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7th July 2018, 09:40 PM
Re: Calicut University Genetic Engineering

I want the syllabus of Genetic Engineering of M. SC General Biotechnology of Calicut University so can you provide me?
7th July 2018, 09:41 PM
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Re: Calicut University Genetic Engineering

I am providing you the syllabus of Genetic Engineering of M. SC General Biotechnology of Calicut University

Calicut University M. SC General Biotechnology Genetic Engineering syllabus

GB 3C1 Genetic Engineering


1. Basic principles of genetic engineering. Scope of genetic engineering. Basic tools:
restriction and modifying enzymes, Gene cloning vectors:Plasmids, Bacteriophages,
Phagemids, Cosmids, Artificial chromosomes. Introduction of recombinant DNA into
prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. cDNA and genomic libraries.
Recombinant screening and selection markers, nucleic acid hybridizations: colony,
plaque, dot blot, southern and northern.

2. DNA sequencing techniques, Sanger- Coulson method, Maxam Gilbert method,
Automated DNA sequencing PCR and its applications. PCR steps, Primer design
Studying PCR products, Types of PCR Study of gene regulation, DNA transfection,
Northern analysis, S1 mapping, Primer extension, RNase protection and Reporter

3. Expression vectors Expression in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems. Antibody
based screening for recombinant proteins. Expression of heterologous genes:
Bacterial, Yeast, Insects Baculovirus system. Mammalian cells(Human viral vectors
shuttle vector) Production of protein drugs for clinical trial

4. Processing of Recombinant proteins, Intra cellular periplasmic and extra cellular expression of protein. Purification and refolding. Characterization of recombinant proteins. Stabilization of proteins. Phage display system

5. Molecular mapping of genome. Genetic and physical maps, Chromosome
microdissection and microcloning, Molecular markers in genome analysis(AFLP,
RAPD, and AFLP analysis, molecular markers linked to disease resistant genes),
Application in forensic, Disease prognosis, Genetic counseling, Pedigree analysis,
Taxonomy and biodiversity

6. Transgenic and gene Knockout technologies, Gene therapy, Vectors and gene
delivery, Gene replacement/augmentation, Gene correction, Gene editing, Gene
regulation and silencing DNA Micro array technology

7. Genetic engineering guidelines, cloning and patenting of life forms Biosafety
Introduction, GMOs, General Concerns, Hazards of environmental engineering, Biosafety Guidelines and regulations Operation of Biosafety guidelines and regulations


1. Molecular cloning : A laboratory manual- Sambrook
2. DNA cloning: A practical approach- D.M Glover and B,D, Hames
3. Molecular and cellular methods in biology and medicine- Kaufman
4. Methods in enzymology- Vol 152: A guide to molecular cloning techniques- S.L.
Berger and A.R. Kimar
5. Methods in enzymology: VOl 185: gene expression technology- D.V. Goeddel
6. DNA science: A first course in recombinant technology: D. A. Mickloss and G. A.
7. Molecular biotechnology- S.B. Primrose
8. Molecular biotechnology- Glick


University of Calicut
Thrissur- Calicut Road, Thenhipalam, Kerala 673635
0494 240 7227

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