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20th June 2017, 12:25 PM
IIT Bombay and Monash

How many projects are completed in Infrastructure Engineering discipline at IIT Bombay-Monash Research Academy? Can you provide complete list of all Projects completed by IIT Bombay-Monash Research Academy in Infrastructure Engineering discipline?
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20th June 2017, 12:48 PM
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Re: IIT Bombay and Monash

Here I am providing list of Projects completed by IIT Bombay-Monash Research Academy in Infrastructure Engineering discipline:

List of Projects completed by IIT Bombay-Monash Research Academy in Infrastructure Engineering discipline
Management of corroded RC infrastructure using monitored data

Development and Assessment of Mineral Lining Systems with Enhanced
Attenuating Capacity for Waste Containment Facilities
To study the effects of mining induced subsidence, changes in deformation of coal and interburden rock strata and water flow

Studies on the performance of Geosynthetic Clay Liners of landfill covers subjected to differential settlements

Fuzzy logic-based failure prediction model for water distribution pipes

Heterogeneous catalysis of cyclohexane oxidation

Mobile P2P Infrastructure Engineering for Location Specific Services

The structure and evolution of the lithosphere in the northeast Indian
Modelling of Oil Adsorption in porous inorganic salt prills

Modelling Investigations of Surface Forces in Water-in-Oil Emulsion
Contact with Minerals

Rainfall induced landslides in residual soils
Investigation of influence of scale effects of strength and failure modes of deep open cut slopes

Geological effects on the propagation of ground vibrations produced by blasting

Deterministic Wireless Mesh Systems
Bus Route Design in an Integrated and Multimodal Transit System
Machine learning applications for reliability analysis and life-cycle assessment of highway bridges Evaluating surrogate safety on shared space using simulation.

Stability analysis of impinging jets.
Retrofit assessment for deteriorating highway bridges and impact on seismic fragility
Multi-scale numerical modelling of longwall top coal caving processes

Numerical and experimental investigations of complex fracturing in shale
Geomechanical modelling of flow and deformation in coal measure rocks

Design, Synthesis and Application of Organocatalysts and Hydrogenation
Catalysts for Continuous Flow Processes
Characterizing Core-Annular Flow of Emulsions
Performance Evaluation of Corrosion Degraded RCC Structure Using
Acoustic Emission and Tomography
Evaluation of adaptation to climate change in coastal cities

Evaluating effects of milled asphalt pavement (MAP) materials on mechanical performances of asphalt mixes
The Investigation of Damage Modes under Transient Rail/Wheel Contact
Rail-robots for railway tracks routine inspection – Novel re-configurable mechanism Design
Micro-mechanisms of plasticity and fracture in alloys produced by additive manufacturing
Statistical analysis and visualisation of spatially distributed big time series electricity usage data
Mitigation of wave forces on coastal bridges

Learning for 'Deep' Semantic Parsing in Natural Languages by
Integrating Knowledge-based and Statistical Techniques

Techno-economic evaluations of Biomass gasification with carbon
capture for syngas feedstock to ammonia production

Agent-based modeling of multi-scale systems for sustainability assessment.
Building Artificial Soils from Industrial Waste Products for Mine
Design load estimation due to debris flow during tsunami

Localized corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of magnesium alloys

Investigation of permeability of fractured,steep and deep rock
slopes with high groundwater pressures
Exploring Relational Learning and its applicability to Sensor Networks

Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Landfill
Capping Systems
Understanding the Critical Role of Quantum Mechanical Effects in
Nanoscale Semiconductor Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices
Improve design data for mitigation of stress corrosion cracking

Automated Design and Configuration of Optical Networks

Development of Self-Healing coatings

Structure and Deformation of Lithosphere along the Java-Sumatra- Andaman Subduction Zone in the Eastern Indian Ocean.
Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Techno-economic evaluations of coal and Biomass pyrolysis with carbon capture for syngas feedstock to ammonia production

Corrosion of Magnesium alloys

Effect of microstructure on rail/wheel interaction and defects.

Techno-economic evaluations of solar (or other advanced technologies) for splitting water for hydrogen and oxygen feedstock to ammonia and nitric acid production
Fly ash utilisation in haul road construction in open cast coal mines:
A geo environmental and hydrogeological investigation
Numerical Simulation of CO2 sequestration and recovery of CH4 from coal seams

Wave impact on protective coastal structures

Novel projector camera systems

Coordinated inspection of railway tracks using multiple robots

Integrity Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using
Ultrasonic Guided Waves
Laser Cladding Technology to Repair Structures

Modeling of Tool-Tissue Interaction for Surgical Simulators with
Haptic Feedback
Investigation of fundamental mechanism on rock fracture by
Nanomechanics based modeling techniques.

Numerical investigation of the integrity of the caprock behaviour of saline aquifers: CO2 sequestration

Studies on the response of synthetic fibre reinforced expansive soils

Tunneling in soft soil under both static and seismic events
Modelling of fracture formation in sedimentary rocks due to fluid pressure

Simulation and Experimental Validation of Corrosion Fatigue

IITB-Monash Research Academy
IIT Bombay
Mumbai 400076
Email: office.iitbmonash@iitbmonash.org
Telephone: +91-22-2576 4740/4744

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