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Default Re: IPS Question paper with answers

Here I am giving you question paper for Indian Police Service examination of UPSC in a file attached with it so you can get it easily.

Lucy goes to a Holiday Club every weekday for five weeks during the holidays.
She pays £0.60 each time she goes.
How much does she pay in total during the holiday? £ _________
Q 4. Mrs Whiting bought 144 “lucky bags” for the Brownies Christmas party.
They come packed in boxes of 16.
How many boxes of “lucky bags” did Mrs Whiting buy? ________
8 cm
Yvonne spends x pounds each day on her lunch at school.
She spends y pounds each week on a bus pass to get her to and from school
How much does Yvonne spend altogether in 6 weeks? Place a cross in the appropriate box.
A. 30y + 30x
B. 6x + 6y
C. 30y + 6x
D. 6y + 42x
E. 30x + 6y
Q 3.
This is a magic square.
All the columns, rows and diagonals add up to 30.
Several numbers have been missed out.
15 cm
10 cm
6 cm
Q 6. In a local sweet shop there 360 boxes of Belgian Chocolates.
48 are given away as prizes in a special Valentine’s prize drawer.
192 are sold to the public at £4.60 a box.
How many boxes remain unsold? ________
Q 7. Alexander’s grandma is 5 times as old as Alexander was 3 years ago.
If Alexander’s grandma is 60, how old is Alexander? ________
Q 8.
Q 9. Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald take their 3 children to a special pop concert. Tickets cost £7.00
each for adults. The price of a child’s ticket is half that of an adult’s.
How much does it cost the family to visit the theme park? £ __________
This is Sandra’s function machine.
? subtract 16 divide by 7 6
What number did she start with? ________
©Internet Primary School Ltd 2004. All copying of this material is prohibited.
This shape has been created using two identical isosceles triangles.
What is the angle at point B ? ________ °
This spinner has an equal chance of landing on any
of the numbers.
What is the chance that it will come to rest on a
number that is a multiple of 6? 32
Write your answer as a fraction in its lowest possible terms. ________
Q 11.
Q 10.
: _
Q 12.
7 ©Internet Primary School Ltd 2004. All copying of this material is prohibited.
Q 13.
Colin has six 50 pence pieces, two 20 pence pieces, two ten pence pieces and five 5
pence pieces in her pocket.
How much money does he have in total? £ __________
Q 14. Which one of the following numbers is a factor of 2, 5 and 6?
Circle the appropriate answers.
20 35 40 55 60
Q 15.
Q 16.
Q 17. This half term Martin has taken 7 tables tests. Here are his results out of 10:
8 5 9 4 6 4 8
What was his median score? ________
Q 18.
4.250 kg
Roger places some weights on an electronic scale.
He needs to make a total of 5.5 kg.
Which two of the weights below should he choose
to make up the weight to the correct amount?
Circle the two appropriate letters.

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