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Default Free Online GMAT Prep

Hello sir, I’m preparing for GMAT entrance exam. Now I want some question on free online GMAT for preparation. Can any one give me here some question for GMAT practice? Will you here please provide me free online GMAT preparation tests questions?
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Default Re: Free Online GMAT Prep

The GMAT exam is a key component of your business school application, and one of the best ways to start preparing for the GMAT is to try some GMAT sample questions.

Here I’m providing you some GMAT practice questions:

GMAT Problem Solving Practice Questions:

Question 1
A family pays $800 per year for an insurance plan that pays 80 percent of the first $1,000 in expenses and 100 percent of all medical expenses thereafter. In any given year, the total amount paid by the family will equal the amount paid by the plan when the family's medical expenses total.
A $1,000
B $1,200
C $1,400
D $1,800
E $2,200

Question 2
Cheese, bologna, and peanut butter sandwiches were made for a picnic in a ratio of 5 to 7 to 8. If a total of 120 sandwiches were made, how many bologna sandwiches were made?
A 15
B 30
C 38
D 42
E 48

Question 3
A sink contains exactly 12 liters of water. If water is drained from the sink until it holds exactly 6 liters of water less than the quantity drained away, how many liters of water were drained away?
A 2
B 3
C 4.5
D 6
E 9

Question 4
Company C sells a line of 25 products with an average retail price of $1,200. If none of these products sells for less than $420, and exactly 10 of the products sell for less than $1,000, what is the greatest possible selling price of the most expensive product?
A $2,600
B $3,900
C $7,800
D $11,800
E $18,200

Question 5
In a certain game, each player scores either 2 points or 5 points. If n players score 2 points and m players score 5 points, and the total number of points scored is 50, what is the least possible positive difference between n and m?
A 1
B 3
C 5
D 7
E 9

Sentence Corrections

1. In the years after he left the White House, Richard Nixon strove to burnish his image for history more assiduously than did any former president.
A more assiduously than did any former president.
B more assiduously than any other former president.
C with an assiduousness unmatched by any former president.
D with more assiduousness than did any other former president.
E more assiduously in comparison to any former president.

Critical Reasoning

When the state of Tennessee passed a law prohibiting the teaching of the theory of evolution in its public schools, leaders of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) persuaded John T. Scopes, a teacher in Dayton, Tennessee, to teach evolution in his classroom in order to test the law in court. However, because Scopes did not break the law on his own initiative, he should never have been brought to trial.
1. Which of the following is an assumption underlying the conclusion of the passage above?
A Those who commit crimes at the suggestion of others should not be held responsible for their actions.
B Both Scopes and the ACLU leaders should have been tried for breaking the law.
C The ACLU leaders, rather than Scopes, should have been brought to trial.
D Groups like the ACLU should not encourage criminal activities as a means of testing laws.
E Tennessee did not have the right to make the teaching of evolution a crime.

Math Multiple-Choice

1. For which n is the remainder largest when the number 817,380 is divided by n?
A 4
B 5
C 6
D 8
E 9

Data Sufficiency

1. If x is an odd integer, is y an odd integer?
(1) The average of x and y is odd.
(2) The average of x, y, and (y + 1) is an integer.
A Statement (1) is, by itself, enough to enable you to answer the question, but statement (2) is not enough.
B Statement (1) is not enough, by itself, to answer the question, but statement (2) is enough.
C Combining statements (1) and (2) provides enough information to answer the question.
D Either statement, by itself, provides enough information to answer the question.
E Neither statement contains sufficient data to answer the question.
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