Problems of Selected Industries
Iron and Steel Cotton textiles, Jute, Sugar, Coal, and engineering goods, Development of
small-scale and cottage industries in India.

Jodhpur National University
A-301, Anchal Complex
Residency Rd
Jodhpur, Rajasthan 342003

[MAP]Jodhpur National University [/MAP]
For detailed syllabus, here is attachment:
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