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Default Re: GMAT Preparation Test

Hello, here I am providing you some of the sample questions of the GMAT exam as under for practice:

1.) Who introduced the time management categorization scheme for categorizing the hundreds of approaches that were used for time management?

A.) Stephen R. Covey
B.) Albert Einstein
C.) Graham Bell
D.) Isaac Newton
E.) None of the above

Answer: A

2.) The fourth generation time management approaches were based on which of the following principle?

A.) Alarm clocks
B.) Computers and PDA based systems
C.) Appointment books and personal organizers
D.) Importance over urgency
E.) All of the above

Correct Answer: D

3.) Which of the following scheme used watch and clock based reminders for time management?

A.) First generation
B.) Second generation
C.) Third generation
D.) Fourth generation
E.) Fifth generation

Correct Answer: A

4.) Fill in the blank by choosing the most appropriate option of the following choices.

Time management does not essentially mean that you should do _____________?

A.) less work in less time
B.) less work in more time
C.) more work in less time
D.) more work in more time
E.) none of the above

Correct Answer: C

5.) What are the qualities required in order to master the art of time management?

A.) Dedication
B.) Practice
C.) Independence
D.) Both A and B
E.) Both B and C

Correct answer: D

6. Consider the following statements : (d) ±4
A number a~ is divisible by 9 if
If (x + 2) is the HCF of x2 + ax + b and
1. a1 + a, + a, + a4 + a~ is divisible by 9.
x2 +ex+ d (a* c and b *d), then which
2. a, - a, + a, - a4 + a5 is divisible by

7. one of the following is correct ?
Which of the above statements is/are correct? (a) a+c=b+d
(a) 1 only (b) 2a+b=2c+d
(b) 2only (c) b+2c=2a+d
(c) Both 1 and 2 (d) b-2c=2a-d
(d) Neither 1 nor 2
What is the LCM of (x2 - y2 - z2 10. - 2yz),

8. What is x(y - z) (y + z) + y(z - x) (xl - Y. + r + 2xz) and (x2 + y. - z: - 2xy) ?
(z + x) + z(x - y) (x + y) equal to ? (
a) (x + y + z) (x + y - z) (x - y + z)
(a) (x + y) (y + z) (z + x) (b) (x + y + z) (x - y - z) (x - y + z)
(b) (x - y) (x - z) (z - y) (c) {x + y + z) (x + y - z) (x - y - z)
(c) (x + y) (z - y) (x - z) (d) (x + y - z) (x - y - z) (x - y + z)
(d) (y - x) (z - y) {x - z)

Here I am providing you some more papers for practice as under:
GMAT Preparation Test
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