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14th March 2016, 03:48 PM
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Re: GRE NTS Books

National Testing Service NTS GRE Book Provides complete Guideline to Prospective Scholars in the areas of Business, Management and Commence for admission in PhD program of Pakistani Universities officially conducted by the National Testing Service (NTS) under the title of GAT Subject: Management Sciences/Commerce. call at 0092- (0)3074449270 (bilal dogar) to get hard copy

The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test Paperback – 25 Nov 2010
by Educational Testing Service (Author)

GRE (Barron's Gre) Paperback – Import, 17 Jul 2015
by Ira K. Wolf (Author), Sharon Green (Author)

Cracking the GRE Premium 2016 Edition with 6 Practice Tests, (Graduate School Test Preparation) Paperback – 7 Jun 2015
by Princeton Review (Author)

GRE Prep 2016 Study Guide: Test Prep Book for the GRE Exam Paperback – Import, 8 Dec 2015
by GRE Test Prep Team (Author)

Here I am providing Previous year GRE Exam paper :

There is hardly a generalization that can be made
about people’s social behavior and the values
informing it that cannot be ------from one or another
point of view, or even ------as simplistic or vapid.
(A) accepted… praised
(B) intuited… exposed
(C) harangued… retracted
(D) defended… glorified
(E) challenged… dismissed

Although any destruction of vitamins caused by
food irradiation could be ------ the use of diet
supplements, there may be no protection from
carcinogens that some fear might be introduced into
foods by the process.
(A) counterbalanced by
(B) attributed to
(C) inferred from
(D) augmented with
(E) stimulated by

Though he refused any responsibility for the failure
of the negotiations, Stevenson had no right to
------himself: it was his ------that had caused the
(A) blame… skill
(B) congratulate… modesty
(C) berate… largesse
(D) accuse… obstinacy
(E) absolve… acrimony

The prevailing union of passionate interest in
detailed facts with equal devotion to abstract ------is
a hallmark of our present society; in the past this
union appeared, at best, ------and as if by chance.
(A) data… extensively
(B) philosophy… cyclically
(C) generalization… sporadically
(D) evaluation… opportunely
(E) intuition… .selectively

A century ago the physician’s word was ------ to
doubt it was considered almost sacrilegious
(A) inevitable
(B) intractable
(C) incontrovertible
(D) objective
(E) respectable

So much of modern fiction in the United States is
autobiographical, and so much of the autobiography
fictionalized, that the ------sometimes seem
(A) authors… ignored
(B) needs… unrecognized
(C) genres… interchangeable
(D) intentions… misunderstood
(E) misapprehensions… uncorrected

Robin’s words were not without emotion: they
retained their level tone only by a careful ------
imminent extremes.
(A) equipoise between
(B) embrace of
(C) oscillation between
(D) limitation to
(E) Subjection to

(A) preservative : desiccate
(B) wine : ferment
(C) honey : pollinate
(D) antiseptic : disinfect
(E) soil : fertilize

(A) exhibit : perform
(B) compose : edit
(C) demolish : repair
(D) quantify : estimate
(E) predict : assess

(A) radius : center
(B) parabola : equation
(C) line : point
(D) vector : direction
(E) slope : change

(A) particularize : details
(B) abridge : texts
(C) parse : sentences
(D) regularize : inconsistencies
(E) economize: words

(A) museum : replicas
(B) ship : cargo
(C) office : business
(D) armory : weapons
(E) warehouse : storage

(A) uncertainty : nod
(B) approval : applause
(C) danger : alarm
(D) labor : sweat
(E) love : respect

(A) refined : combustion
(B) attenuated : coagulation
(C) diluted : immersion
(D) strengthened : compression
(E) desiccated : dehydration

(A) temerity : despot
(B) belligerence: traitor
(C) remorse : delinquent
(D) equanimity : guardian
(E) rebelliousness: insurgent

(A) mock : imitate
(B) complain : argue
(C) interogate : probe
(D) fret : vex
(E) cavil : object

The author suggests which of the following about
art historians?
(A) They do not believe that illusionist tricks have
become trivial.
(B) They generally spend little time studying
contemporary artists.
(C) They have not given enough consideration to
how the representation of nature has become
(D) They generally tend to argue about theories
rather than address substantive issues.
(E) They are less likely than art critics to study
comics or advertisements.

