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Default Re: Jaipur National University JNU Rajasthan

The Jaipur National University (JNU) was founded in 2007.

It is accredited to NAAC and approved by UGC.

The University is one of the Best Universities in Rajasthan.

Here I am giving syllabus of MCA Course of Jaipur National University (JNU):

Jaipur National University MCA Syllabus

Fundamentals Of Computer
Pc Software Packages
Data Base Management System
Programming In ‘C’ And Data Structure
Operating System Principles
Computer Networks & Internet Concept
System Analysis & Design
Object Oriented Programming Using C++
Practical I : PC Software And DBMS
Practical II : C & C++ Programming Lab.

Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Discrete Mathematics
Programming In Java
Computer Graphics
Web Technology
Foundation Course In Accounting In Computing
Computer Architecture
Practical I : Programming In Java Lab.
Practical II : Web Technology Lab

.Net Framework (Programming In ASP.Net Using C# )
RDBMS (Oracle)
Data Mining
ERP System
Practical I : Asp.Net Lab
Practical II : Oracle Lab
Introduction to Computer: Introduction, Strengths of computers, Limitations of computers, Fundamental
uses of computers, Development of computers, Types of Computers, Generations of Computers
Personal Computer: Introduction, Personal computer, Uses of personal computers, Components of
personal computers, Evolution of PCs, Developments of processors, Architecture of pentium IV,
Configuration of PC
Boolean Algebra and Logic Gates: Introduction, Boolean Algebra, Binary Valued Quantities, And
Operator, OR Operator, NOT Operator, Basic Postulates of Boolean Algebra, Therorems of Boolean
Algebra, De Morgan’s Theorems, Reducing Boolean Expression by their Simplifications, Proving the
Equations of Boolean Expressions By Truth Table, Principle of Duality, Standard Forms, Basic Logic
Gates, Use of Logic Gates in Circuits, Karnaugh Maps
Number System: Introduction, Digital and Analog Operations, Binary Data, Binary Number System,
Decimal Number System, Octal Number System, Hexadecimal Number System,Fractional Conversion,
Coding System
Data Representation and Binary Arithmetic: Introduction, Bits, Nibbles, Bytes and Words, Data
Representation, Coding system, Binary Arithmetic, Binary Addition, Binary Subtraction, Binary
Multiplication, Binary Division, Character Representation, Checking the Result of Binary Arithmetic
Input Devices: Introduction, Input Device, Typing Input Devices, Pointing Input Devices, Scanning Input
Devices, Audio Visual Input Devices
Output Devices: Introduction, Output Devices, Soft Copy Vs Hard Copy Output, Monitor, Printers,
Plotter, Electrostatic Technique, Special Purpose Output Equipments
Central Processing Unit: Introduction, What is Central Processing Unit, Arithmetic And Logic Unit,
Control Unit, Registers, Instruction set, Processor Speed
Storage Devices: Introduction, Storage and its needs, Brain Vs Memory, Storage Evaluation Units,
Data Access Methods, Primary Storage, Secondary Storage, Hard Disk Operations, Floppy Disk Drives,
Winchester Disk, Optical Disk, VCD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, Zip Drive, Flash Drives, Blu Ray Disk,
Memory Card, Driving Naming Conventions In a PC
Basics of Software: Introduction, What Does Software Stand For ?, Needs of software, Types of
software, Open Source Software, Integrated Development Environment
Operating: Introduction, Operating System, Why an Operating System, Functions of Operating System,
The Booting Process, Types of Reboot, Booting From Different Operating System, Types of Operating
System, Some Prominent Operating Systems
Disk Operating System: Introduction, , What is DOS? , Functions of DOS; Versions of DOS, DOS
Commands, Important Internal Commands of DOS ,Important External Commands of DOS, Executable
Vs Non-Executable Files In Dos , Summary, Exercise, Lab Work
Programming Languages: Introduction, Data, information And Knowledge, Characteristics of
Information, Comparison between human language and Computer Language, What is a program?, What
is a Programming language?, Programming development cycle Algorithm, Program Flowcharts, Pseudocode,
Programming approaches Programming Paradigms, Types of Programming Language, Third Generation
Language, Fourth Generation Language
Virus: Introduction, Virus, History, Mechanism of virus, How A Virus Spreads, How is virus named, A
few Prominent Viruses, Types of Computer Virus, Related Concepts : Anti Virus Programs,Norton Anti -
Virus (nav), Execution of NortonAnti-Virus
Communication and IT: Introduction, Computer Network,Communication Process, Communication
Types Transmission Media, Wireless Media, Communication Channels/Media, Modem, Characteristics
of a Modem, Types of Modem
Networks: Introduction, Internet Vs Intranet, Types of Network, Topology, Types of Connectivity, Network Devices

here is the attachment
Jaipur National University MCA Syllabus

Contact Address
Jaipur National University
Jaipur-Agra Bypass
Near New RTO office
Jagatpura, Jaipur-302017
Toll Free No. : 1800 2000 034, 1800 2000 043 (Engineering / Management)
Phone: +91 41 2753377, +91 41 2754399, +91 9351288101
Fax: +91 41 2752418
E-mail: info@jnujaipur.ac.in, seedlingacademy@hotmail.com
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