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8th March 2016, 03:28 PM
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Re: IIBF JAIIB Question Papers

As per your demand here I am providing you model question paper of IIBF JAIIB
1) When a cheque is drawn on a bank, the bank is called the

2) One of the State Government avails of a temporary financial
assistance from Reserve Bank of India. This type of finance
is called :
b)Temporary loan
c)Short term finance
d) Ways and Means advance

3) Maximum Bank Rate is:
a) 6%
b) 20%
c) 25%
d) None

4) Obligation of a Banker to maintain secrecy is applicable to
a) Only in case of existing deposit accounts
b) Only in respect existing loan accounts
c) Only in case of closed accounts
d) All types of deposit/loan accounts (existing/closed)

5) Bank A allows one of its clients to withdraw against
clearing of a cheque. The banker is called as:
a) Collecting and Paying banker
b) Holder in due course
c) Holder for value
d) Reimbursement banker

6)As per the provisions of NI Act,1881 a banker gets protection for payment of a cheque only if it is a :
a) Holder in due course
b) Payment in due course
c) Holder for value
d) All of the above

7) At a Railway station, you withdraw cash from ATM of State Bank of India. SBI is a :
a) Paying Banker
b) Collecting Banker
c) Advising Banker
d) Issuing Banker

8) Management of a Bank vests with
a) Reserve Bank of India
b) Asset Liability Committee (ALCO)
c) Board of Directors
d) None of the above

9)Hari issues a stop payment instructions to his banker to
Stop payment of a cheque for Rs,20,000.00. This is
a) A request from Hari
b) An intimation from Hari
c) An advice from Hari
d) A mandate from Hari

10)Except one of the following instruments others are issued at discount. Identify the exception:
a) A Certificate of Deposit (CD)
b) A Treasury Bill (TBill)
c) A Commercial Paper (CP)
d) A Fixed Deposit (FD)

IIBF JAIIB Question Papers

For getting the complete paper here I am attaching a file:
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