It can be inferred from the passage that if business
interests had won the debate on provisions of the
1973 Endangered Species Act, which of the
following would have resulted?
(A) Environmentalist concepts would not have
become widely popular.
(B) The definitions of key terms of the act would
have been more restricted.
(C) Enforcement of the act would have been more
(D) The act would have had stronger support from
Congressional leaders.
(E) The public would have boycotted the
industries that had the greatest impact in
defining the act.

The author refers to the terms "wildlife" (line 11),
"taking" (line 13), and "critical habitats" (line 16)
most likely in order to
(A) illustrate the misuse of scientific language and
concepts in political processes
(B) emphasize the importance of selecting precise
language in transforming scientific concepts
into law
(C) represent terminology whose definition was
crucial in writing environmentalist goals into
(D) demonstrate the triviality of the issues debated
by industries before Congress passed the
Endangered Species Act
(E) show that broad definitions of key terms in
many types of laws resulted in ambiguity and
thus left room for disagreement about how the
law should be enforced
Since some of the questions require'you to distinguish
fine shades of meaning, be sure to consider all the
choices before deciding which one is best.

(A) maintain direction
(B) resume operation
(C) slow down
(D) divert
(E) orient

(A) rearrange
(B) alarm
(C) assist
(D) prize
(E) squander

(A) palpate
(B) alleviate
(C) inhale
(D) articulate
(E) potentiate

(A) accustomed to command
(B) qualified to arbitrate
(C) open to compromise
(D) resigned to conflict
(E) opposed to violence

(A) unvaried
(B) entire
(C) functional
(D) inverted
(E) unobstructed
(A) intensify
(B) accuse
(C) correct
(D) create
(E) assert

(A) displaying consistently practical behavior
(B) considering several points of view
(C) expressing dissatisfaction
(D) suggesting uneasiness
(E) acting decisively

(A) stagnant
(B) murky
(C) glutinous
(D) noxious
(E) rancid

(A) temerity
(B) vacuity
(C) dishonesty
(D) immaturity
(E) verbosity

(A) active
(B) productive
(C) energetic
(D) responsive
(E) powerful

(A) prosaic
(B) convoluted
(C) unusual
(D) provisional
(E) vast

If (7, 3) is the center of the circle above, then the
radius of the circle could be equal to which of the
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 5
(D) 7
(E) 9

If revenues $196,000 from division A of Company
X represent 28 percent of the total revenues of
Company X for the year, What ware the total
revenues of Company X for the year?
(A) $141,100
(B) $272,000
(C) $413,300
(D) $596,100
(E) $700,000

In the figure above, if PQRS is a parallelogram,
then x =
(A) 35
(B) 65
(C) 75
(D) 80
(E) 100'

A certain doctor suggests that an individual’s daily
water intake be
ounce per pound of body
weight plus 8 ounces for every 25 pounds by
which the individual exceeds his or her ideal
weight. If this doctor suggests a daily water intake
of 136 ounces for a particular 240-pound
individual, how many pounds above his or her
ideal weight is that individual?
1 12
(B) 16
(C) 30
(D) 50
(E) 120

A political poll showed that 80 percent of those
polled said they would vote for proposition P. Of
those who said they would vote for proposition P
70 percent actually voted for P, and of those who
did not say they would vote for P, 20 percent
actually voted for P. What percent of those polled
voted for P?
(A) 56%
(B) 60%
(C) 64%
(D) 76%
(E) 90%

. If the yellow flags are flown on poles 1 and 6,
which of the following must be true?
(A) A green flag is flown on pole 4.
(B) A green flag is flown on pole 5.
(C) The white flags are flown on poles that are next
to each other.
(D) A white flag and a yellow flag are flown on
poles that are next to each other.
(E) Each white flag is flown on a pole that is next to
a pole on which a green flag is flown.

If green flags are flown on poles 2 and 6, which of
the following can be true?
(A) A green flag is flown on pole 1.
(B) A green flag is flown on pole 5.
(C) A white flag is flown on pole 3.
(D) A white flag is flown on pole 4.
(E) A yellow flag is flown on pole 4.

Here I am Uploading pdf file Which having Complete Previous year GRE Exam paper you can Download free of Cost :
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