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25th November 2015, 11:31 AM
ECU MBA Program

Can you provide me the Admission Requirements and curriculum for Master of Business Administration (MBA) course offered by ECU or East Carolina University College of Business?
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25th November 2015, 11:48 AM
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Re: ECU MBA Program

One who have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7 and a GMAT score of 500 or more qualify for admission in Master of Business Administration (MBA) course offered by ECU or East Carolina University College of Business.

Those whose cumulative GPA is less than 2.7 and/or score less than 500 on the GMAT are considered for conditional admission based on the following formula: (200 x GPA) + GMAT ≥ 950.

The minimum GMAT score that are considered is 450.

Applicants may submit a GRE score in-lieu of a GMAT score.

Only GRE scores from the Revised GRE Exam (August 2011 or newer) are accepted.

To accommodate the admissions formula, GRE scores are converted to GMAT scores using ETS's GRE Comparison Tool for Business Schools.

The comparison tool provides a Predicted GMAT Total Score and a Predicted Score Range.

For a given GRE score, the Predicted GMAT Total Score are used to determine one's eligibility for admission.

MBA Course Descriptions


ACCT 6241 Financial and Managerial Accounting
ACCT 6301 Fraud Examination (E)
ACCT 6521 Accounting for Decision Making


FINA 6144 Financial Management I
FINA 6204 Analysis of the Business Economic Environment
FINA 6214 Government Regulation of Business
FINA 6604 Financial Management II
FINA 6624 Investment Management (E)
FINA 6654 Commercial Bank Financial Management (E)
FINA 6814 Management of Financial Risk (E)
FINA 6824 Portfolio Theory, Construction and Management (E)
FINA 6854 Real Estate Analysis (E)
FINA 6874 Topics in Finance (E)
FINA 6876 International Financial Management (E)
FINA 6914 Portfolio Management and Operations Practicum (E)


MGMT 6102 Comparative Management
MGMT 6322 International Management (E)
MGMT 6500 Independent Study (E)
MGMT 6510 Independent Study (E)
MGMT 6520 Independent Study (E)
MGMT 6682 Collaboration, Conflict and Negotiation (E)
MGMT 6722 Strategic Management
MGMT 6802 Organizational Behavior
MGMT 6812 Entrepreneurship (E)
MGMT 6822 Business and Society (E)
MGMT 6832 Human Resources (E)

Management Information Systems

MIS 6143 Management Information Systems I
MIS 6713 Delivering Business Value through Information Systems
MIS 6843 Systems Analysis and Design (E)
MIS 6853 Seminar in Information Systems (E)
MIS 6863 Distributed Systems (E)
MIS 6873 Data Management for Decision Making (E)
MIS 6883 Web Technologies for Business (E)
MIS 6923 Topics in Management Information Systems (E)

Marketing & Supply Chain Management

MKTG 6162 Marketing Management
MKTG 6642 Marketing Research (E)
MKTG 6652 Seminar in Marketing (E)
MKTG 6662 Electronic Markets (E)
MKTG 6742 Sports Marketing (E)
MKTG 6752 Advertising and Promotion Strategy (E)
MKTG 6762 Business-to-Business Marketing (E)
MKTG 6772 Sustainability Marketing
MKTG 6792 Social Media Marketing
MKTG 6822 Marketing Strategy
MKTG 6842 Consumer Behavior (E)
MKTG 6992 Global Marketing (E)

OMGT 6123 Quantitative Methods
OMGT 6213 Operations Management
OMGT 6333 Project Management (E)
OMGT 6383 Supply Chain Systems (E)
OMGT 6493 Quality Management (E)
OMGT 6613 Management Science
OMGT 6683 Statistical Methods
OMGT 6743 Purchasing and Materials Management (E)
OMGT 6753 Strategic Logistics Management
OMGT 6763 Strategic Supply Chain Management (E)
OMGT 6943 Topics in Operations Management (E)

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