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Default Arihant RPMT

I want to apply for Rajasthan Pre- Medical Test RPMT exam so can you please suggest me the best books of Arihant for preparation of this exam?
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Default Re: Arihant RPMT

Rajasthan Pre- Medical Test RPMT exam is now replaced by National Eligibility cum Entrance Test NEET Exam.

The colleges that were accept RPMT scores now accept the NEET scores.

NEET Exam Arihant books-

Objective Physics Vol 1 for NEET -2017
Complete Preparation Course

This Book Based on the Class XII Physics Syllabus

Publication:- Arihant Prakashan
Subject:- Objective Physics Volume 1
Author:- D. C. Pandey
Publication Year:- 2016
Useful for:- NEET Entrance Exam 2017
Price: Rs. 635/-

Table of Contents

Units, Dimensions and Error Analysis

1.1 Units and Dimensions
1.2 Significant Figures
1.3 Error Analysis

2. Basic Mathematics and Vectors

2.1 Basic Maths
2.2 Vector and Scalar Quantities
2.3 General Points Regarding Vectors
2.4 Addition and Subtraction of Two Vectors
2.5 Components of a Vector
2.6 Product of Two Vectors

3. Motion in One Dimension

3.1 Frame of Reference
3.2 Basic Definitions
3.3 Motion in One, Two and Three Dimensions
3.4 Uniformly Accelerated Motion
3.5 Non-Uniformly Accelerated Motion
3.6 Graphs
3.7 Relative Motion

4. Projectile Motion

4.1 Projectile Motion

5. Laws of Motion

5.1 Types of Forces
5.2 Free Body Diagram
5.3 Equilibrium
5.4 Newton's Laws of Motion
5.5 Pulleys
5.6 Constraint Equations
5.7 Pseudo Force
5.8 Friction

6. Work, Energy and Power

6.1 Introduction to Work
6.2 Work Done by a Constant Force
6.3 Work Done by a Variable Force
6.4 Conservative and Non-Conservative Force Field
6.5 Kinetic Energy
6.6 Work-Energy Theorem
6.7 Potential Energy
6.8 Law of Conservation of Mechanical Energy
6.9 Three Types of Equilibrium
6.10 Power

7.Circular Motion

7.1 Kinematics of Circular Motion
7.2 Dynamics of Circular Motion
7.3 Motion in a Vertical Circle

8.Center of Mass, Conservation of Linear Momentum, Impulse and Collision

8.1 Center of Mass
8.2 Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum
8.3 Variable Mass
8.4 Impulse
8.5 Collision

9. Rotation

9.1 Moment of Inertia
9.2 Torque
9.3 Rotation of a Rigid Body about a Fixed Axis
9.4 Angular Momentum
9.5 Conservation of Angular Momentum
9.6 Combined Translational and Rotational Motion of a Rigid Body
9.7 Uniform Pure Rolling
9.8 Accelerated Pure Rolling
9.9 Angular Impulse

10. Gravitation

10.1 Introduction
10.2 Newton's Law of Gravitation
10.3 Acceleration Due to Gravity
10.4 Gravitational Field
10.5 Gravitational Potential
10.6 Gravitational Potential Energy
10.7 Binding Energy
10.8 Motion of Satellites
10.9 Kepler's Laws

11. Simple Harmonic Motion

11.1 Introduction
11.2 The Causes of Oscillation
11.3 Kinematics of SHM
11.4 Force and Energy in SHM
11.5 Relation between SHM and Uniform Circular Motion
11.6 Method of Finding Time Period of a SHM
11.7 Vector Method of Combining Two or More SHMs in Same Direction

12. Elasticity

12.1 Introduction
12.2 Elasticity
12.3 Stress and Strain
12.4 Hooke's law and the Modulus of Elasticity
12.5 The Stress-Strain Curve
12.6 Potential Energy Stored in a Stretched Wire
12.7 Thermal Stresses and Strains

