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30th July 2014, 12:52 PM
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Re: CBSE Class 10th Important question papers

Here I am giving you question paper for science subject examination for class 10th of CBSE board in a PDF file attached with it

A Mendelian experiment consisted a cross of round and yellow seed plant with wrinkled and
green seed plant. The progeny had all round seeds but almost half of them had green seeds.
Write the genetic make up (genotype) of the following-
(a) parent plant with round and yellow seeds
(b) parent plant with wrinkled and green seeds
(c) progeny with round and green seeds

How can the age of fossils be estimated?
An object 3cm in length is held 25cm away from a converging lens of focal length 15cm. Find
(i) the position (ii) size (iii) nature of the image formed.

Ramesh is not able to see distant objects clearly. Name the eye defect he is suffering from? How
can this defect be corrected?
Draw the ray diagram to show image formation (i) by the eye with defect (ii) by the corrected

Seema is a student of class X. She read in her textbook that certain compounds used as
refrigerants and in the deodorants are harmful to the ozone layer. She got concerned as she
knew about the importance of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. She also talked to her teacher
about her interest in spreading awareness about ozone depletion. Now answer the following
(a) Write the full form of the compounds which harm the ozone layer.
(b) Mention the function of the ozone layer.
(c) How can Seema spread awareness about the ozone layer in her school? Mention any two
activities that may help her in doing it.
Long Answer -II type (5 mark) questions

(a) Explain the mechanisms of the cleansing action of soaps.
(b) Detergents are effective in hard water but soaps are not. Why?

(a) Draw the ray diagrams for the image formation by a concave mirror when the object is at
(i) infinity (ii) between F and C (iii) between P and F
(b) Explain why we prefer to use a convex mirror as a rear view mirror in vehicles?
(c) Write any two uses of a concave mirror.

CBSE Class 10th question papers

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