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30th January 2018, 09:49 AM
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Re: IIT Bombay 2 Week Workshop

Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT), Bombay was established in 1958 as a second-oldest institute of the Indian Institutes of Technology system with assistance from UNESCO and with funds contributed by the Soviet Union.

Indian Institute of Technology, (IIT), Bombay offered 2-week workshop on Heat Transfer from 29th November - 10th December, 2011. This will include the delivery of live lectures through AVIEW mechanism of interaction with participants, and the local conduct of tutorials and labs.

Course Content

Introduction to heat transfer
Introduction, Introduction to one dimensional conduction, conduction rate equation, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, Heat diffusion equation, Initial and boundary conditions,

One dimensional steady state conduction, Plane wall, composite wall, cylinder, sphere, Critical radius of insulation, summary of all cases, One dimensional steady state conduction in plane wall and radial systems with thermal energy generation, Fins - Fin efficiency, effectiveness, length of the fin, Transient conduction- Lumped capacitance, Heisler charts, semi-infinite medium.

Physical Mechanism of Convection, Basics of fluid mechanics, Differential Convection Equations - Navier stokes equation, Energy equation, boundary layer equations for both momentum and heat transfer, Solutions of convection equations for a flat plate, Normalised dimensionless equations and similarity, analogies of heat transfer, Convective heat transfer in external flows, for general configurations, Internal forced convection - average velocity and bulk mean temperature, laminar and turbulent flow in tubes, and Natural convection

Heat Exchangers
Types, overall heat transfer coefficient, fouling factor, Analysis of heat exchangers, Log mean temperature difference for parallel and counterflow heat exchangers, multipass and cross flow heat exchangers, use of correction factor, NTU method - Effectiveness relations for all heat exchangers, along with the charts, selection of heat exchangers

Thermal Radiation
Introduction, thermal radiation, black body radiation - Stefan Boltzmann law,Plancks law, Wiens displacement law, Radiation intensity, solid angle, intensity of emitted radiation, incident radiation, radiosity, spectral quantities, Radiative properties, Kirchoffs law, Greenhouse effect, Radiation heat transfer - view factor, view factor relations, Black surfaces , diffuse and gray surfaces, Net radiation heat transfer between any two surfaces, methods of solving radiation problems, radiation heat transfer in two and three surface enclosure, radiation shields and radiation effects.

Boiling and Condensation
Introduction to Two-Phase Flow, Nusselts theory of condensation, Pool boiling curve, Thermodynamic aspects of boiling and evaporation, Rosehnows pool boiling correlation.

Contact info:
Dr. Mukta Atrey,
Project Manager,
Department of CSE,
Kanwal Rekhi Building,
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,
Mumbai - 400 076.
Tel.: +91-22-2576 4982/ 4983

Fax: +91-22-2572 0022
Email: eoutreach@it.iitb.ac.in

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