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11th November 2014, 01:56 PM
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Re: Annamalai Univeristy B.A English Prose And Fiction 2nd year Exam Question Paper

Here is the list of few questions of Annamalai Univeristy B.A English Prose And Fiction 2nd year Exam Question Paper which you are looking for .

I. Annotate any FIVE of the following,
choosing at least TWO from each group:
(5 × 4 = 20)
(a) Nothing can please many, and please long,
but just representations of general nature.
Turn Over
IV. Attempt any TWO of the following :
(2 × 20 = 40)
(a) Examine the character of Pip.
(b) Comment on the three fold division of
A Passage to India, Mosque, Caves and
(c) What are Orwell’s reflections on Gandhi?
(d) Highlight the role played by Egdon Heath
in The Return of the Native?
(e) Present a critical summary of “Shooting an
(b) Shakespeare approximate the remote, and
familiarizes the wonderful.
(c) His tragedy seems to be skill; his comedy
to be instinct.
d) A quibble is to Shakespeare what
luminous vapours are to the traveller.
(e) Nothing is essential to the fable but unity
of action.
(f) Literature from the derivation of the word
implies writing.
(g) Literature expresses, not objective, truth
as it is called, but subjective, not things
but thoughts.
(h) Literature is the personal use or exercise
of language.
(i) A great author…..is one who has
something to say and knows, how to say
(j) A great author……expresses what all feel,
but all cannot say.
II. Answer any ONE of the following:
(1 × 20 =20 )
(a) What is Johnson’s assessment of
(b) What according to Johnson, are the faults
of Shakespeare?
(c) What are Johnson’s v

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