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Old 5th May 2015, 11:08 AM
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Default BSNL JTO Uttarakhand

I am giving the exam of the Junior Telecom Officer of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited so for this I am looking about the last date to apply for the application form of it so will you please tell me what is the date of apply? Also give me the link to apply for this Junior Telecom Officer of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited? give me the exam pattern.
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Old 16th April 2018, 03:27 PM
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Default Re: BSNL JTO Uttarakhand

I am living in a town located in Uttarakhand State. I have completed B.E Degree recently and have applied for JTO Recruitment Exam of BSNL. Now I need study material for this recruitment exam, so tell me from where I can download study material of BSNL JTO Exam?
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Old 16th April 2018, 03:30 PM
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Default Re: BSNL JTO Uttarakhand

As you are looking for study material for BSNL JTO Recruitment Examination, so here I am providing question paper and syllabus of this Exam for your reference:


Materials and Components
Electronic Engineering materials
Ferroelectric material
Magnetic material
Ceramic materials
Ceramic resonators
Electromechanical components
Passive components
Optical materials
Piezoelectric materials
Superconducting materials

Physical Electronics, Electron Devices
Integrated Circuits
Types of ICs like bipolar, MOS and CMOS
Types of diodes
Hall Effect
Electrons and Holes concept
Junction theory
Carrier Statistics
Power switching devices
Bipolar Junction Transistor

Electromagnetic Theory
Basics of antenna theory
Transmission lines
Waveguides and resonators

Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation
Electronic measurements of non-electrical quantities
Measurements of basic electrical quantities
Working principles of measuring instruments
Measurement standards
Electronic measuring instruments
Error analysis

Network Theory
Transient and steady state sinusoidal response
Network theorem
Elements of network synthesis
Transmission criteria
Network analysis techniques

Power Electronics
AC regulators
AC to DC convertors
Sinusoidal modulation
Power Semiconductor devices
Single-phase and 3-phase Invertors
Pulse width modulation
Switched capacitor networks

Digital Electronic Circuits
Boolean algebra
Combinational logic circuits
Digital Comparator
Half adder
IC logic families
IC Logic gatesetc
Boolean functions
Full adder

Analog Electronic Circuits
Feedback amplifiers
Frequency response
Operational Amplifier
Power amplifiers
Small Signal analysis
Tuned amplifiers
Pulse shaping circuits
Transistor biasing

Control Systems
Design of Control Systems
Root locus techniques
Transient and steady state response
Frequency response analysis
Industrial controllers
Gain and phase margins

Communication Systems
Propagation of signals
Satellite communication
Time division Multiplexing
Frequency division multiplexing
Optical Communication
Data reconstruction
Quantization & Coding

Microwave Engineering
Microwave antennas
Microwave Measurements
Microwave Tubes
Solid state devices
Microwave Communication
Microwave Propagation
Microwave generation and amplifiers

Computer Engineering
Control unit design
Computer architecture processor design
Memory organization
Number Systemsetc
Data representation
I/O System Organization
Data structures

Applications of Microprocessors in Telecommunications
Instruction set
Microprocessor architecture
Assembly language programming
Interfacing for memory and I/O

BSNL JTO Exam Question Paper

1. At a frequency below the resonant frequency series circuit is-
a.) Inductive b.) Capacitive
c. )Resistived.)None

2. The electrical conductivity of metals is typically of the order of (Ohm 1 m-1)
a.) 107
b. )105
c. )10-4
d. )10-6

3. The output of a piezoelectric crystal has
a. )Low amplitude and low impedance
b. )High amplitude and high impedance
c. )Low amplitude and high impedance
d.)High amplitude and low impedance

4. The time constant associated with the capacitor charging in the circuit shown in the given figure is
a. )6ms
b. )10ms
c. )15ms
d.) 25ms

5. The Q factor of an inductor would be higher if it is made of
a.) Thinner wire b.) Longer wire
c.) Shorter wire d.) Thicker wire

6. A cavity resonator can be represented by
a.) An LC circuit b.) An LCR circuit
c.) A lossy inductor d.) A lossy capacitor

7. Air gap in the iron core of an inductor prevents
a.) Core saturation b). Hysterisis loss
c.) Flux leakage d.) Transformer action

8. Between the plates of an air capacitor if a glass slab is slipped without moving the plate
a.) Its capacitance is decreased
b.) Its capacitance is increased
c.) Its capacitance is hardly affected
d. )Capacitor is discharged

9. For current to flow, a circuit must be
a.) Isolated b). Insulated
c.) Complete d.) Protected

10. Human ear can detect sound intensities of the order of
a.) 10-20 w/m2 b). 10-13 w/m2
c.) 10-6 w/m2 d.) 10-3 w/m2
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