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Default Re: GK For Railway NTPC Exam

As you are looking for the General Knowledge questions for Railway Recruitment Board Exam , NTPC Graduate Level Exam , here I am providing few of them for you .

1.Which one of the following Vedas contains the Gayatri Mantras ?

[A] Rig-Veda

[B] Sama-Veda

[C] Yajur-Veda

[D] Atharva-Veda

2.Who is the expounder of Yoga Philosophy ?

[A] Gautam

[B] Patanjali

[C] Jamini

[D] Shankaracharya

3.According to Vedic Civilization who is the great law giver ?

[A] Chanakya

[B] Banabhatta

[C] Kaipl

[D] Manu

4.During Rig-Vedic Age the normal form of government was

[A] Republic

[B] Democracy

[C] Monarchy

[D] None of above

5.The total number of Hymns in Rig-Veda is

[A] 512

[B] 1024

[C] 1028

[D] 1452

6.'Nishka' was the name of an ornament in Vedic periods but later times it was used to denote a/an:

[A] weapon

[B] script

[C] agricultural implement

[D] coin

7.What was the family of the Rig-Vedic Aryans?

[A] matrilineal

[B] patriarchal

[C] matriarchal

[D] patrilineal

8.The code of conduct of the vedic society was laid out in which of the following texts ?

[A] Puranas

[B] Vedas

[C] Smritis

[D] Upanishads

9.Beliefs and practices of the non-Aryans are pointed out by the contents of which one of the following Vedas?

[A] Samaveda

[B] Yajurveda

[C] Rigveda

[D] Atharvaveda

10.Which one of the following term was used to denote a group of families in the Vedic society?

[A] Vish

[B] Jana

[C] Grama

[D] Gotra

11.‘Mitakshara’ is an authoritative treatise on Hindu law. It was written by:

[A] Manu

[B] Hemadri

[C] Vagneswara

[D] Jimutavahana

12.When did iron began to be used more frequently?

[A] 800 B.C.

[B] 1000 B.C.

[C] 1600 B.C.

[D] 2000 B.C.

13.Which Veda was divided into two parts namely ‘White(sukla)’ and ‘Black(krishna)’ ?

[A] Yajur

[B] Rig

[C] Sama

[D] Atharva

14.The books called Upanishadas are included in which category?

[A] Philosophy

[B] Law

[C] Religion

[D] Yoga

15.What is the actual number of 'Sutras' of Vedic mathematics ?

[A] 10

[B] 12

[C] 14

[D] 16

16.In which place the ‘Battle of ten Kings’ or 'Dashradnya Yuddha' was fought?

[A] Parushni(Ravi)

[B] Asikini(Chenab)

[C] Vipas(Beas)

[D] Vitasta(jhelum)

17.Identify the main reason for the evolution of kingship in Vedic society?

[A] Desire to conquer new land

[B] Social security

[C] War spirits

[D] Trade and commerce

18.What is the similarity between the Harappan society and the Rigvedic society?

[A] Female deities

[B] Urban centres

[C] Iron implements

[D] Horses

19.In ancient Indian historical geography, the name ‘Ratnakara’ is used to denote:

[A] the Bey of Bengal

[B] the Arabian Sea

[C] the Indian Ocean

[D] the confluence of the Ganga, the Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati at Prayaga

20.What is ‘Anuloma' according to the Dharmashastras?

[A] is a marriage between a higher caste man and a lower caste woman

[B] is a marriage between a man and a woman of the same caste

[C] is a marriage between a man and a woman of the same gotra

[D] is a marriage between a lower caste man and a higher caste woman
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