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Unregistered 10th January 2017 05:56 PM

How to Read KSEB Meter
Hi I would lie to have the information about the billing for the electricity in the state of Kerela which had been laid by Kerala State Electricity Boards (KSEB)?

sumit 11th January 2017 09:39 AM

Re: How to Read KSEB Meter
The Kerala State Electricity Boards (KSEB) has changed Electricity Tariff for residential clients in Kerala. The new levy is material from August 16, 2014. The Kerala State Electricity Regulatory Commission is overseeing power of Government of Kerala to care for power supply, utilization and related issues in the state. The local buyers utilizing under 40 units a month are exempted from duty climb. The power endowment is accessible to BPL families as it were.

What is telescopic charging?

KSEB takes after a piece framework for power charging. As indicated by this section framework, there are distinctive rates connected for various chunks of power utilization. As you climb in the pieces, the rate per unit goes up essentially. You will be charged diverse rates for the units devoured by chunks. This is called adjustable charging.

Power Charges and new section framework in Kerala

For the initial 40 units who go under the BPL Category Candidates with associated stack 1000 watts or underneath, the rate is Rs 1.50 for each unit. Notwithstanding for BPL classification, if the month to month utilization goes over 40 units, the accompanying general rates are pertinent for BPL class too.

Telescopic charging
Month to month Slabs (Units)
Rates per Unit

0-50 units
Rs 2.8

Rs 3.20

Rs 4.20

Rs 5.80


The adaptive charging (rate goes up in every chunk) applies just if your aggregate month to month power utilization is under 250 units. In the event that your utilization surpasses 250 units, then the accompanying non-adjustable pieces and rates apply:

Non-Telescopic Billing

Month to month Slabs (Units)
Rates Per Unit

Rs 5.00

Rs 5.70

Rs 6.10

Rs 6.70

Over 500
Rs 7.50

Fixed Charges

Single Phase: Rs. 20 Per Consumer Per Month

Three Phase: Rs. 60 Per Consumer Per Month

How to calculate the KSEB billing details

Example 1: Believe your usage is 240 units of electricity in a month. Your bill will look like this:

Fixed charge: Rs 20 (single phase)
First 50 units: 50 x Rs 2.80 = Rs 140
51 to 100 units: 50 x Rs 3.20 = Rs 160
101 to 150 units: 50 x Rs 4.20 = Rs 210
151 - 200 units: 50 x Rs 5.80 = Rs 290
201 to 240 units: 40 x Rs 7.00 = Rs 280

Total monthly bill: Rs 1,080/-

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