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Default Re: Bharathidasan university question papers BSC

Hello friend as you want B.Sc Computer Technology Science and Technology Question paper of Bharathidasan University

Your answers should be brief. Wherever possible, support your answers with facts and figures.


Answer all questions.

A1. (a) Define the following: (3)
(i) Robotics
(ii) Motor neuron
(iii) Decomposer

(b) Give name for each of the following: (4)
(i) The theory of evolution which was proposed by Dantin.
(ii) The two metals used in Bronze Age to prepare the alloy bronze.
(iii) The mineral whose deficiency causes goitre.
(iv) The scientist who gave the theory of universal gravitation.

(c) Given below are terms and two statemenis related to each of these. Choose the correct statement. (3)
(i) Algal bloom : Promotes decomposers / Promotes Producers
(ii) Nutrient Cycle : Nitrogen fixation by bacterial Release of SO2 in the atmosphere
(iii) Art appreciation : Left cerebral hemisphere / Right cerebral hemisphere

A2. Anwer briefly within 50 words.

(i) What is belt drive ? In which form did it come to India ? (2)

(ii) Define a semiconductor, and name two elements most commonly used in semiconductors. (2)

(iii) State any four reasons for the tremendous increase in the population of our country. (2)

(iv) What is a computer software ? State the function of control unit in a computer. (2)

(v) What are the two factors that make scientific knowledge as objective ?

(vi) Name the planets of our solar system whose specific features are mentioned below : (2)
(a) Planet closes to the Sun.
(b) Planet girdled by three rings as viewed through a telescope

(vii) Which parts of the human brain would be involved in
(a) remembering a past incident ?
(b) regaining the balance of the body when about to fall down ? (2)

(viii) In genetic engineering,
(a) what is the name of the circular DNA molecule of bacteria in which the foreign DNA fragment is inserted ?
(b) which enzyme acts on DNA molecule ? (2)

(ix) Name the category of microbes that cause the following diseases : (2)
(a) Cholera
(b) Malaria
(c) Rabies
(d) Ringworm

(x) In the Iron age, medicine developed as a science in India and Greece, but reasons for development were different. Mention one reason each for development of medicine in these two countries. (2)


Answer any eight questions. Each question carries five marks. Answer each question within 100 words.

B1. Name any two sources from where mercury reaches water bodies and pollutes it. From water how does it reach the humans and what harm does it cause to them ? (1+2+2=5)

B2. Explain the 'Big Bang' theory of origin of the Universe. Give one evidence in favour of this theory. (3+2=5)

B3. Discuss the factor which contributed to wards Europe being the centre for the development of science before the industrial revolution. (5)

B4. Write about the disease AIDS, mentioning the causal organism, mode of transmission, symptoms and detection. (5)

B5. Discuss two ways by which biotechnology has been successfully applied in the filed of agriculture. (2.5+2.5=5)

B6. What is a balanced diet ? Design an Indian meal containing items of food that provide protein, carbohydrates, vitamin A and calcium.Nametwo diseases which occur due to protein malnutrition. (1+3+1=5)

B7. Define ergonomics. With the help of two suitable examples prove that this branch of science is important to improve the work efficiency in humans. (1+2+2=5)

B8. In what ways have the developments in the fields of transport and communication affected the life-style of the people? (2.5+2.5=5)

B9. With the help of one example each from human body and a machine, explain how the system of information and control maintains the stability. (2.5+2.5=5)

B10. How do white blood cells wage a battle against germs and toxins entering our body ? (5)

B11. With the help of suitable examples, differentiate between laws and theories in Science. (2.5+2.5=5)


Answer any three questions, Each question carries ten marks. Answer each question within 250 words.

C1. (a) Differentiate between renewable and non renewable resources.
(b) How can remote sensing method be applied to explore the resources on our planet ? (2+8=10)

C2. Define mass communication. Mention the various media used for mass communication in our country, and discuss the relevance of any one of them in modern times. (2+4+4=10)

C3. Discuss how progress in Science and in Society influence each other. (10)

C4. How are nutrients replenished in an ecosystem ? Describe carbon cycle to support your answer. (3+7=10)

C5. (a) State two evolutionary features in which humans differ from apes.
(b) Name the stages of human evolution in an evolutionary sequence.
(c) Mention three features in which modern day humans differ from their hominid ancestors. (2+5+3=10)
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sir i need a b.sc computer science c++ model question paper
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