13. Fluid Mechanics

13.1 Definition of a Fluid
13.2 Density of a Liquid
13.3 Pressure in a Fluid
13.4 Archimedes' Principle
13.5 Flow of Fluids
13.6 Bernoulli's Equation
13.7 Applications Based on Bernoulli's Equation
13.8 Viscosity
13.9 Stoke's Law and Terminal Velocity
13.10 Surface Tension

14. Thermometry, Thermal Expansion and Kinetic Theory of Gases

14.1 Thermometers and the Celsius Temperature Scale
14.2 The Constant Volume Gas Thermometer and the Absolute Temperature Scale
14.3 Quantity of Heat
14.4 Thermal Expansion
14.5 Concept of an Ideal Gas
14.6 Gas Laws
14.7 Ideal Gas Equation
14.8 Degree of Freedom (f)
14.9 Internal Energy of an Ideal Gas
14.10 Law of Equipartition of Energy
14.11 Molar Heat Capacity
14.12 Kinetic Theory of Gases

15. The First Law of Thermodynamics

15.1 The First Law of Thermodynamics
15.2 Further Explanation of the Three Terms Used in First Law
15.3 Different Thermodynamics Processes
15.4 Efficiency of a Cycle
15.5 Heat Engines
15.6 Refrigerator
15.7 Second Law of Thermodynamics

16. Calorimetry and Heat Transfer

16.1 Specific Heat
16.2 Phase Changes, Latent Heat
16.3 Heat Transfer

17. Wave Motion

17.1 Introduction
17.2 Transverse and Longitudinal Waves
17.3 The General Equation of Wave Motion
17.4 Plane Progressive Harmonic Waves
17.5 Speed of a Transverse Wave on a String
17.6 Energy in Wave Motion
17.7 Principle of Superposition
17.8 Interference of Waves
17.9 Reflection and Transmission of a Wave
17.10 Standing Waves
17.11 Normal Modes of a String
17.12 Sound Waves
17.13 Displacement Wave, Pressure Wave and Density Wave
17.14 Speed of a Longitudinal Wave
17.15 Sound Waves in Gases
17.16 Sound Intensity
17.17 Interference of Sound Waves
17.18 Standing Longitudinal Waves in Organ Pipes
17.19 Beats
17.20 The Doppler Effect

Medical Entrance Examinations 2012
Medical Entrance Examinations 2013
Medical Entrance Examinations 2014
Medical Entrance Examinations 2015
NEET Solved Paper 2016
NEET Mock Tests (1-3)

Arihant Exploring Biology
for NEET & Other Medical Entrance Examinations

A Revision cum Crash Course for NEET Chemistry in just 40 Days

Syllabus Divided Strategically in 40 Days Exercise

Publisher:- Arihant
Book Name:- 40 Days Chemistry for NEET
Author:- Sudhanshu Thakur
Edition:- 2017
Type:- NEET Prepatory Series (Revison Course)
Language:- English
Price:- Rs.355/-


For NEET & Other Medical Entrance Examinations

Only available book in sync with School Examinations Syllabus

The Most Competent Resources to help you for Cracking medical Entrance Examinations

Publication:- Arihant Prakashan
Subject:- Objective Chemistry- 1
Author:- Dr. R. K. Gupta
Publication Year:- 2016
Useful for:- NEET Entrance Exam 2017
Price: Rs. 835/-

Exploring Biology for Medical Entrances (Volume 1)

Self Study Guide of Biology & Complete Theory in sync with NCERT Book

Contains More Than 5000 Objective Questions Of All Types

Collection of questions asked in different national and regional medical entrances.

Publication:- Arihant Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Author:- Sudhakar Banerjee, Sanjay Sharma
Edition:- 2014
ISBN-13:- 9789351419310
ISBN-10:- 9351419310
Exam:- Almost for all Medical Entrances
Subject:- Biology - I
Language:- English
Price:- Rs.750/- (Pages 1204)
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