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Unregistered 12:22 PM 21st August 2015
Buddy , I am student of Assignment Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University , And I want to prepare a Assignment on Alternative English , Can you please give me previous year assignment for An Idea ???
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Shaleen 12:26 PM 21st August 2015
As you want to prepare assignment on Alternative English topic , here I am sharing info. with you :

A. Answer the following questions in about 50 words: 2X4=8
Q1: Name a few poems written by William Wordsworth.

Q2: Who penned the National Anthem of Indian? What is the original Bengali title of the poem
“Where the Mind is Without Fear”?

Q3: What is the central metaphor used by the poet in his poem “Crossing the Bar”?

Q4. Why did the ‘soldier poets’ like Rupert Brooke write poetry?

B. Answer the following questions in about 75 words: 3X4=12
Q1. Briefly describe the style of Khushwant Singh in his prose piece “The Portrait of a Lady”.

Q2. How does Nehru celebrate the spirit of adventure in his prose piece, “In a Train”?

Q3. Why did the grandmother disapprove of her grandson’s education in the city-school as
mentioned in the prose piece “The Portrait of a Lady”?

Q4. What led to the quarrel between the lady and the man in the corridor corner as
reflected in the

prose piece “The Open Window”?

Alternative English Assignment


K.K. Handiqui State Open University
Housefed Complex, Dispur
Guwahati, Assam 781006

Reply 03:01 PM 14th February 2016
Hi,my wife is a student of kkhsou studying in MA SOCIOLOGY in 4th semester.She is unable how to prepare assignment actually it is field work and dissertation.So,can you please guide or suggest how to arrange or prepare the assignment.
Unregistered 08:28 PM 28th March 2017
sir please send me the Assignment of Alternative English for 2nd Semester 2017
Unregistered 07:59 PM 31st July 2017
Hlo I am a student of Krishna Kanta handique I need a question paper of 3rd semester to prepare assignment of education, history and spoken English... I hope u will help meh to find out question paper from here...
Unregistered 04:23 PM 15th August 2017
Sir I Am a student of B.A. 1st Semester (Art's pass course) .so , please send me the question papers of Home Assignment papers of 2017
Bholanath Jimey 03:38 PM 11th September 2017
I want M.A 3rd sem english home assignment kkhsou
Bhulanath Jimey 03:39 PM 11th September 2017
M.A3rd sem english home assignment
ananya phukan 03:57 PM 23rd September 2017
sir, i am a student of kk university of ba 3rd sem pass course.i want to home assignment history and english
Unregisteredsanjitroy 07:58 PM 30th November 2017
Write two language games for teaching english in class three
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